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Monday, July 14, 2014

Almighty Government has the answers...cupcake wars in schools...no not kidding.

Liberals just banned cupcakes. I'm not kidding you. 
They believe that banning "cupcakes, candy and other sweets that children typically bring to school to celebrate their birthdays" will "make school more healthy."
They also say that kids "should distribute pencils to their classmates on those special days - because pencils are every bit as much fun as cupcakes."


Kids bringing cupcakes, birthday cakes or some sweets to school is now banned? Jezz, let's ban birthdays, Xmas, and what about that bad old bunny and his chocolates at Easter, damn it all, let's ban fun for kids altogether... 
Let's all give away parental responsibilities and depend on the states and it's schools to tell us how to raise our kids, hell, why not depend on Gabbo to tell us what to do while we're at it...lol.
Life as we know it has to have a balance, cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Sure that's bad for ya, give credit where credit is due, WE DO KNOW THIS AS PARENTS, but at birthdays and special occasions, for a kid, it makes them happier than giving pencils...
And what is wrong in making kids happy????

We know from history, any government that takes too much, dictates to it's people, has no chance in hell to survive. It's a "fact" that if the people give one little bit of their rights away, they will continue to take till the time arrives where the population becomes disillusion and no longer has faith in those who are supposed to serve instead of dictating.
Whether it is something small as cupcakes or evolving to...
Forfeiting freedoms for security.

So, let's take our cupcakes back (LOL) and hand it to our kids, for what we do today, will be passed on to the next generation, whether that be the right to a simple cupcake or....
Freedom to raise our kids in a true democratic society as responsible parents without outside interference.

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