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Friday, June 13, 2014

Women's False Rape Accusations Lands them in Trouble

Christina Nadine Nelson, 23, is charged with repeatedly fabricating false rape claims from 2009-2012.
The charges were originally filed against Nelson in 2012, but Judge G. Todd Baugh made the puzzling decision to dismiss them. Last week, the Montana Supreme Court overruled Judge Baugh’s decision and ordered a reinstatement of the accusations. Baugh is the same judge who sentenced a teacher to just 30 days in jail because his 14-year-old rape victim appeared “older than her chronological age.”
The charges against Nelson allege that she made two baseless sexual assault reports between 2009 and 2012.
Nelson’s first accusation says she was raped in 2009 on her way to prom. She told police her date cut her with a knife and raped her before the dance. However, an investigation found she suffered no cuts on the night of her prom and she stayed at the dance for the entirety of the event.
One month later, Nelson said she wanted to drop the charges against the boy, but the damage was already done – her alleged rapist had been expelled from school and moved out of the state with his family due to shaming and embarrassment.
In 2012, Nelson claimed she was raped by her ex-boyfriend. She said her ex approached her in the parking lot of her workplace and hit her repeatedly before forcing her into the back of his van and raping her. She allegedly went to the bar to get drinks with a friend following the assault and only told her husband about it after the two had intercourse later that night.
But when detectives reviewed paring lot surveillance footage from that night, they found no evidence to substantiate her claims. Video shows that Nelson walked from her workplace to her car and drove away undisturbed. Detectives also learned that her ex-boyfriend was out of town on the night she claimed he raped her.
Altogether, justices from the Montana Supreme Court ruled that there is enough evidence against Nelson to warrant a reinstatement of the charges.
"Christina had a motive or pattern of accusing young men that she had dated of raping her and assaulting her when no such rape or assault had occurred," prosecutors said in a court document.


A rape charge against a 22-year-old Newark man was dismissed Monday after the woman who filed the report told law enforcement officers she lied about being sexually assaulted.
Dusty D. Rea had been charged with the first-degree felony May 20 following the woman’s report and an interview with police. The woman reportedly told police Rea had held her down and covered her mouth while engaging in sexual conduct with her.
According to a Newark Division of Police report, the woman who reported the sexual assault admitted to police Monday morning that she had lied.
Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Chris Reamer filed a motion to dismiss Monday and Rea was released from the Licking County Justice Center. In his motion, Reamer said the possibility the woman had lied was made known to law enforcement after Facebook communications had been brought to the attention of police.
The woman could face falsification charges for filing a false police report. 
There are so many false rape accusations these days, we could never put all the links on one web site, yet the lowly feminist and her mangina ally will try to convince us that this is only 2% or all rape claims...
Yaaa! OK...
As we now know, false rape accusation cause a lot of pain, first to the falsely accused, (that is why anonymity till one is found guilty should be a right since false rape accusations is so prevalent in our society) but also to real victims of crime, it take needed funds away from them and gives it to unscrupulous people who thrive on lies and deceit, not to mention revenge, vendettas and custody of the kids...
Even where I live, local feminist controlled social programs are openly used for this type of policy, if they want an increase in their funding, they simply accept all accusation against men, even those whom they know are false....
In the meantime, some woman and her kids who need assistance are shoved in the local shelter with psychologically disturbed people and told to be quiet or else they have to leave. (recent report I encountered).
When a policy is about how many people go through their doors for funding, the reason d'etre for these organisation also go out the door, they are no longer there to help, but to get as much money as they can. Usually it goes hand in hand with inflated ego and salaries.
Needless to say, some have now recognized this as a major problem, the way it is used to benefit financially and demonize innocent people, usually men, and hopefully their time will be up soon...
Never be afraid to raise your voice
For honesty, truth and compassion
Against injustice, lying and especially greed.
If people all over the world would do this...
It would make life
A hell of a lot better for all of us.

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