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Friday, June 6, 2014

This is pretty classless; text message "pay your child supports" sent for fathers day.

County sends out Father's Day text message telling men to pay their child support
A group of men in central Pennsylvania are protesting a text message they received from a county agency urging them to celebrate Father's Day by paying child support.

'Looking for the ideal Father's Day gift? Make a child suport (sic) payment!!!!' read Wednesday's message from the York County Domestic Relations agency.

One recipient, Ricardo Reyes, said he was offended by the implication that all dads are deadbeats.

'Do they send that text out to mothers on Mother's Day?' he told The York Dispatch.

A member of the Daddy Project of York, a group aimed at helping men be positive role models, he says he is up to date on payments.

'That's offensive. I know that I'm not a deadbeat. I know I'm involved in my child's life in whatever way possible.'

Jesse Mauss, 33, of Dover Township, said he's also current on payments, and the text upset him by implying that fathers are only good for money and no other parental responsibilities.
'I know there's some deadbeat dads out there, but others are working hard,' he said.

Agency director Theresa Gross said the message wasn't meant to offend anyone, and a similar one would be sent on Mother's Day.
'We continue to look for innovative ways to get people to pay their child support,' she said. 'It's just using the latest technology to get the message out.'
 She said the message was sent to both men and women whose payments were behind, though she acknowledged that some parents might have received them despite believing they were up to date on child support.

"Not meant to offend?". Is "she" serious?
They could at least respect the strong majority of good fathers, especially on father's day...but no, nothing is sacred to these people.

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