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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The rants and ravings of a mangina...

The Toxic Appeal of the Men’s Rights Movement
A growing movement driven by misogyny and resentment is pulling in frustrated men struggling with changing definitions of masculinity. A men's fitness columnist on why they should walk away.
Imagine a kid who got a cone with three scoops of ice cream in it. Good flavors, too. Like peanut-butter chocolate, plus a scoop of cookie dough. In a waffle cone. And then this child whines about the lack of chocolate sprinkles on top.
Welcome to the men’s rights movement.
Wait, what? Men’s rights? That’s a thing? Yes, it’s a thing, and while there are certain legitimate aspects to men’s rights activism, or MRA, it’s overwhelmingly a toxic slew of misogyny. This world of resentment and hate speech has been brought to light in recent days as we learned about the vitriolic forum posts and videos left behind by Elliot Rodger, the 22 year-old accused of killing six people in Santa Barbara last week. But it’s hard to comprehend from Roger’s delusional rants how potent the movement’s message can be for ordinary men. (elliot as far as we can tell, never associated with any mra's)

MRAs believe the traditionally oppressed groups have somehow seized control and taken away their white male privilege. They tap into fear and insecurity and turn it into blame and rage. Often the leaders of these groups are men who feel as though they got screwed in a divorce. They quote all sorts of statistics about child custody and unfair alimony payments, because in their minds, the single mother who has to choose between feeding the kids or paying the rent is a myth. They believe passionately in their own victimhood and their creed goes something like this: Women are trying to keep us down, usurp all our power, taking away what it means to be a man.
(it's not about power or money "fool" it's about getting normal access to our kids)

One popular MRA site is AVoiceForMen.com, with a mission to “expose misandry on all levels in our culture” and “denounce the institution of marriage as unsafe and unsuitable for modern men” as well as “promote an end to chivalry in any form or fashion” and “educate men and boys about the threats they face in feminist governance.” They also want an “end to rape hysteria” and promote “civil disobedience.” In their defense, AVFM does support nonviolence, but with all the inflammatory rhetoric, do readers always take heed?

There are Reddit threads and other Internet forums dedicated to men’s rights, and the language and vitriol towards women and especially towards feminism is appalling. Any messages of nonviolence seem lost in the hate mongering. These groups spew logically faulty statistics about the prevalence of male rape and spousal abuse, and how there really is no glass ceiling or pay inequality, and general complaints about how “that bitch got my promotion because she has a uterus.”
(faulty statistics? from someone who spews them out like there is no tomorow..lol)

Men’s Rights Canada made headlines again recently with their classless response to an anti-sexual assault campaign called “Don’t be that guy.” Posters went up across the nation implying women aren’t punished enough for infanticide, stating, “Women can stop baby dumping. “Don’t be that girl.” This was a follow up of the same campaign from last year alleging many women made false rape accusations because they felt guilty over a one-night stand.
(False accusation are so prevalent one just has to search online and there they are, it would take a total idiot to deny this happens, putting real victims of crimes at risk since they would be reluctant to come forward in fear of been told they might be lying...manginas don't care about that, they do what they are told by their feminist masters...)

As a white man who writes about fitness, I’m very aware of the pressures on men and the many ways that these kinds of hateful messages reach my audience, both overt like the Canada ads and the less blatant claims of male victimhood in mainstream media. It’s clear that the definition of masculinity is in flux, and for some men that’s frustrating, especially with near-pornographic ad campaigns promoting women as objects of sexual conquest. And while there are aspects of MRA that are worth bringing to light, as a movement it can suck a good man down a rabbit hole of resentment. It is backward-looking and pining for good old days that never were.
(this guy has serious issues about his racial inferiority complex, he obviously hates been white?)

Are there some problems with specific instances of unequal treatment? Yes. Is there some anti-male sentiment out there? Yeah, that happens too. But turning these issues into a movement is laughable. It is a like a multi-millionaire who whines that a tax loophole was closed and he’s losing 0.5% of his annual income.  (WOW)

Men, especially white men, aren’t marginalized, we aren’t under attack, and we not in danger of losing the overwhelming privileges society bestows upon us for having pale skin and a penis. However, MRAs have been described as whining children by the women they call “feminist bitches.”
(not feminist bitches, feminist cat lovers, lol,... anyway as men, we all feel so...privileged, don't we?)

So to any man who feels like he’s getting caught up in such a movement because they feel emasculated or are just having trouble relating to women and perhaps sympathizing with Elliot Rodger, I will tell you this: Life isn’t fair. Life is NOT fair.
(no man, mra or mhrm ever sympathized with elliot rodgers, it is this fool who keeps on refering to him, hence false statements and false accusations, the hallmark of feminism and manginism, and by the way little man, men have no problem what so ever with women, we need them, love them and some of us adore them, it's man hating feminism we have problems with.)

On this mangina and fool, I would say take your face out of the ass of the local feminist and stop bullshitting your way to 15 minutes of fame...

This comment says it all....
This has GOT to be the most irresponsible piece of tripe ever published under Time's good name. Goodbye, subscription!
To connect MRA's with misogyny and some whackjob who had NOTHING to do with MRA's borders on libel. To make extremely inaccurate statements to support an outrightly ridiculous argument is in keeping with feminist methodology, not MRA methodology, which accepts - and encourages - open peer review of all claims and evidence.

Also, let's not forget, though this mangina above seems to, mhrm are also composed of....
women...wives, daughters, mothers of men.
That's why his bullsh*t rant makes no sense, there are just as many women who are anti feminists that there are men...
Women Against Feminism
Ladies Against Feminism
Just to name a few...
What they could never comprehend is, it's not about women, we love our women, women love their men, it's about feminism and their manginas and those with an inferiority complex. Big difference.

Have Anti-Father Family Court Policies Led to a Men’s Marriage Strike?
Written by Dianna Thompson and Glenn Sacks
"Why should I get married and have kids when I could lose those kids and most of what I’ve worked for at a moment’s notice?" asks Dan, a 31 year-old power plant technician who says he will never marry. "I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends. I know guys who came home one day to an empty house or apartment—wife gone, kids gone. They never saw it coming. Some of them were never able to see their kids regularly again."

The US marriage rate has dipped 40% over the past four decades, to its lowest point ever. There are many plausible explanations for this trend, but one of the least mentioned is that American men, in the face of a family court system which is hopelessly stacked against them, have subconsciously launched a "marriage strike."

"It’s a shame," Dan says. "I always wanted to be a father and have a family. But unless the laws change and give fathers the same right to be a part of their children’s lives as mothers have, it just isn’t worth the risk."
False information about pro men's or pro family sites is the path these feminists and their mangina lap dogs have taken. why?
Because they have been exposed for what they really represent and are on the defensive, and this is the only thing they have left to defend themselves with, false statements go hand in hand with the false accusations they are responsible for...
Though they tried to put the mra, mhrm with this elliot guy, didn't work, actually it has produced a backlash as lies always does, ellior rodgers never had anything to do with mra's....
He was a "disturbed individual who murdered 4 men and 2 women", that is not a man.
When they do go after the mhrm for whatever reasons they forget, out of misinformation but mostly stupidity, that women will also defend their fathers, husbands and sons against man hatred, the mra is no longer a man's only issue, it has become a human rights issue....feminists will go after a stay at home mom caring for her family, calling her a slave to her husband, which she freely chose, just as viciously as they go after men.

The future of our children is at stake, our daughters and sons, our families and that will affect the future...
That is what we are all fighting for....

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