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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The international conference on men's issues.

Credit to Exposing Feminism
The Anti-feminist wrecking-crew also known as The Honeybadgers at the men's conference in Michigan this weekend. This is why people fear the men's rights movement. It's not just men who are fed up, we have a brigade of take-no-prisoners, ultra-intelligent women backing us up as well. If you don't know who these women are it's time to play catch-up.


The international conference on men's issues.
Radio link.

News flash...Radical feminists and their manginas heart attacks on the increase....

As we have said before, it's not only men who are involved, women have also had enough of statements like "men get power through rape, all boys potential rapists, mothers raise sons to be abusers" so on....
We are all in this together, for our families.

Men and women will correct the wrongs, one way or another.

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