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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Recently had a run-in with a lanark county feminist...

 It was like debating a monkee,
No matter how good I was...
Showed fustration,
When she knew I was right.

Scratched at her butt,
To divert the conversation,

Picked her nose,
To cause confusion.
Eventually, with her local friends joining her,
Danced in glee.

Claiming victory...
So I let her,
For the sake of her inferiority complex,
And her cat.
The moral of the story???
Debating a feminist is like debating a monkee,
you know how it's going to end up,
so why bother?


Dad in Almonte said...

Monkeys r to smart for that comparison, a monkey would win in a one on one debate with them.Especialy around here.

BlackWolf said...

Lol. Goood point.