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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Radical feminist communism. The irrationalities.

“… the sex class men is simply male privilege and gender identity and it needs to be abolished if women are ever to be free.”
“Liberty and a living planet will only be won when masculinity, its religion, its economics, its psychology and its sex is resisted and finally defeated.”
"the right wing has taken control of the school boards".
Bullshit! Schools are so far left that even liberals are saying they're going too far.
Remember, she is bitching against a system that protects her right to say the crap she is spewing...
As fathers, we defend the rights of our daughters to live free and free of violence,
will cat lovers like her ever give us that credit? NO.
Communism, fascism, and all other ism's all have the same thing in common...
getting rid of one class to benefit the other, and how did that work out for them?
Let be realistic here, what this "fool" is saying is, get rid of the strong male, replace him with the mangina, with a reduction in numbers of course and all will work out...
Take a good look at the world right now, wars and the talk of wars, were running out of fossil fuel, food is so expensive the poor can no longer afford good meals for their children, our kids have no incentive to work hard for what they want(welfare), families are at a all time low in unity and that...
is weakening our society...
But to them, the way to solve all this is what?
Eating tofu, turning the male population into manginas, getting in a circle and singing kumbaya?
How many hilters, stalins, maos, are out there waiting for this to happen?
What does the future hold for that matter?
Who will ensure freedom, feminists, manginas?
Those are the ones who will claim conscientious objectors...
Anyway, fools like the one above and so many more depend on the very men they bitch at to guarantee their right to spew out the bullshit they do, without us, there is no freedoms.
This isnt' about us, it's about our families,.
This is something they are to stupid to understand or comprehend.
We have never backed down from fools who wanted to harm our loved ones before,
we certainly are not going to do it now.
On a personal note, we find that dealing, writing and researching pro feminist issue gives us a headache, as stupidity, hypocrisy and idiocies always does to people who have a degree in logic. (lol)

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Anonymous said...

"We have never backed down from fools who wanted to harm our loved ones before,
we certainly are not going to do it now."
Amen brother.