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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Native children dying at the hands of ...child protection...

Child protection? What an oxymoron....
Candice Lassiter And Craig Smith, Social Workers, Charged In Aubrey Kina-Marie Littlejohn's Death
BRYSON CITY, N.C. — In a case that stunned this North Carolina community, trials are set to begin Monday for two social service workers accused of trying to cover up the agency's role after a child's death.
Candice Lassiter, 30, is charged with three counts each of obstruction of justice and forgery related to the police investigation of 15-month-old Aubrey Kina-Marie Littlejohn's 2011 death. Craig Smith, 28, is charged with three counts of obstruction of justice in the death of the girl, a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Lassiter and Smith worked for the Department of Social Services in Swain County – where part of the Cherokees' sprawling reservation lies.
Prosecutors say that after Aubrey's death, Lassiter ordered Smith, a subordinate, to falsify records to make it appear that the department had done a thorough job investigating allegations that the girl had been abused.
Cherokee tribe plans to take over all social services after social workers fail to protect infant from death
The tribe plans to take over all or some of the social service programs on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Jackson and Swain counties currently provide them.
In 2010, after the death of 15-month-old Aubrey Littlejohn, a push by some tribal members to take control of Department of Social Services activities on the Qualla Boundary gained momentum. The federal 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act gives the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians the power to oversee its own social services programs.Relatives of Littlejohn, who died from neglect and abuse, warned Swain County social workers that the child was in danger. The baby’s great aunt, Lady Bird Powell, pleaded guilty to killing Littlejohn. Two social services workers in Swain County were criminally charged with trying to cover up the agency’s role after the child’s death.

This site has advocated for some degree of independence for all Nations of Turtle Island, this just re-inforces our argument that our families, our children are in danger at the hands of what has become corrupt organisations that concentrate more on how much funding and how high their salaries are, instead of the children they are supposed to protect...

None on Mother Earth is better adapted to protect our children than ourselves...

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