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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Feminists, manginas, media, up in arms against Peter MacKay.

Peter MacKay thanks moms for changing diapers, dads for shaping minds

Is his message sexist as feminists and their mangina would want you to believe, you be the judge.

Mother’s Day Message

As we take the time to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize our colleagues who have two full-time jobs: as hardworking Department of Justice employees during business hours and as dedicated moms and caregivers around the clock.
Now as a father of an active toddler myself, I have a new appreciation for how busy and hectic a parent’s life can be.
By the time many of you have arrived at the office in the morning, you’ve already changed diapers, packed lunches, run after school buses, dropped kids off at daycare, taken care of an aging loved one and maybe even thought about dinner.
Yet you come to work every morning ready to make your contribution as a public servant for the benefit of all Canadians and their families. And for this, we are all thankful.
For all our colleagues who are mothers, or have mothers, I hope this weekend is full of love, appreciation and lasting memories!
Best wishes,
The Hon. Peter MacKay
Minister of Justice

Father’s Day Message

As we pause and take the time to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, I wish to take this opportunity to recognize our colleagues who are not only dedicated Department of Justice employees, but are also dedicated fathers, shaping the minds and futures of the next generation of leaders.
Watching my young son grow, learn and change a little more every day, I marvel at the tremendous gift that my family and I have received. Yet, needless to say, it can also be daunting to consider the immense and life-long influence we have over our children.
Our words, actions and examples greatly mould who they will become. We can only hope that the moments we spend teaching, guiding and loving them will sustain them throughout their lives.
From my family to yours, I hope you enjoy this special day with your loved ones, complete with lasting memories to be cherished.
Best wishes,
The Hon. Peter MacKay
Minister of Justice

OK, here is the way we see things, and we have defended many times over....
We must recognize that moms and dads have different gifts, donate part of themselves to their children...Raise them and nurture them in different ways...sometimes it's mom at home, sometimes it's dad...
IF, we did it the same way, as feminists and their mangina promotes, we would loose the individual gifts mom and dad bring to the family table, these differences give children more outlooks on life, and a better chance to be ready for it than to suppress each other as parents....
Mother's do it one way, fathers do it another, but put them together and they offer more choices, if, as we said, they are not suppressed....it is called parenting.
Now, what did he say that is not true, in most cases mothers raise the kids while dad is at work, our society still has that majority, mothers change diapers, pack the lunches, wait for school buses, go to daycare, wash the clothes, this is also guiding and shaping the minds of kids by showing responsibility, caring, loving, on and on...is this sexist, or is it something we must recognize, respect and admire. And let's give him credit, he did say, "two full-time jobs: as hard-working Department of Justice employees during business hours and as dedicated mom's and caregivers around the clock.", this is not easy.

And when dad is at work, doesn't he have something to contribute when he gets home, teaching, showing, guiding, and even change diapers and pack lunches when mom is busy or to help her out.
By bitching about sexism, feminists, manginas and the media (CBC) are demonizing the stay at home mom who freely chose this life, and the working dad who  provides for his family...

The only thing he did is offer recognition and respect to those parents who chose this family life. Yes we can offer our good wishes to the working mom, the stay at home dad, but for once, let`s recognize the facts that there are many more that decided to sacrifice their all for their kids....differently than what feminists dictate.
This is not sexist, its been respectful to a good portion of our society....

As for the media, especially the cbc and it's commentator jumping all over this, I have a question for them...
"what do they have against the stay at home mom and the working dad families????
It might not have been the message they wanted to hear, but I guaranty that many appreciated it...

This is just them looking for something that is not there.....
This site will always support the stay at home mom and the working dad family, because it is dedication unmatched.
And also the working mother, the stay at home dad, as long as there is a parent in the home and kids are not raised by the state in state funded daycares.

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