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Monday, June 9, 2014

Feminists make death threats over international men's conference.

Let's face it, Count Floyd is more scary.

Now that's scary....lol.
Comedy aside, which feminism and manginism have become, the threats they have made will be around pulling fire alarm and most probably inserting themselves into the conference and banging on drums, or something like that,

But what must never be taken lightly is how some yokels (AKA; the white knight)...do respond when the word rape is mentioned, putting innocent peoples lives in danger,
There are some out there who believe they are doing a good thing by doing something stupid, which violence usually is, this is promoted by feminism (directly or indirectly) with an epidemic of false accusations and their lack of denouncing those who do it, statements like male power is upheld by rape, as if...(lanark county ontario feminist web site)
lanark county interval house
Or that there is a rape culture on college campuses...
Let's not forget what is inserted into their statistics and what they claim to be rape...
 If we look at reality at what college really is outside of the false propaganda we receive through feminists and their media allies who make these accusation for personal gain, and those who do it for simple hate of men...we see a totally different scenario.
The first one was to see what college life was like, seems to be a normal everyday bunch of kids not worried about anything but their education...
Then we searched for those scared college girls who feminists say are up against a rape culture on campus (the 1 in 4 statistics) and are hunted by that oh so perverse of creature...man...(according to the lonely cat loving feminist, who herself does not have one of her own)
These multitudes of selfies do not show a fear of been raped, actually it shows the opposite, that nature, for what it is, has never changed, boy look for girl, girl tries to attract boy.  This does not show a rape culture...but a perfectly normal western way of doing things...(whether one agrees with it or not)
Coming back to this threat to the men's rights conference which will look at the existing problems men have, and the youth of today, especially boys, why are feminists are so up in harm against looking at this issue?
And it's not just the boys, in this article we can see, even the young girls are been used by feminists, trying to sexualize them at an early age, even in schools, forgetting, modesty is not a bad thing, but something that must be learned, for both young girls and boys.
What part of ‘don’t show your underwear’ is oppressive and sexist?
Feminist are upset and think it is oppression when 14 year old girls are asked to comply with school dress codes and not show their underwear. "What this tells young girls is that their bodies, even areas as innocuous as shoulders and legs, are a threat,” writes Canada.com’s Lauren Strapagiel.
These schools also prohibits boys from showing their underwear, pull up their pants and forbid sleeveless shirts, so they are not picking on girls but trying to teach modesty to all kids.

I mean isn't it important to make sure that all human beings are looked at as equals in order to promote equality, if only one group is made out to be the victims with a policy of falsehoods, then nothing gets done. What they pretend to fight for, become nothing but a rambling of hate and useless rhetoric, which eventually falls by the wayside and on deaf ears. The rights of the individual whether male or female has always been inter twined, if one is abused, whether individually or as a group, you can safely say, the abuse is not directed only at them but at all human beings.
A conference on men's issues is also beneficial to the rights of women, and children, and the elderly, we see all kinds of abuse, boys failing in schools, false accusations, forgotten elders, and yes even women and girls...by concentrating only on one group as feminism does, they forget the rest of us.
False accusations has become an epidemic, it takes resources away from the needy, and destroys lives and families, this issue alone is well worth looking into; why is this so prevalent in our society and who is behind it?...Many feminist organisations look the other way when it comes to false accusations and that alone does not help anyone, especially if one is a "true" victim of crimes, one has to ask when such an accusation is made, if they are telling the truth or not, but feminist organisations do not care, false allegation increases statistics, funding, personal power and inflated salaries based on falsehoods...
case in point....
A conversation I had with someone attached to the women's shelter in carleton place ontario...
lanark county interval house
It's not about the truth, it's about funding????
One goes to wonder how many false accusations have come out of that place for funding benefits?
We are all part of the circle of life, one does not prosper without the other, and if we continue on this path, or should we say, if feminists and their manginas continue to concentrate only on one issue, forgetting all others, then "they" are the problem, not some conference in Detroit.


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The count is scarier.lol.

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These feminist hate mongers are beyond sickening.

Feminazi through and through.


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False accusation is really an epidemic trying to deny the justice for the needy. It destroys the accused persons personal and family life. In present times, to disprove a rape accusation is very difficult unless they have the services of very experienced and intelligent sexual assault lawyers. When an accusation is proved true, the accused should be punished, but if it is proved false, then the accuser should be punished. But in most cases that second scenario hasn't happened, which is the reason for an increased number of false accusations.