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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exposing feminist stupidity; Watching soccer is sexist?

Is it anti-feminist to watch the World Cup?
There's no women to aspire to or root for because these events include male competitors only.
There is women's world cup, I believe it will be in Canada next year...We will be watching, and the young ladies can aspire all they want then...

I predict there will be little fuss made of the Women's World Cup in Canada next year.
This is her idea of aspiring to something and respecting the hard work the female player have to go through? Demonizing it before it even started????

British men's football is so deeply sexist that even the boss of the Premier League engages in email conversations where women are referred to as "gash". Male footballers are boys' role models, yet have been openly violent towards us.
So Again, the words and acts of a few individuals, makes all soccer players....violent towards women?

Instead of boycotting football, the presence of women is key to breaking the uninterrupted circle of sexism.
Is this feminist suggesting women play with men on the soccer field???? Or maybe against them???
What will become of the women's world cup if this happens, and it won't, would the ladies playing their best in the world cup next year, representing their native country like that idea??? Not likely...

Anyway, I watch soccer, love it and can't get enough especially the world cup, also love women's world cup and suggest anyone to watch it next year. It got me going when Canadian ladies did well and in the u17 series a few years back.

That said, now if we looked at all this as sexist male horn dogs, as this cat loving feminist seem to suggest, which one would we prefer, watching sweaty, grunting males, or sweaty grunting athletic females???? DUHHH!
Ok, women's soccer is not as popular as men's, but hey don't blame us, after all, half the worlds population is female...can't force anyone to watch it if they don't want to. Let's enjoy what's there, and stop listening to those who BITCH for no apparent reason.

Soccer is not sexist, it a f*cking sport, and let's be realistic, women that do watch this sport also like the idea of watching the men, doesn't mean they are sexist either...
It simply shows, feminists are lonely, envious, hateful, anti males, and also anti women since they do not seem to promote women's soccer as much as they are dead set on demonizing anything male.

Feminism, what a f*cked up concept....

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