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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Exposing feminism, one idiocy at a time.

credits to Exposing Feminism
9 feminists who claim the men in the tech industry are all a bunch of sexual assault addicted, misogynist barbarians. All of them claim they were sexually assaulted by these men, not a single police report filed or mentioned but they ran right to the media and to the internet to create feminist victim stories about it:
"Recently, nine women banded together to combat sexism in the tech industry in a way that's got everyone talking. In the past week, CBS News, Business Insider,... and The Washington Post all reported on their effort—aboutfeminism.me, which both airs grievances with being a woman working in tech today as well as offers solutions for how to make things better in the future...
"We've experienced a staggering earnings gap in our field,"; "We get asked if we’re the event planner or executive assistant on a regular basis,"; "We get asked about our relationships at interviews, and we each have tales of being groped at public events,"
Smells like bullshit to me. ~ Magnanimous Man

Credits to The Men's Rights Initiative
Feminists argue that men have all the economic and political power in the world but Christine Lagarde is the head of the International Monetary fund. The chair of the United States Federal reserve is Janet Yellen. Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany heads up the largest economy in Europe. Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil, the largest economy in South America. Thailand, Liberia, Switzerland, Argentina, and South Korea all have female heads of state, Canada until recently had 6 female premier - and Queen Elizabeth II the head of state for 54 commonwealth nations, all together females control 65% of the world's

Let's make this simple to expose feminist idiocy...
Men are fathers, sons, husbands, grandfathers of....women...
Women are the mothers, daughters, wives, grandmothers of....men...
In what f*cking world do these cat lovers come from?
If someone gets raped, assaulted, or any crime committed on an innocent person, it is not the act of MEN, or women for that matter, this is the act of a small minority of....bad individuals...
A father wants his daughter to achieve, he protects and nurtures her, and reality shows without the benefit of the doubt that most men, will defend a woman's honor and her right to live as she wishes...
Why the hell would feminists tag all men as bad other than....hate.
Is it OK to tag all blacks as drug dealers, all asians belonging to the yakuza, all natives as drunks, so on, so on? Why is it OK, for anyone to sit there and accept bullshit to a point where even the smallest male child is tagged as a potential rapist or abuser...and women are all victims?
Is this the world we really want?

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Anonymous said...

Well if the feminista's are anything like this one;


Then maybe they were groped?

The above feminist could be the new icon for the feminist movement....truly "nut's."