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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Epidemic of Restraining Order Abuse, False Accusations, supported by feminism.

It's very easy for a woman to get a restraining order from the family courts these days, she just has to claim abuse, and it is usually done to get instant custody of the kids, to keep fathers from seeing their kids, and vice versa, and in some cases some twisted revenge for whatever reason...A lie is a lie is a lie, under any circumstances, I went though this myself, (can't talk about it since I am under a gag order. for now)
This epidemic of restraining order abuse goes hand in hand with the epidemic of false accusations, yet in the video above some feminist claim this doesn't matter since the restraining order policy saves lives. I beg to differ, false accusations and the abusive use of restraining orders causes many to doubt it's validity, and becomes in time just a piece of paper to impose ones will over someone else, since it is used for the wrong reason in so many cases, so how does that save lives???
The use of restraining orders under false pretences should be exposed for what it is, a danger to real victims, but we never see this from feminists do we?
As a matter of fact, as we plainly see in the video, it is pushed aside as unimportant by feminists, who claim to represent women's rights and used to manipulate statistics, get increased funding, promote hate and their inflated egos...or should we say their inferiority complex towards real men?
False accusations is not, only 2% of all claims of abuse, as feminists say, it is a frigging epidemic, used for all the wrong reason....

(take note in the video how philly boy finds it necessary to demonize the man so as not to be seen as picking on the liar only, she been a poor woman and all, "he may be this, He may be that", how about concentrating one one thing, You are a liar???)
As I said, retraining orders abuse goes hand in hand with false accusations, and the main if not the only recipient of this are...men..fathers...the ones who suffer are also children since they are not allowed to see said father, not to forget the real victims who need this policy to work...but how can it be taken seriously if so many lie about it?

So, what should you do if falsely accused? Sue the f*ck out of them. and all those involved.
Victim of false rape accusation seeks compensation
This site does not believe majority of women are like this and does not promote that idea... we do support the rights of our women, grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, to be who "they" want to be without restrictions...
Unlike feminists especially here in Lanark county Ontario....

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