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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Couple says they don’t have clear answers on why their child is being seized by Winnipeg children and family services.

A Winnipeg couple is looking for answers after being told their baby would be seized by Winnipeg Child and Family Services when he is born.
“Just the fact that my baby’s going to be born and taken away right away — nobody should have to go through that,” said David Nault. “We didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just not fair.”
David Nault and Paige Nippi, both 22, said they were excited to discover they were pregnant, but after a visit two weeks ago from a CFS staff member, they were told the child would be seized

Nippi said they were told there wasn’t enough information on the couple to determine if they were fit parents.
Nippi’s first daughter, from a pregnancy at age 15, is currently in the care of her grandmother, Nippi's mother
“She’s still in my life, and I’m still her mom. The reasoning is because I’ve never fully parented her on my own is why they said they were taking my son away,” said Nippi.
Nault said the couple has moved to a better neighbourhood near a hospital in anticipation of the baby. They have both taken prenatal and parenting classes and asked their family for advice.
The couple has even decided on a name — Mason.
A court record check on the couple came up clean, and the couple said there are no substance abuse or mental health issues.
Nault has held a full-time job for years, and his boss is trying to help him.
Jerome Munz owns Fire Safe where Nault works.
“He has had no problem having people aid him in being a better parent,” said Munz. “I don’t think there should be an issue with the support network that he does have.”
The parents have purchased books, toys and a crib, and family members have also brought gifts in anticipation of the baby.
“You look over and there’s his crib and his dresser,” she said. Adding it hurts “just knowing he’s not going to be able to come home.”
Nippi was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday.
Winnipeg CFS would not comment on the case directly but did release a statement, saying, “In our legislation, child safety is paramount. An agency will only apprehend a child when there are serious concerns that a child may not be safe in the parents care.”
Manitoba's child protection is well known to target native families and as many others as they can...
So let's rephrase the outline...what they really meant...
In our legislation funding is paramount, the agency will take any child to make sure our funding is constant and our salaries are secure......


Nikyon the clan mother said...

"Manitoba's child protection is well known to target native families"
Isnt that the truth.Its about the money not kids.

Nizhoni said...

Totally.Greed does that.

Allison said...

So sad.

Runingwolf said...

Looks to me they did all they can to show they where good parents,but it never seems to be enough when greed is involved.

Tewennate said...

Let them try that with my family, scratch their greedy eyes out.

Allison said...

LOL,T, u go girl.

Anonymous said...

How do those people live with themselves,
Imagine having your baby taken after giving birth, what a nightmare for a mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

The Child Abuse Society,profiting one child at a time.

Sick bastard's.


Sherri Iona said...

Anyone know what happened to this case?

BlackWolf said...

Not yet...will look into it...let u know