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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another reason to keep feminists away from any kind of power...Victimizing the victims of female criminals.

Judges ordered to show more mercy on women criminals when deciding sentences
Judges have been told to treat female criminals more leniently than men when deciding sentences.

New guidelines declare that women suffer disadvantages and courts should ‘bear these matters in mind’.
The rules say women criminals often have poor mental health or are poorly educated, have not committed violence and have children to look after.
Women’s experiences as victims, witnesses and offenders are in many respects different to those of men,’ according to the Equal Treatment Bench Book.

‘These differences highlight the importance of the need for sentencers to bear these matters in mind when sentencing.’
The latest guidelines have also caused anger, this time among campaigners for male victims of domestic violence.

The Bench Book tells judges that the problem ‘consists mainly of violence by men against women’. It adds ‘the reality is that some of the most physically violent incidents are committed by men on female partners’.
The document also suggests that aggression against men by women is rare, saying that ‘men and partners in same-sex relationships might also be victims of domestic violence’.

However, campaigners for male victims of domestic violence claimed that men are being treated as second-class citizens by the new guidelines.

They also point to analysis of official figures by the Parity campaign group which last week concluded that four out of ten victims of domestic violence were men.

Mark Brooks, of the ManKind campaign group, said: ‘For a document that claims to be about gender equality, it clearly leaves the impression that male victims are seen as being second class when, of course, all should be seen the same.

‘It is unacceptable that men, often suffering in silence at home, are being shown to be second-class victims by those running the legal system.’

He added: ‘To say grudgingly that men might also be victims is sweeping their problems under the carpet, when the Government’s own figures show hundreds of thousands of men every year are suffering.’
The campaign group said that the average proportion of domestic violence victims who are men has been 40 per cent.
It told judges: ‘Women remain disadvantaged in many public and private areas of their life; they are under-represented in the judiciary, Parliament and senior positions across a range of jobs; and there is still a substantial pay gap between men and women.’

On women accused of crime, the guidance quoted Judge Baroness Hale, the only woman among the 11 at the Supreme Court, who describes herself as a ‘soft-line feminist’.(Oh! big surprise there)

She said: ‘It is now well recognised that a misplaced conception of equality has resulted in some very unequal treatment for women and girls.’

The rules were prepared by a team headed by High Court judge Dame Laura Cox.
This "crap" was written 4 years ago, by those who live a posh life on elevated tax payers salaries and estates in the country side...but back then, feminists where at the peak of their power, backed up by their manginas. Things are starting to change, slowly.
Though, radical feminists like those above are still in positions of power, they are on the defensive for exposing their blatant sexism against the male gender, but that is not all they have exposed themselves as...
Irresponsible, irrational, hypocritical, radical,  personal agendas, greed, not to mention their love of personal power and taste of hate has shown they cannot be trusted, not to mention their love of the feline species,aka;cats...
As for treating males as second class citizen, unfortunately, we are use to it, after all, we die earlier working our asses off for our families, then are told we have no say in the raising of our own kids or their murders,(aka;abortions), and if we even dare to show we want to be involved in our children's lives, we risk false accusation in order to keep us away from them, suicide is above 90%, and ironically, these same feminists who live posh lives and have time to dictate such bullshit owe their positions to...men, after all, we get ripped up and mangled and die in wars to assure them of a life of freedom...
But the major point to this piece of nasty idiocy is this....
Female criminals should be given a free pass for their misgivings, because they have children????
Are these people total f*cking morons????
The thing that struck me was...what about their victims??? Don't they have a voice in this utopia of feminists ideology and kumbaya singing circle? What stupidity will come out of their yaps next, declare the cat their new deity?

They said, Women’s experiences as offenders are in many respects different to those of men.
This should never be about women criminals having it worse off, it should be about the victims of their crimes....
This is just "a few" from 2014 I just searched and this is what came up...
Imagine going back 10 years, how many victims, and that's not searching for men, Elders, who have been abused and murdered. So what do we say about these women, "jezz, poor women, they were raising children?".
Are they f*cking serious????
By promoting the idea of treating female criminals more lenient, they forget the victims of those who commit the most atrocious of crimes, but then feminists as we have it today, have never shown any degree of intelligence when they open their yaps...they are so stuck in their idiocy that those who have suffered fall between the cracks...forgotten.
We should never care about the gender of a person who commits a crime against an innocent person, the first and foremost should always be about the victim...not the perpetrator....male or female....
This site will never judge all women (or men) to be the same, we still promote the idea that people in general are good with the belief in the rights and freedoms of all individuals, no matter the gender or nationality. We are not trying to say all women are bad, on the contrary...
What we try to do is expose the stupidity of those who use their position to promote an agenda that divides and destroys our chance at a just and fair society.
This world was given to us by our Elders, we borrow it from our children, let's make sure, we have done the right thing when we give it back.

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