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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trying to change the nature of man...

Boys turning to action-packed video games because books are 'too girly' for them.
Jonathan Emmett warned of the influence of 'female gatekeepers'
The Pigs Might Fly author said they starve boys of their favourite fiction
Cited a study claiming 95% of children's books are bought by women

Boys are being put off reading because of the influence women (cat loving old hags with an inferiority complex,aka feminists)have on children’s literature, says  an award-winning children’s author.
Jonathan Emmett warned that children’s books were too girly because of the influence of mostly female panels of editors, publishers, reviewers and judges.

One publishing company’s research suggested women bought 95 per cent of picture books for children, he added.

The writer believes boys are being starved of what they enjoy in books, such as swashbuckling pirates, battles, or technical details about space ships and so are driven to more action-packed video games instead.
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All this is simple, they and I mean those cat loving feminists who suffer from an inferiority complex, are not only trying to change society, but nature itself, and when they took that path...they already lost the argument...
From birth, babies become boys, men and some Warriors, the nature of man cannot be changed, and seeing the world as it is today, the talk of war, economic collapse, terrorism, crime, on and on, is it a good idea to try to turn men into manginas??? Not f***ing likely...
We, unlike women can be violent if the need arise, that is what protects the freedom we all enjoy, not some old hag who never  knew the true love of a man, or some mangina who feels insecure around other men and sides with said old hags to feel wanted, but MEN.
We have always had those who felt inferior, or those who did not have the character to be who they are expected to be, and that's fine, diversity makes the world an interesting one, but we must accept who we are, our strength and our weakness.
To put the weak in a position of power weakens a community, it's as simple as that, and we can see it in the way the western world is today...
Feminists and their mangina allies are trying to change the nature of man and woman, and this is backfiring in they faces, more and more young girls and boys are turning against them, who wants to be a hate filled feminist or some weak mangina.
This has always been in our mist, and always will be, the thing is, to recognize the damages they have done and see the crap they cause.
Weak men make for a weak society, and as I said, we look at the world today, showing weakness is not a good idea.
Well over 100 years ago, at a time of war for our people, a War Chief, seeing an army coming for his people took his Warriors and before confronting the enemy said;
"Warriors with me, the rest stay with the Elders, Women and Children".
Even back them we knew not all had the strength needed to stand up to injustice, I say it's time to revive that saying, not for war, but because our community is in danger....freedom is been taken...our women and children are been used for some twisted ideology....our Elders are been ignored...And it does not matter what colour you are, red, white, yellow or black, we all come from the same place...Mother Earth.
We have to realise, what the saying means, "it's a man's world", it does not mean we control, but we make safe those who depend on us...and for them to be at peace, we must understand the true meaning of been a man...
What does a feminist and her mangina know about been a man?
A father, a mother, a grandparent, children, woman, family, is the strength and power of man, it's called the circle of life, we all have a place in it, try to change that and the results will be devastating.

Here's something to think about...
That will be the result of the fall of man...

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