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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Times are tough for women in Canadian politics, so the feminists answers is: A Women's Party?

 At the beginning of the year, half of the provinces had a female premier at their helm, five out of 10. Five months later, two have resigned in disgrace, Kathy Dunderdale (Newfoundland) and Alison Redford (Alberta). One lost, Pauline Marois (Qu├ębec). Another one, Kathleen Wynne (Ontario), is currently facing re-election. This means Christy Clark (British Columbia) could well be the last one standing on June 12th.

How can we explain such a free fall?

Some feminists seem to have explanations of their own.

Last week, I interviewed Lise Payette, 82, first Parti Quebecois woman to become cabinet minister in 1976. Payette, the great Quebec feminist, is grumpy these days. She is the political godmother of Pauline Marois, her former aide close to 40 years ago.

Payette thinks Marois lost her job as premier mainly because there is a structural double standard against woman in politics, which explains the current reactionary wave across Canada.

After all the progress made in four decades regarding gender equity, she now considers it's time to move one step further and have a political party exclusively composed of women.

When I freaked out at her suggestion, she answered, "There have been political parties composed exclusively of men, dear friend." She added a Women's Party "would carry the needs expressed by women."

Fighting discrimination of 70 years ago by... a new form of discrimination? Moving from feminism to sexism? I just don't get it.

Why not, then, a political party only for gays and lesbians, or blacks, or Muslims, or dwarfs? Just suggesting such a division seems completely ridiculous.

Political parties are coalitions of people of all stripes of society that stick together based on their common political ideals.

What you have or don't have between your legs is certainly not an ideology.

What do Hillary Clinton, Maude Barlow, Margaret Thatcher, Danielle Smith and Elizabeth May, to name a few, have politically in common? Nothing!

I always thought feminists were fighting for gender fairness, not reverse sexism.

Even though a new generation of young Canadians don't experience the same sexual discrimination now, old hard core feminists pushing their agenda one step further show they might just be more anti-men than pro-equality.

Is this kind of radical feminist movement a baby boomer phenomenon that will die with its generation?

Let's hope so. Trying to revamp a movement whose days are gone borders on the absurd, as the For Women Only Party reveals.

If there are fewer female premiers today than a few months ago, it might simply be because voters weren't satisfied with the policies of different provincial governments. It's that easy.

Haven't we reached a stage where we vote for or against a politician based on his or her competence and track record instead of which reproductive organs they have?

Our democracy will be seriously threatened the day a candidate will campaign on the slogan of "Vote for me because I am a woman."
Now if I may, something feminists with an inferiority complex seem to forget is.....
So do women?
If there is a lack of women in the political system it is certainly not because of men, but the population as a whole who decides who will represent them, and if half the voting population is female, then where is the imbalance in the process?????
If a female nominee or candidate is not elected, it is because her policies does not resonate with the voting public, not because of her gender, since women are fully involved in the process these days. 
Why aren't feminists capable of accepting the reality that women are perfectly able of making what is the right decision for them and their family or is it that feminists think women cannot make that decision on their own?
This shows one thing, feminists are unable of accepting reality, or the individual decision women make; and for womanhood's own good, they decide what is best for them?
This smells of a power hungry group, not someone who fights for women's rights.
 The point is their (cat loving feminist) time is up, many who have adopted the radical "it's all men's fault" feminist flag have fallen hard, others who comes to mind is also...

Julia Gillard..(your a misogynist if you don't agree with me) prime minister of Australia.

Harriet Harman; an ultra-feminist gender warrior who has spent much of her political career trying to institutionalise injustice against men on the basis of ‘sexual equality’, and this...
Labour's Harman and Dromey finally break their silence over links to paedophile group
The Labour Deputy Leader's name is carried at the bottom of the briefing, which argued that a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered.

Corrupt politics is not gender based, never was, when a politician claims the feminist mantle, you have to be aware of the inferiority complex they carry with them. As we saw in their policies and behaviour,those who do carry that mantle thrive on conflict with other politicians, those around them and eventually we realise they serve no one but themselves and their little minor group of haters...
Any feminist who runs for politics comes out of the times when radical feminists told them that men where all rapists, or from local cat loving radicals from lanark county Ontario, "male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment",
erin lee todd

or the idiocy of claiming when men watch the Superbowl or some sporting event, or at Christmas time, we go around beating women; when you have that bullshit in the back of your mind, all those around you, especially males, are nothing but animals, and their(feminists) behaviour shows it.

But there is hope for the future, as we seen lately, most women have thrown away the shackles of feminism and the inferiority complex they carry with them, in business, arts and entertainment, and even politics
A feminist is extremely negative, her behaviour reflects it immediately and people in general see it, shrug their shoulders and pushes her aside, a secure woman who knows who she is and does not need cat loving man haters will walk side by side with her male counterpart and be respected for her individuality.
No matter if you are male or female, when you respect yourself, and show it to others, life is a hell of a lot easier than living with a chip on your shoulder.
Therefore a women's only party will never take root in this country, it would show too much of a hatred for men, an inferiority complex and their silly flag of a cat would turn off anyone...OK, maybe not the cat flag, but as we said before, we must recognize what feminism is once and for all... a comedy act, which if we do not put it in the garbage of history, we are all doomed to failure....
It's time to turn the page, not stay in the past and blame everyone else for our misgivings, we have always done our best work, co-operating with each other, not pandering to some divisive ideals that keeps us at each others throat.

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