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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Switch Rape" -- You've got to be F---ing Kidding

You go girl...lol
I'm just hoping that this is a f*cking joke, to make people talk, otherwise we are dealing with really stupid idiotic people...
I mean, you have to have one hell of an inferiority complex to be this stupid.

Even their cats are amazed at the stupidity.lol.
Comedy aside, this is getting out of hand, this type of behaviour, as the young lady exposes in the video, demeans the real victims of rape and any other crime.
False claim of rape is a major problem at the moment and to see legal representatives, women's shelter, women(feminist) rights group not been up in harms about it is also disturbing, but as we have pointed out before,(with the exposer we did of a local women's shelter), the reason they say it's not worth talking about is, they use these false claim in their false statistics every year in order to get more power, more funds and to make it look like they are more important than they really are...again at the expense of real victims of crime.
This make society so on edge, that if your a man, your automatically seen as a perv...
Discrimination against men?
Comparing Grandparents love to pedophilia, that's a new low...
 Then there is this one, which in itself explains perfectly well where we are headed, if we are not already there...
Would you leave your child with a male caregiver?
Take a look at some of the disturbing comments about men...
There's an interesting discussion going on at Parenting.com, in which the parent of a preschooler wonders about a new male teacher in the toddler "potty trainer" room. The school hired a male teacher for the 4- and 5-year-old classroom, which raised a few eyebrows, but this parent is particularly nervous about having a young man help her 2-year-old daughter in the bathroom. "I just don't understand why a young man would want to be a daycare teacher," the parent writes. "It makes me think they have an ulterior motive or something." (what f*cking ulterior motive?)
How can we expect our husbands to be hands-on parents if we don’t trust professional, trained caregivers just because they happen to be male?

"I know i may exaggerate but i don't even trust my husband giving my daughter a bath! I know i may be wrong on not trusting him but thats the way i think!"
Doesn't trust her own husband? the father of the kids? This is what they think of us, or have made people without a brain of there own, question the men in their lives?

I raised my daughter by myself, changed her diaper, thought her to go potty, washed her, wiped her butt, even had to explain the period thing without referring it to a dot at the end of a sentence...(that was particularly difficult..) According to the definition of these idiots, that makes me what?
As time went by she became rebellious with the help of others outside our family, one of which was attached to the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, and when I asked them, "politely" not to get involve, the director of said shelter, instead of working with the parent, me, send her girlfriends from the local constabulary to intimidate me, she was headed to college and was only going through a difficult time in her life....
She told me they said "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter..."
In my opinion, she (feminist cat lover with an inferiority complex) who think that way is f*cked up herself...
This is when I learned, I was seen as a bad human being for simply been a man, a father, and they where "using" my daughter for their false statistics; hence this site was born.
And their personal attacks against me are continuing to this day, performed by this women's shelter staff, it's director and their girlfriends over at the legal clinic in Perth ontario...with ther help of a disturbed vendetta filled person from my far far away past. (so be it, two can play that game.)

That said, don't wonder why men are gtow, it is getting too dangerous to be involved because of stories as those above, and the main cause of this is all these false accusation, the ridiculous statements about men and the discrimination performed against us, by these low lives who have no lives of their own outside of their f*ucking cats...

If they really cared about women's rights, they would scream against false accusers, and those who make idiotic statements, but they don't do they, they actually support it since they can add them to their false statistics, and that puts the traditional family, the welfare of children and the stability of nations themselves in danger...
Would you fight to protect such a society that thrive on the discrimination of those who assures freedom with their lives?

This is why, I no longer believe in debate with these fools, and neither should anyone, what we must do is expose their stupidity, laugh at it, and make sure as many people know what they truly represent.
Honestly....one cannot debate idiocy, stupidity, dishonesty and especially hatred.

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