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Friday, May 9, 2014

Know your radical feminist...The Corrupt Shelter industry, feminists, claims false accusations and female sexual assault on boys is so low, it's not worth mentioning...REALLY?

Video Uncovered Fake Sex Assault Report On UA Campus, Police Say

Woman accused of making false rape claim

Billings woman charged with filing false rape report against ex-boyfriend

Two women charged with filing false rape report after trading sex for cigarettes

Savannah woman charged with falsely reporting rape

If feminists, women shelter industry, say false rape accusations are so rare, why is it so easy to find them????

Woman Sentenced for Raping Seven Year Old Boy

Woman, 35, admits raping her friend's 12-year-old boy multiple times

Meth addict mom, 30, 'raped three of her children and charged adults to watch before nine-year-old son escaped and turned her in to police.

Phoenix Woman Allegedly Rapes 2-Year-Old Son With Vibrator, Pleads Not Guilty

Bessemer woman sentenced to 30 years for rape of 11-year-old boy

If feminists, women shelter industry, say male rapes are so rare, why is it so easy to find them...

Female teacher Allegedly Had Sex, Went To Sex Shop With Student She Claimed To Be Mentoring

B.C. Teacher Suspended For Sex With Student, Other Unprofessional Conduct

Special ed teacher accused of sex abuse of 13 year old son

Valley teacher surprised by jail time for sex with student

Yucaipa high school teacher suspected of having sex with student

 If feminists, women shelter industry, say female teachers raping students is so rare, why is it so easy to find them...

We assessed 12-month prevalence and incidence data on sexual victimization in 5 federal surveys that the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted independently in 2010 through 2012. We used these data to examine the prevailing assumption that men rarely experience sexual victimization. We concluded that federal surveys detect a high prevalence of sexual victimization among men—in many circumstances similar to the prevalence found among women. We identified factors that perpetuate misperceptions about men’s sexual victimization: reliance on traditional gender stereotypes, outdated and inconsistent definitions, and methodological sampling biases that exclude inmates. We recommend changes that move beyond regressive gender assumptions, which can harm both women and men. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print April 17, 2014: e1–e8. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.301946)

Officials for the FBI report that typically, female offenders want to gain attention and sympathy and will falsely allege offenses, such as interpersonal violence (e.g., sexual assault), more likely to achieve that result. Many perpetrators... have multiple life difficulties. Rather than seeking appropriate assistance from family members, coworkers, clergy members, or mental health professionals, offenders develop a self-victimization plan.
Again let us repeat, this site does not believe or promote the idea that all women are like this, but we expose the lies perpetrated by the shelter industry and feminists for personal power and financial gains....
 Shailene Woodley: I'm not a feminist 'because I love men'
 "I think that if men went down and women rose to power, that wouldn’t work either. We have to have a fine balance."
Just because she doesn't consider herself a feminist, however, doesn't mean she can't appreciate women. In fact, she thinks the bigger problem exists between women.
 "I don’t know how we as women expect men to respect us because we don’t even seem to respect each other."
As we know, Shailene and other actresses like Taylor Swift have been under constant attack by feminists with an inferiority complex for there "balanced opinions", no big surprise there.
We have exposed the lies and false accusation coming from the shelter in carleton place on, and many others. They will use children to achieve their goals to alienate kids from their fathers with the help of unscrupulous people and claim they cannot weed out false accusations because it would limit their funding...and who pays for this "LIMIT"? Fathers....
erin lee todd
Under this policy, men, husbands, fathers everywhere, even here in lanark have been unjustly tagged as bad people because of this specific policy...when ever a false accusation is made and not "looked into" or investigated, more people suffer than benifits, the father is alienated for his kids, the kids taken away from a fathers love, demeans the real victims of crime, takes time and finances away from investigatiors, and remember this, women's shelter staff will "claim" to be experts. Experts in what, promoting false statements???

Do we ever hear these "experts" mentioning female abusers???
There is a hell of a lot more people who have fallen to crimes such as this in this area, but none of them have ever been brought up by local feminists "experts", it is more important to them to ignore the plight of men and children in order to have their little statue so they can demonise men at every turn and have one talking point...especially when it comes to marc lepine. When it comes to feminist monument, this guy seem to be their favorite person, since that is all they ever talk about.

As for women's shelters, women rights group, aka;radical feminists, if a woman gets caught making false accusations, they should not be prosecuted according to them, in other words, damn be the man who goes through this nightmare, and if they do prosecute, according to these cat lovers, it would water down their fake statistics and reduce their funding...

So man suffers and the justice system has to go on the assumption the real victim might be lying because feminist fools would rather protect their funding than be honest???. And they wonder why they are perceived as clowns...and no longer taken seriously.
Prosecuting false accuser upsets women's rights group....
They hate men, as a matter of fact, someone once said men would learn from the experience of been falsely accused....
All this shows one thing, to hide from this fact like an ostrich in the sand only makes things worse...
Assaults of any kind is a terrible crime against the person, and there are many kinds of assaults, false accusations is also an assault, it is as hurtful as any other, it produces deep emotional scars, on the father, especially on his children, and to ignore the "fact" that individuals of the female gender are equally as capable of committing such things is ignoring reality and their victims.
And when the false "experts" at the shelter industry ignore for personal gains this fact, their message falls on deaf ears, points them out as liars, false accusers, and puts in jeopardy the real victims since we can no longer tell if someone is telling the truth or not.
Thanks to those who claim to be "experts".

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