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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heard of the vagina monologue, well here comes the vagina and penis obsession.

So according to this, if you live in LA, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, or NYC, and you're hankering to see some vaginas between April and June, you are IN LUCK, because this photographer dude has made it his life's work to focus all of his attention on them. 
I can't say with certainty what Phillip's political ideology is, but I would be willing to bet money that he's a "progressive" because progressives are always terribly obsessed with vaginas. Don't believe me? Just look here. And here.  And here.

Vaginas are seriously all these weirdos can think about. And while they busy themselves trying to talk about how they're removing taboos and celebrating the diversity of vaginas and empowering women by displaying gigantic photographs of vaginas, chicks like us are sitting back thinking,
"Are people only just now figuring out that women have vaginas? Why do we need to have all of these conversations about them? Why must we put them in everyone's face all the time?"
Because seriously - this is wack. We happen to be women who are quite pleased with our vaginas, have nothing against them whatsoever, but don't feel an inexplicably obsessive need to display them for everyone, nor do we feel like we have to have a bunch of dialogue about them. They're a body part that every woman has. It's not complicated.

But Phillip is doing a gigantic vagina extravaganzathon, and it's coming to a city near you.
FEAR NOT, though, clever and competent readers, because the 101 Penis and 101 Breasts exhibitions are coming soon. Phillip is all about equal opportunity sex organ exhibitions.
If you want a taste of what to expect if you visit the exhibition, just look here for photos from the Sydney one. Bring the whole family along! You can all get your picture taken in a giant stuffed vagina!
Anyway, apparently being in tune with your vagina (or the vaginas of those closest to you) is really empowering. FYI.
In the old days, we hard a word for those who had an obsession with private parts of human beings, but hey, let's give credit where credit is due, the feminist and her mangina has change all this and those with weird obsessions are now called artists...
I can't speak for anyone else but vagina's are not scary enough to be "exposed" as something that needs to be shoved in my face(no pun intended) at every turn, on the assumption we are afraid of it....
To wave it like a flag as if it's something just like a toy is kind of demeaning to the modest woman, (which most of the ladies are).
From a man's perspective, if you want to flash it, go right ahead, you'll get a few looks, a couple of snicker, but if you expect to change nature with this stupidity your mistaken...
You see, if you show it to the world, you take away the mystic of the feminine quality we love so much...Modesty. And as we use to say, if everyone has seen it...no thanks...
Don't ask after exposing it to the world why no one wants anything to do with you outside of a one night stand.
That said, I don't get the feminist and mangina obsession with vaginas and penises, it is definitely unhealthy, but then again, look who were talking about, obsession is their lives, they are so caught up in it they have no idea how stupid they sound.
The majority of men and women do not have this directed obsession, making a family with only that in mind won't get you very far, a divorce maybe but certainly not a lifetime commitment, so why is it, this is what they only think about??? Simple really, weird. f*cked up people?
But it's not only the vagina...
Feminists are scared shitless of the, yes, that oh so bad of male dominance and control, the snow penis, it make the feminist shake in her booties and claim it as the oppressive tool that it is....the snow penis not to mention the Washington monument, missiles and the Irish monument in Vancouver is too phallic, if you don't know what that means, it looks like a penis, I don't see it but feminists are so concentrated on that organ that they see it everywhere.
All this comes down to one thing, the so called male dominance, (as if), they seem to be stuck on, has become an obsessive behavioral problem for them. Only women can be victims, and all men bad.
Even here in lanark county, we have the staff, especially it's director of the local shelter, obsessed with their poor attempt to demonize men, "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment" or "during sporting events and christmas, we go around beating our loved ones": with the help of that bad male dominant lcbo (liquor control board of ontario) co-operates with this by hiring extra staff.
These types of...shall we say, idiotic statements shows an inferiority complex, any psychologist will tell you that. How the hell did it come to this where feminists became so fearful of males is beyond anyone, that path leads to only one road and that is an unhealthy lifestyle based on fear and hatred....
And when they chose this singular road, they not only fail themselves but everyone around them, this doesn't help anyone, hatred and fear never does.

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