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Friday, May 23, 2014

Government Grants Charity Status to First “Men’s Issues” Group

Canadian Association for Equality awareness programs deemed in public interest
TORONTO, ONTARIO — (May 20, 2014) The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has become the first registered charity with a primary mandate to advance public education and awareness of the serious issues facing boys, men and fathers. There are at present only a small handful of men’s resource centres across Canada, but these are all social service oriented.
CAFE focuses on providing positive solutions to the important but overlooked social problems of fatherlessness, disparities in men’s health and the boys crisis in education, but does not shy away from raising necessary critical questions about concepts like rape culture and ideological feminism.
“Achieving charity status provides a major financial boost in our effort to grow our organization and will greatly expand the programs we intend to offer at our soon to open Canadian Centre for Men and Families,” said Adam McPhee, CAFE Spokesperson.
“But the real significance is in the legitimization gained for our agenda to advance public education of the health and well-being of boys and men. The government rigorously reviewed our programs and determined them to be in the public interest.”
This is big news, it is pretty well accepted that the big problem in the western world, Canada included is the disintegration of the traditional family, the fatherless home.
This is major step in re-establishing balance; which we have lost big time because of radical feminism idealism that the family does not need fathers, we know this to be the reason we seem to have a lost generation...
It is also recognized that having a father in the home or involved in a child's life, promotes these kids to behave in a more responsible way. Not to undermine the contribution of mothers but to point out, they cannot do it on their own, and vice versa.
Hopefully this will trickle down to the corrupt family courts, where as of today, fathers are made to pay for their children, and alimony, even if they are not given their due access to them.
CAFE is just the beginning, eventually, this decision will give other organisation the chance to promote the value of fatherhood for a stable nation, but most importantly, give a chance to children for a good productive future.
I guaranty, radical corrupt man hating feminists are up in arms over this, and my guess is they will do every thing to reverse this decision, but it does show the demise of this destructive cult is well on it's way.
The next step is to increase this availability to fathers on a county and city level to counteract the power of feminists in child protection, social programs and especially schools...


Anonymous said...

This will be a kick in the $#%* to the feminist's.

Definitely about time.

When I attempted to get charity status a few year's back for a men's shelter,I was told it will never happen as men do not qualify for charitable status.

It has now happened.

Excellent news!


BlackWolf said...

And it's just the beginning.