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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going after school children; destroy their morality and natural modesty.

‘We created demand for abortion by pushing sex ed on kids’
OTTAWA, May 12, 2014–
“How do you sell an abortion? In the US (and Canada, especially Ontario) it’s very simple: You do it through sex education,” former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett told participants at the Rose Dinner following the National March for Life on Thursday in Ottawa.
Everett, who ran a chain of four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983 — where an estimated 35,000 unborn children were aborted before her dramatic conversion and departure from the industry — told about 430 participants at the dinner that she had a goal of becoming a millionaire by selling abortions to teenage girls.
We had a goal of 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18, because we all work on a straight commission inside the abortion industry,” she said. With every customer, Everett became a little richer.
But in order to reach her financial goal, Everett said she first had to create a “market for abortions.” That meant convincing young people from the earliest age possible to see sexuality in an entirely different way than previous generations.
We started in kindergarten. In kindergarten you put the children in a circle and you go around the room and you ask them all the same question: ‘What do your parents call your private parts?’”

Everett explained how sex education at the earliest ages aimed at eroding in the children what she called “natural modesty.” Everything was calculated to “separate the children from their values and their parents.”

By third grade, children were shown explicit ‘how to’ diagrams of intercourse. By fourth grade, children were encouraged to masturbate, either alone or in groups of the same sex.
It was during the fifth and sixth grade that Everett herself supplied the missing link between sex-ed and abortion.
My goal was to get them sexually active on a low dose birth control pill that we knew they would get pregnant on. How do you do that? You give them a low dose birth control pill that, in order to provide any level of protection, has to be taken accurately at the same time every single day. And you know and I know, there’s not a teen in the world who does everything the same time every day.”
Everett said that a girl on the pill who thought she was ‘safe’ typically had sex more frequently than those not on the pill.
“That pill did not work, and we could accomplish our goal of 3-5 abortions between the ages of 13 and 18,” she said.
Everett said that if the sex-education was done correctly, then when the girl becomes pregnant, she believes she has only one real choice.
“She’s going to call our clinic because she’s been told we’re ‘pro-choice.’”
In order to sell as many abortions as possible, Everett trained her employees to lead the distraught callers towards abortion as the only possible solution.

When our telephone rang, we were ready. You see, we had trained the people to answer our telephones as telemarketers. They sold over the telephone. But we couldn’t call them telemarketers, that’s far too harsh. We called them telephone counselors. We trained them with a script designed to overcome every single objection. That’s what sales is, isn’t it? Overcoming the objection and filling the order, in this case the abortion,” she said.
The former abortion provider said she knew the sex-ed strategy was more than a success when a young woman visited one of her clinics for her ninth abortion.
“Abortion is a method of birth control in my country, a 45 percent repeat rate. And I dare say it’s also a birth control measure in your country,” she said.

Everett went on to describe what she called her miraculous journey of leaving the abortion industry and giving her life to God. In 1995 she founded the Heidi Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women experiencing a crisis pregnancy – named after one of Everett’s own children whom she aborted in 1973.
Everett warned parents not to ignore what their children are being taught in school regarding sex-education.
“Find out what they’re using to teach your children and grandchildren. For it is critical that we know because they shame those children and if those children are shamed by what they hear, they will not come home and tell you what they heard.”
“I would encourage you to go to your public library and to your schools and ask what they’re using for sex education,” she said.
Whether an abortion clinic, women's shelter, child protection, or any other radical feminist controlled organisation, they are all run with one thing in mind, "how to increase funding and give themselves inflated salaries, at the expense of others".
It's always about the money, and damn be how they hurt people in the long run...we now know abortion create psychological and physical difficulties to the women who goes though an abortion, not to mention fathers who have no say in the matter.
All these organisations depend on one thing to thrive, false information, corrupt ideals, and the watering down of family responsibilities, this is now done through schools as everett clearly explains...everything she says is in full implementation in Ontario schools. Most Parents, Grandparents are against such policies, yet, the media and those behind the message, through false manipulated polls try to tell us the majority agree with them...bullsh*it.
Even here in Canada, if you are pro family, pro life, two of the tree political parties, the liberals and ndp, clearly say you have no place in their parties, yet none of them have mentioned the idea that abortions cause pain to many women, hence the issue is certainly not decided. The imposition of this policy on us clearly shows a pandering to radical feminism, a very small screwed up, hateful, minority...political parties should not "impose" their will on the population but keep all opinions open, and since they do pander to radical, irrational feminism, this means oppsing opinion does not count to them...and since they say our opinions do not count, why support them. This is idiocy, not to mention they seem to forget we are also talking about children...
It is pretty disturbing when financial gain and personal power take precedence over rationalism, but that is the reality of those who "impose" their will on us, instead of listening, it is more important to make personal gains...
How can they call it pro choice, when the man has no say? or the only access a young woman has is an abortion clinic? Their should be a balance, if an abortion clinic exists, then a pro life one should be as easily accessible, to offer a different path, an open choice, a real choice, not some twisted political idealism. Not all who enter these clinics are absolutely sure, they are convinced to do it by a radicalized staff and many women suffer from regret in the aftermath of an abortion.
A balanced look at this issue, should also involve the man in the process, showing the joy in involving ones self in the raising of a child.. his opinion would greatly enhance his ability to get involved in the process, otherwise why should a man stay involve if he is told he doesn't matter? but that would mean respecting a man's opinion, which by all aspect of natural laws, is the other half of pregnancy, (unless one is the Immaculate conception), which feminism is totally against...
Our priority as adults is not ourselves, it is the next generation, children; feminism in all it's stupidity forgot that a long time ago, their idealism is hate and financial gain, power at all cost, even at the cost of a nation's well being, and to have politicians say, "you have no place if you do not agree", then they also forgot their place, and that is to serve, not to "impose" one's will at the expense of the majority...
We can no longer dispute their effort to dilute parental responsibility in order to change nature, and that is exactly what they are trying to do, change nature, through our kids in schools, the same way communism and fascism tried, how did that work out for them?
I heard quite a disturbing message on canadian tv the other day, not to make a big thing out of it but it went something  like this "if we keep on showing it, people will accept it".
This right away reminded me of a message someone made a while back, "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."..who said this??? Josef Goebells, minister of propaganda of nazi Germany...
 People are now afraid to tell their real opinions mostly because of a controlling media who tells you what to think.
The only thing we have to do is realise, without each other, man and woman, a child does not have a chance in hell if he or she is raised by the state and it's twisted organisations of radical hateful left overs of the human race.
Family, parents, is the answer to a safe and prosperous nation, not political imposition or brainwashing kids in schools, until this is accepted, we will keep on failing as a system...and the only reference to western society in the future will be in history books as an experiment that went terrible wrong, because we did not speak up.
These are our children, not theirs....
It is also about real freedom of expression and the respect from those who claim to be the ruling elite that we can make up our own minds without been told what to thinks.

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