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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Feminism, irrational, hypocritical, radical stupidity...time to take out the trash.

I don't want my kids sitting next to a man on a plane

I know it's sexist. But I don't want my kids sitting next to a man on a plane.
Sure, almost 90 per cent of child sexual abuse is committed by someone in, or known to, the family, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
However, stranger danger is a risk and women are perpetrators in only about 8 per cent of cases, says the ABS data.
In 2001, Northwest Airlines paid a US family half a million dollars after a 10-year-old girl was molested by a 28-year-old man on a flight from Kansas to Detroit.

Sure, not all men are paedophiles but offenders are predominantly male.
Oh! Really?
If what she says is true, women are perps in only 8% of cases then why is it so easy to find them?
( put link here )

Sure what she spew is bullshit, we all know this, it's an ongoing effort to demonize anything male, and for some reason, some males seem to cower every time someone dishes out this crap, so it is understandable they would lie about it since it seems to work to their advantage...
She points to a story about one "individual" who abused a child on a plane, "one" out of millions who fly, noticed no links either, so is the story true?
 Nowhere does this or any "feminist" ever bring out the facts that if a man sees a child been abused he would loose it and go nuts on the perp....
Reality seems to evade these idiots, it is more financially advantageous to lie and bullshit than tell the honest truth about hu(man)nity...

I have been under attack for years, local feminists loooove this site...lol
Do I go angry or freak out by what they say or do, no, it is disturbing, but I do know who I am and so does all those who know me. And as men, this is the way we have to take all this, sure we have to exposed this stupidity, no doubt about it, but the thing  is not to treat them as if they are the majority, point out their idiocy, take the time to read what they say and you realise the dumbest things comes out of their mouths...

Let's face it once and for all, women love men, they are attracted to the masculine, this is what provides, defends and love. Don't claim a feminine side, women, "real women" don't like that.

We, and that is the ones these disturbed, low self esteem, inferior complex feminist seem to go after all the time are the ones who...protect and defend their rights to be safe and secure, to have a good and peaceful life, and especially to live in a democratic and free society...
It's not the feminist or the mangina that ensures all this, as a matter of fact, they make things worse, their idea of freedom is slut walks, femen, watering down parental rights, destroying the traditional family and where did this all take us?
Crime, drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, lack of hard work, welfare dependency, family breakups, lack of fatherly role models, bankrupt governments, uneducated population, on and on.....

When they bullshit about men, let's not whine about it, let's simply smile and remind them their freedom depends on us, and if they want to keep it, they should shut the hell up....
This is the way of things, we love our women and children enough to put our lives on the line if someone tries to take their peace away, and this is something to defend and be proud of, because cat loving feminists and their manginas who suffer from a constant inferior complex towards us are certainly not going to offer their lives to defend their idealism...
Ironically, we "men" are the ones who defend their right to say the sh*it that comes out of their mouths.
It's time to "man up", time to put our pants back on, it's not f*cking safe out there, increase terrorism, risk of war, freedoms been taken away, diseases, enemies waiting in the background. All this does not run away from the feminist and the mangina, actually they depend on them to weaken us, they run away from....MEN.
You and me....the beer drinking, hard working, mean son of a b*tch, who loves his family and surounding so much, that he will put his life on the line to make sure they are safe.


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These are only the "teacher's" list.

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