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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exposing the ridiculous, one idiocy at a time...

Bike helmet law 'sexist'

An Australian woman is fighting back against her country's compulsory bike helmet law, calling it sexist.
Sue Abbott of Scone, New South Wales, was fined $153 this week in Adelaide for not wearing her helmet, but it wasn't the first time. She told Adelaide Now she has been fined a dozen of times but she refused to pay and police have even seized her bicycle and sold it to pay her fines.
"It is a very sexist law because a lot of women have maintained hairstyles and would end up with helmet hair -- and women have told me that's one of the factors (for not riding bikes)," she told the newspaper.
In a YouTube video on her blog, Abbott said she has never worn a helmet, including when she lived in Europe. She has no plans to start.
She is riding in a bike helmet protest Thursday afternoon in Adelaide to protest the country's helmet law.

What the hell can we say about this one...Damn sexist helmets, messes my hair.....lol

Love this comment; "What's more important? Your coiffe or not smacking your head on the pavement if you fall off your bike?"

Friday, May 30, 2014

Exposing manginism. Confused males looking for acceptance.

Love the comments, especially from the ladies...
Manginas are limited to only one group, feminists, and that's a good thing, real women do not enjoy someone who gives up his manhood...
A mangina is someone of the male species who feel threatened by masculinity and looks for acceptance with feminism.
And that's fine, the rest of us, real men and women will go on happy and content while feminists and manginas stay...lonely, at home, with their cats.
Ironic isn't it, reality dictates that freedom depends on the same men they, feminists and manginas criticize.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cat loving, manless feminists go after actress for her traditional views...

Kirsten Dunst Offends With Traditional Gender Role
The 31-year-old cover girl has a more traditional view when it comes to relationships between men and women.
"I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued," she told the magazine. "We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mom created."
"And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour," continued Dunst,
"You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s how relationships work."

Feminist response. (aka;cat lovers)
“Kirsten Dunst is not paid to write gender theory so it shouldn't surprise anyone that she's kind of dumb about it,” Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan wrote.
Say something that doesn't align with feminist ideology and you will see how nasty they get especially if you are a female.

And they say they represent all women?
What does all this mean, simple...as we said before, if a woman does not embrace the victimhood policy, demonize men, promote manginism, then it doesn't matter, she is the enemy...
That's feminism for ya, hate, hate and more hate...based on their imferiority complex....

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let's hear it for judgybitch; "twisting the truth for political points is disreputable".

 Full story...
Edited to add:  Initial reports that two male cyclists had been killed were apparently incorrect.  Rodgers killed three male roommates and Chris Martinez, and then killed two women in front of a sorority house, and then himself.  Five dead men, and two dead women seems to be the most up to date body count.

Sad that feminists will take the dead bodies of innocent young people and parade them as evidence for something that doesn’t exist and never has. Sad that media feminists will step over the bodies of dead and injured men to fuss and fawn over dead and injured women and then claim they are interested in equality.  Sad that feminists will mourn dead women but not dead men.  And sad that feminists will insist that a community of men and women working to ensure that both boys and girls, both men and women, are treated fairly and equally are the reason for Elliot’s tragic, deadly outburst.

I’ll confess it came as a shock to me to see the actions of this deeply distraught, confused individual linked wholesale to the Men’s Rights Movement. The Daily Kos took no time to proclaim Rodger was “influenced” by the MHRM, although it presents absolutely zero evidence that this was, in fact, the case.

Jezebel commenters are quick to repeat the same error, insisting that Pick Up Artists and Men’s Rights Activists are one and the same – something that would almost be amusing if they stopped to consider the number of married women with children who are part of the MHRM. 

SPLC makes the same connection, again with no evidence at all.

The Frisky follows suit, claiming that murdering 6 men and 2 women is “textbook sexist MRA (men’s rights activists) bullshit at its most entitled and violent.” I appear to have been absent the day the textbook was issued.

Jessica Valenti proclaims that “misogyny kills”, blithely unconcerned with the fact that more men than women were killed. Killing men is misogyny? That’s an interesting interpretation.

And the most poignant irony for me is that Elliot was a member of an ANTI-PUA site, so not even part of the PUA community at all. His fantasies included killing both men and women, but the focus appears to be stubbornly on how much he hated women. He killed more men than women, and yet the focus is stubbornly on the female victims.

The only conclusion I can come to is that this is political grandstanding, with no evidence or facts to support the assertion that Elliot was a member of any MHRM communities. In a desperate attempt to paint the MHRM as violent and hateful, prominent media feminists are ignoring evidence and body counts to create an association between the desire for social equality and murderous rampages.

Two beautiful young women lost their lives in Isla Vista. But so did four young men. They deserve our compassion, too. They are more than grindstones on which to sharpen a political axe.

Because men are people, too. Why is that so hard for some people to remember?
We also have this precious tidbit of bullsh*it from the huffington post`s very own Feminist blogger, Anne Theriault....

What we do know is that he was a Men's Rights Activist, or MRA.
This is what the Men's Rights Movement teaches its members. Especially vulnerable, lonely young men who have a hard time relating to women. It teaches them that women, and especially feminist women, are to blame for their unhappiness. It teaches them that women lie, that they cheat, trick and manipulate. It teaches them that men as a social class are dominant over women and that they are entitled to women's bodies. It teaches them that women who won't give them what they want deserve some kind of punishment.
" We do know that he was desperately lonely and unhappy, and that the Men's Rights Movement convinced him that his loneliness and unhappiness was intentionally caused by women. Because this is what the Men's Rights Movement does: it spreads misogyny, it spreads violence, and most of all it spreads a sense of entitlement towards women's bodies."
Someone show us one mhrm site that teaches men should blame ``women``, since women make up a large number of the movement...the huffington post is grossly misinformed or more likely preaching lies and hate because they have noticed their bullsh*it is no longer believed unconditionally.
Let`s point this out...AGAIN...elliot rodgers was never part of any mhrm site as far as we know, whether he was mentally hill or simply overcome by an evil act, not in a position to psychologically analyse such a terrible act...unlike the huffington post.
We all have women in our lives, (and vise versa) for feminist sites like the huffington post to actually say the mhrm blames women is one of the most stupid, idiotic, irrational, bullsh*it out there, it also shows how far they will go to defend their indefensible positions against men..
And one more...laurie penny, feminist, newstatesman.(surprised she doesn't nag us about the word man in newstatesman)
Let's call the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism
"If you think for one second, for one solitary second, that demanding tolerance for men as a group, that dismissing the reality of violence against women because not all men kill, not all men rape, if you think that’s more important than demanding justice for those who have been brutalised and murdered by those not all men, then you are part of the problem. You may not have pulled the trigger. You may not have raised your hand to a woman in your life. But you are part of the problem."
This is not the first time that women and unlucky male bystanders have been massacred by men claiming sexual frustration as justification for their violence. In 1989, 25-year-old marc lépine shot 28 people at the École Polytechnique in Quebec, Canada, claiming he was "fighting feminism".

“When men kill women, the underlying reason is almost always an unfulfilled psychosexual need . . . to men celibacy is walking death, and anything is justified in avoiding that miserable fate,” wrote “Roissy in DC” of the Pittsburgh killing.

LITTLE GIRL, men are not part of the problem you cat loving radical, they are part of the solution to a better world, YOU are part of the problem by using falsehoods to advance a twisted ideal...
And again with marc lepine? The feminists best friend? Now that is becoming just down right disturbing...
Men do not kill women, as in women, (which she seem to avoid), do not kill men and children, bad, evil, f*cked up individuals do, the way to eradicate this is to work together, not to divide the genders, as she is advocating with her lies.

And as so many feminists and manginas seem to be stuck on lately, the privilege white man???
"For some time now, misogynist extremism has been excused, as all acts of terrorism committed by white men are excused, as an aberration, as the work of random loons, not real men at all. Why are we denying the existence of a pattern?"
Crimes are committed by all genders of all races, there is NO PATTERN, her racism and those like her, against the white male is weird to say the least, lets not forget....elliot rodger was half Asian on his mothers side...
Oh and laurie penny...she's white????
Finally...this one...
You say not all men are monsters?
Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned.
Go ahead. Eat a handful.
Not all M&Ms are poison.
It does not occur to them that maybe their first priority should be to condemn this behavior...

To this MANGINA, all mhrm site, family sites, so on so on, have ALL condemn this act for your information, maybe, before you write something your should....be informed???
If 10% of women are feminists who promote hatred, do we blame all women????
This site does not and neither does the majority of mra's since many are....women.

All feminists and manginas, all promoting a lie....
We know this story is starting to get old, but we must point out what the mhrm is going through for trying to make life a little bit more endurable...for men, boys, women and girls.
As judgybitch points out, to use this terrible day for the feminists and their manginas to make political points against the mhrm is despicable and shows how far they will go to push their hate against men, brothers, husbands and sons of women...
Hate in our society seem to be an acceptable thing as long as it is directed at men, and in the meantime, whereas they should tell the truth out of respect for the young Innocent victims who fell on that terrible day, this is forgotten for the benefit of those who use what happened to promote a twisted agenda.
And that is why so many are walking away from feminism and manginism, falsely blaming one side to promote another never works.
To lie hoping that the people believe it, is a policy that died with propaganda minister josef goebels and the nazi party. "If we tell a lie often enough people will believe it"

In closing, if there is a pattern anywhere, as the cat lover expressed above, is the idea that unscrupulous people,aka feminists and manginas, will use the lost of innocent life to promote their hatred.

Political correctness gone dumb a** stupid...banning the word...girl, so not to offend???.

We have seen some pretty stupid idiotic bullsh*t as of late, but this takes the cake.
According to the bbc, using the "g" word in a phrase can be seen as derogatory to some...
'Girl' is offensive word:claims pro feminist bbc.
Mark Beaumont, 31, was flung to the ground by a young judo champion, and joked: ‘I am not sure I can live that down – being beaten by a 19-year-old-girl.
His remarks were aired in full when the documentary, called The Queen’s Baton Relay, was first broadcast on the BBC News Channel in April.
But fearing viewers might take offence, the corporation decided to edit out the word ‘girl’ when it was repeated last week.
Tory MP Philip Davies, who sits on the Commons culture, media and sport committee, said: ‘They are finding offence where none is taken or intended.
We are going to end up in a situation where nobody is going to dare say anything lest some politically correct zealot deems it offensive.’
Even the teenage judo champion in question, Cynthia Rahming from the Bahamas, was baffled. ‘I wasn’t offended – I didn’t find it sexist,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.
TV presenter Mariella Frostrup backed the corporation’s stance, telling the Mail on Sunday: ‘I can imagine why it would be controversial. The athlete may not have been offended but the BBC has to think of the sensibilities of everybody watching.’ (Holy sh*t who in their right mind would be sensitive to been called a girl???)
A BBC spokesman said: ‘Mark didn’t mean to cause offence. But the word “girl” was taken out just in case it did.’
One cannot debate idiocy, you just have to laugh, and expose the lack of rationality about what the h*ll is going on.
Pushing the envelope to a point of stupidity is fine by me, the more they do it the more people will shrug their shoulders and shake their heads in disbelief...we just have to make sure, when they do go to the ridiculous, everyone knows about it....
From trying to ban anti feminism, to falsely blaming mra's for the recent murders by Elliot Rodger, and now baning words, baning recognition of one's gender, amongst other things, is a concerted effort to control what we think and that is always the first step to totalitarianism and the lost of freedom...
Do we really want to go back to the times of dictators(aka kings and queens) when they claimed to be sent by God, and have the power of life and death over people?
If we let them control our way of thinking, or telling us what to say, history shows they do not stop there, but what is more scary is the easiness the main stream media seem to co-operate with these anti freedom, anti free speech and anti democratic policies....
Their stupidity is, when the people are finally controlled, the media is next...
The point to all this is...THEY ARE TRYING TO BAN WORDS.
Whats next baning books, banning free thinking, baning freedom, or maybe burning books?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dr. Phil: Daughter vs. Dad: False accusations.

This is pretty scary, in the episode, phil blames the parents because of drinking and especially smoking pot, yet, the media, governments and so on keep on pushing the idea that smoking it is now normal and no biggy.
In my honest opinion, drinking and smoking pot in front of your kids is wrong, none of my kids has ever seen me drunk, ever, and I don't do drugs. But, it is nothing and irrelevant to the false accusations of sexual abuse against a father by a daughter...
Society as we see it today is full of corrupt individuals who promote such false accusations. A teen who is rebellious, parents been disciplinary, is all a path to easy accusations. One of the reason for this is schools will tell them if you yell at them, punish them for their own good, then you are abusing them, and when they come home they point it out and this makes thing extremely difficult to raise them the right way...

When a child becomes extremely rebellious, starts drinking, doing drugs, what does a parent do? Anything and everything, even yelling, because we are worried, and knowing where this could end up, pussy footing around is not going to help, we must look at every avenue to make things better...
Remember the belt, spanking, nose in the corner, sh*it, today this makes you one of the worse parent in the world if you even consider it, yet if you look back, there was a hell of a lot less teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, and more family unity, self respect, than there is today...So who is wrong?
How many times have we heard, "my parents where though on me but it showed they care".
Children thrive on discipline, it assures them a good future, shows them you care, as long as the discipline is the right one of course.

Any kind of parental alienation, whether performed by phil here, demonizing the parents in front of the child, which some teen help organisations also do, is part of the problem. Using kids against each other is the wrong way to go, demonising each other, whether it be uninformed people like phil or teen help organisations, parent against parent, thinking of ones self is selfish and it teaches the child to do the same...phil does it for rating, some parents do it for spite, whatever the reason, the child is the one that suffers, parents are supposed to teach. And anyway, what do these stranger know of anything that transpired in your family home, to let in a stranger into your circle is asking for trouble, parents should always trust themselves, show stability and unity when it comes to kids and all will work out fine in the long run.
The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children. Every child has a fundamental need for love and protection.

In this screwed up world, the offer of falsely accusing your parents, mostly dads is easy, especially if a teen is rebellious and wants to go on their own because the house rules are not up to their way of looking at things, once the accusation is there, their is no repercussion for the child, as we see in this video...
False accusation of rape of a child is the main problem and only problem when one takes in consideration where this ends up for a man.
Phil in the end treats the teen as a victim, but in this case, the father is the victim and treated as a bad person...so is the mom.
She is now a good person because she eventually told the truth? but he forgets, in this society once the accusation is there, the man is tagged...
Phil seems to be unable to understand or accept that false accusation take precedence over anything else, it not only destroys the man, father, it also destroys families...

Is it the child's fault? Of course not, they are kids, or teens, it is society and its social organisations responsibility to find balance in their behaviour and believe me there is none of that, their main priority is to blame, excuses, promote their self importance, and some, even to divide families because of some twisted idealism...or financial benefits.

This video perfectly exemplifies this issue, the teen is not explained what she did was horrific but is patted on the back by telling her she is a victim...
What is wrong with explaining to her what she did was terribly wrong, probably permanent, and trying to find out where the hell she learned to make such decision to demonize her adopted father, because she did not like house rules....
Way to go phil.

Where is this all headed, been a parent is becoming dangerous, some do not even dare to discipline their kids anymore, for fear of some false accusation, it is that easy. And that opens Pandora's box ...

In a previous post we exposed the airline industry and others who now consider anything male to be a potential pedo, give them time and you will need a license to be a dad, after you go through intensive lessons demanded by the state and its twisted social organisations...

Feminist organisations, composed of cat loving haters with an inferiority complex are destroying nations, self respect is out the door, modesty is considered slavery and all men are bad....
Under all this pressure why would a man support his family when he is pushed out of it with such evil...if we are deemed to be all potential rapist, which we are not, why the hell should we get involve, I mean it`s getting too damn dangerous...

So, they want power. OK, let`s give it to them. all of it, let the feminist and the mangina run things, the hard work, the stress, and even the damn wars....let`s see if they will fight and die for their freedom.
If this where to come about, the western world would not last a decade, it would become irrelevant and bankrupt, then taken over by those who do not adhere to their idealism, because they promote weakness and when this is in full view, the stronger nations will take advantage of it, unfortunate, but that is the way things work...
Fortunately, we men and women of moral values are not that stupid, we will never give our kids to such perversion, we know the damages they have caused, and we have had enough of all this shit, we know what we have to do and pandering to weakness and division is not one of them.

Family unity, discipline, love for each other, education in the home, respect, modesty, is thought in the home by parents, not by the TV, or the cell phone or some stranger with an inferiority complex,aka the feminist and mangina, but with mom and dad....grandpa and grandma...
As a parent trust no one but yourselves, and put the damn laptop and cell phone down....talk to your kids, they will remember in the long run, and isn't that what is important, not the short term but the long  one.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Men's Rights is ALWAYS Non-Violent, but a petition trying to use recent shooting to define it as such.

Petition to...
Classify the Men's Rights Movement as a terrorist group

The Men's Rights Movement (MRM) is a misogynistic movement that advocates violence against women and girls.
Multiple members of the MRM--self identified Men's Rights Activists (MRAs)--have committed atrocities and mass murders. Marc Lepine killed 17 women on a university campus in the "Montreal Massacre". Tom Ball firebombed a courthouse and wrote a manifesto encouraging others to bomb government buildings that is posted on major MRM websites like avoiceformen.com. Elliot Rodger, an active MRA, shot and killed at least 7 young women and injured many other people at random. Rodger is being celebrated as a martyr and hero by the movement, which will likely cause other MRAs to emulate his crimes.
This is what the MRM does and action must be taken against them to protect women and girls.
Again with the lepine thing, a feminists best friend?
We can't find any proof lepine was part of any mra but he did have a father who was against the rights of women...Goes to figure this is where he got his hate from.
And if anyone tries to make him into a hero, they are as f*cked up as he was...

As the video explains, mra sites go out of their way to condemn any kind of violence, yet the pushers of lies and bullshit are using this crime to promote their hate...
and the media is just as co-operative, some go out of their way, refusing to put who was killed, 4 men and 2 women...fueling the hysteria that mra's are violent against women and as the petition above falsely claims rodgers killed 7 women...Those of us who have a sense of reality condemn the murder of all innocent people, not one specific group.
http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2014/05/24/shooter-kills-at-least-six-people-in-rampage-near-uc-santa-barbara/ (no mention of who was killed)

And as for mra's emulating his crime, what a sack full of sh*it, I can only speak for myself but I have women in my life, (as do all men, mra's or whatever) including 2 daughters, try to harm them, or take away their rights to be who they want to be and see what happens...

On this site we have this little piece of crap...
Elliot Rodger’s links to the Men’s Rights Activist movement
The MRA movement has been criticised for teaching men that women are to blame for their unhappiness, that they lie, cheat, trick and manipulate. Also that men are dominant over women and that they are entitled to women’s bodies. (REALLY?)
We are not unhappy and women actually make me happy, our daughters, our girlfriend, our wives, our mothers and all the female friends we have, the very idea someone would thing that we blame women is ridiculous, there is a big difference between a woman and a cat loving lonely hateful feminist. (and for the record, we do not HATE feminists, we pity them in their loneliness because of their lack of male companionship. Unless your a male cat.)
The report above loves to quote rodgers :“Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU.”
What an idiotic statement...Why the f*** would anyone want women to fear them???
As a matter of fact, majority of women have now taken the mantle of defending their men throughout the web, especially on youtube... Not the acts of women who fear men is it?
So why would they quote this killer and not mention women in general do not fear men, or that men do not want them to...it's called pandering for ratings.
Though this site is more of a FRA, (family rights advocate), we defend the rights of families, that is fathers, mothers, grandparents, children, men, working women, stay at home moms, so on...
We do not condone violence, and neither does the main stream mra's...
We are sick and tired of us and our families been vilified by radical feminists, their ongoing destruction of families for their own benefit and financial well being, but we also have said, everyone is allowed their opinions in a free society, as we are allowed to criticize them.

To actually use this horror rodgers did to benefit, through lies and bullsh*t, their twisted idealism and hate is disgusting in the least, but what is really disreputable is, it demeans the true nature of what happened, the lost of innocent life...

Now, when these cat lovers gather in the dozen or less at some memorial, they will invoke 2 names as their favorite subjects and best friend...marc lepine and elliot rodgers?

We have seem many mra's who have gone after and disagreed with the few radicals, but never seen feminist go after their radical side. actually false accusations are encouraged...
"Catherine Comins, assistant dean of student life at Vassar, also sees some value in this loose use of 'rape.' She says angry victims of various forms of sexual intimidation cry rape to regain their sense of power. 'To use the word carefully would be to be careful for the sake of the violator, and the survivors don't care a hoot about him.' Comins argues that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. 'They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them.

Or this little gem...
Vigilante Killing Saves Canadian Economy
Finally, after 25 years of diligent activism and lobbying in pursuit of legally permissible husband-killing, she has pulled the curtain back to let the world see her great creation. Pieced together from ill-fitting, mismatched assertions and pseudo-logical legal loopholes, Doctor Sheehy’s monster is almost ready to lurch upright, and begin terrorizing unwary citizens.
Sheehy’s book argues that when a woman kills a sleeping victim, charging her with murder is “unfair”, it’s “arbitrary”, and it fails to recognize the reality of women’s lives. Also it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to prosecute.

And what if the man is...INNOCENT?

Memorial day, 2014

We remember those who gave their all...
And shed tears with those who live with a broken heart.

"Switch Rape" -- You've got to be F---ing Kidding

You go girl...lol
I'm just hoping that this is a f*cking joke, to make people talk, otherwise we are dealing with really stupid idiotic people...
I mean, you have to have one hell of an inferiority complex to be this stupid.

Even their cats are amazed at the stupidity.lol.
Comedy aside, this is getting out of hand, this type of behaviour, as the young lady exposes in the video, demeans the real victims of rape and any other crime.
False claim of rape is a major problem at the moment and to see legal representatives, women's shelter, women(feminist) rights group not been up in harms about it is also disturbing, but as we have pointed out before,(with the exposer we did of a local women's shelter), the reason they say it's not worth talking about is, they use these false claim in their false statistics every year in order to get more power, more funds and to make it look like they are more important than they really are...again at the expense of real victims of crime.
This make society so on edge, that if your a man, your automatically seen as a perv...
Discrimination against men?
Comparing Grandparents love to pedophilia, that's a new low...
 Then there is this one, which in itself explains perfectly well where we are headed, if we are not already there...
Would you leave your child with a male caregiver?
Take a look at some of the disturbing comments about men...
There's an interesting discussion going on at Parenting.com, in which the parent of a preschooler wonders about a new male teacher in the toddler "potty trainer" room. The school hired a male teacher for the 4- and 5-year-old classroom, which raised a few eyebrows, but this parent is particularly nervous about having a young man help her 2-year-old daughter in the bathroom. "I just don't understand why a young man would want to be a daycare teacher," the parent writes. "It makes me think they have an ulterior motive or something." (what f*cking ulterior motive?)
How can we expect our husbands to be hands-on parents if we don’t trust professional, trained caregivers just because they happen to be male?

"I know i may exaggerate but i don't even trust my husband giving my daughter a bath! I know i may be wrong on not trusting him but thats the way i think!"
Doesn't trust her own husband? the father of the kids? This is what they think of us, or have made people without a brain of there own, question the men in their lives?

I raised my daughter by myself, changed her diaper, thought her to go potty, washed her, wiped her butt, even had to explain the period thing without referring it to a dot at the end of a sentence...(that was particularly difficult..) According to the definition of these idiots, that makes me what?
As time went by she became rebellious with the help of others outside our family, one of which was attached to the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, and when I asked them, "politely" not to get involve, the director of said shelter, instead of working with the parent, me, send her girlfriends from the local constabulary to intimidate me, she was headed to college and was only going through a difficult time in her life....
She told me they said "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter..."
In my opinion, she (feminist cat lover with an inferiority complex) who think that way is f*cked up herself...
This is when I learned, I was seen as a bad human being for simply been a man, a father, and they where "using" my daughter for their false statistics; hence this site was born.
And their personal attacks against me are continuing to this day, performed by this women's shelter staff, it's director and their girlfriends over at the legal clinic in Perth ontario...with ther help of a disturbed vendetta filled person from my far far away past. (so be it, two can play that game.)

That said, don't wonder why men are gtow, it is getting too dangerous to be involved because of stories as those above, and the main cause of this is all these false accusation, the ridiculous statements about men and the discrimination performed against us, by these low lives who have no lives of their own outside of their f*ucking cats...

If they really cared about women's rights, they would scream against false accusers, and those who make idiotic statements, but they don't do they, they actually support it since they can add them to their false statistics, and that puts the traditional family, the welfare of children and the stability of nations themselves in danger...
Would you fight to protect such a society that thrive on the discrimination of those who assures freedom with their lives?

This is why, I no longer believe in debate with these fools, and neither should anyone, what we must do is expose their stupidity, laugh at it, and make sure as many people know what they truly represent.
Honestly....one cannot debate idiocy, stupidity, dishonesty and especially hatred.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Elliot Rodger's video, very disturbing...The blame game begins.

We will not pretend to be able to dissect or analyse such behaviour, don't think anyone can really...
Don't care if your the resurrection of Sigmund Freud, to figure out why these things happen lately is extremely difficult...
That said, we have lots of arm chair psychologist wannabe out there who have already made their analysis, and have come to a decision...for political and financial gains of course...
I have to admit, it's the first time I heard the expression, (PUA) pick up artist, I didn't even know that existed, live and learn I guess...seems this individual was part of it...
According to some sites, pua and mra goes hand in hand, why the heck they would associate pick up artists to the men's human rights movement is beyond me, outside of been lap dogs of the other twisted ideology of feminism I guess...
This site and many others have defended the rights of women to be what they want to be, working mothers, working single women, stay at home moms, along side the rights of men and children, it is their choices as any other human beings, yet, pro feminist and feminists themselves are "using" this horror to their advantage to demonize pro men's sites, as if they would condone such an act...
Some have even blamed the second amendment and the NRA, strange thing to say since as we have seen recently, some individuals have used knives to kill, why not blame the knife industry while they're at it, or maybe even the butcher shop since they have a lot of knives?
That said, as I was watching this individuals video, I found it quite disturbing, even scary that someone thinks that way, nothing to do with any organisation, it was the act of one messed up person who had an obvious envy of something.. As for his complaints of lack of sexual experiences, that also is strange considering one can buy sex anywhere if he was that desperate, him been rich and all.
Nothing he said makes any sense, didn't read his manifesto, not interested, but to take some lost mentally disturbed persons ramblings and use it for their own advantage also shows the desperation of those who would call themselves feminists or whatever...
Just like the marc lepine incident, where weird few dozen, minor old feminist gather every years and use him to shame, blast, demonize men, this will be another name they will add to spread their message of hate...and you can be sure the manginas will bow and cower to them...
We can't blame these acts on a group, a gender, or some organisation, this is the act of "individuals" of both gender, even where I come from we seen men fall to murder, child porn, violence on disabled men, all performed by some "female individuals", to blame all women for it, would be irresponsible.
We can offer opinions, without pointing the finger, the lack of the personal touch, emotional and such, too much immorality, not enough limits or balance...depending to much on texting, the closed in lifestyle we have, entertainment on the living room cough playing xbox instead of fraternising with other human beings...who knows?
Elliot Rodger murdered six people.
The 22 year-old loner repeatedly stabbed three men to death in his apartment in what Santa Barbara County sheriff Bob Brown described as a “pretty horrific crime scene”.
Rodger then set off on a “mobile shooting rampage” in which he killed three more.
Victims included two members of the Alpha Phi Sorority at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a man outside of a deli, Brown said in a news conference Saturday.
During his spree, Rodger injured another four individuals with his car, a black BMW.
Police then engaged Rodger in a shoot-out before he crashed his car.
He was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head, apparently self-inflicted, Brown said.
As we can see, the video and his actions do not meet, he wanted to go after girls for not geting laid, yet killed 4 men and 2 women, used a knife, his car and a gun, therefore it was one f*ucked up, mentally disturbed, evil act, performed by "one individual", and for those fools who use this to their advantage, to try to demonize the mhra, the NRA, men, or any other organisation for their own benefits and finacial gains are as messed up as this person...
Not been honest and truthful disrespects the victims in this case, it is not longer about them, but about every one else but them, and that is f*cked up. Those who do use this for their own advancement should be ashamed of themselves. (not that it will happen these people have no shame.)
In the old days we had expressions like "this is an act of God", well, why not say "this is the act of the other one". We will never be able to truly understand why he did it, just that he did, and no one can tell us this was rational, let's call a spade a spade as they say, it was an evil act...plain and simple.
At least by looking at it that way, we can look at ourselves and others around us and be assured the the majority of us are good people who look after each other, try to understand what is going on in our society and realise, things are going the wrong way, and the only way to fix it, is to admit we need each other and we depend to much on others to tell us what to think, how to behave, and what to do.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Times are tough for women in Canadian politics, so the feminists answers is: A Women's Party?

 At the beginning of the year, half of the provinces had a female premier at their helm, five out of 10. Five months later, two have resigned in disgrace, Kathy Dunderdale (Newfoundland) and Alison Redford (Alberta). One lost, Pauline Marois (Québec). Another one, Kathleen Wynne (Ontario), is currently facing re-election. This means Christy Clark (British Columbia) could well be the last one standing on June 12th.

How can we explain such a free fall?

Some feminists seem to have explanations of their own.

Last week, I interviewed Lise Payette, 82, first Parti Quebecois woman to become cabinet minister in 1976. Payette, the great Quebec feminist, is grumpy these days. She is the political godmother of Pauline Marois, her former aide close to 40 years ago.

Payette thinks Marois lost her job as premier mainly because there is a structural double standard against woman in politics, which explains the current reactionary wave across Canada.

After all the progress made in four decades regarding gender equity, she now considers it's time to move one step further and have a political party exclusively composed of women.

When I freaked out at her suggestion, she answered, "There have been political parties composed exclusively of men, dear friend." She added a Women's Party "would carry the needs expressed by women."

Fighting discrimination of 70 years ago by... a new form of discrimination? Moving from feminism to sexism? I just don't get it.

Why not, then, a political party only for gays and lesbians, or blacks, or Muslims, or dwarfs? Just suggesting such a division seems completely ridiculous.

Political parties are coalitions of people of all stripes of society that stick together based on their common political ideals.

What you have or don't have between your legs is certainly not an ideology.

What do Hillary Clinton, Maude Barlow, Margaret Thatcher, Danielle Smith and Elizabeth May, to name a few, have politically in common? Nothing!

I always thought feminists were fighting for gender fairness, not reverse sexism.

Even though a new generation of young Canadians don't experience the same sexual discrimination now, old hard core feminists pushing their agenda one step further show they might just be more anti-men than pro-equality.

Is this kind of radical feminist movement a baby boomer phenomenon that will die with its generation?

Let's hope so. Trying to revamp a movement whose days are gone borders on the absurd, as the For Women Only Party reveals.

If there are fewer female premiers today than a few months ago, it might simply be because voters weren't satisfied with the policies of different provincial governments. It's that easy.

Haven't we reached a stage where we vote for or against a politician based on his or her competence and track record instead of which reproductive organs they have?

Our democracy will be seriously threatened the day a candidate will campaign on the slogan of "Vote for me because I am a woman."
Now if I may, something feminists with an inferiority complex seem to forget is.....
So do women?
If there is a lack of women in the political system it is certainly not because of men, but the population as a whole who decides who will represent them, and if half the voting population is female, then where is the imbalance in the process?????
If a female nominee or candidate is not elected, it is because her policies does not resonate with the voting public, not because of her gender, since women are fully involved in the process these days. 
Why aren't feminists capable of accepting the reality that women are perfectly able of making what is the right decision for them and their family or is it that feminists think women cannot make that decision on their own?
This shows one thing, feminists are unable of accepting reality, or the individual decision women make; and for womanhood's own good, they decide what is best for them?
This smells of a power hungry group, not someone who fights for women's rights.
 The point is their (cat loving feminist) time is up, many who have adopted the radical "it's all men's fault" feminist flag have fallen hard, others who comes to mind is also...

Julia Gillard..(your a misogynist if you don't agree with me) prime minister of Australia.

Harriet Harman; an ultra-feminist gender warrior who has spent much of her political career trying to institutionalise injustice against men on the basis of ‘sexual equality’, and this...
Labour's Harman and Dromey finally break their silence over links to paedophile group
The Labour Deputy Leader's name is carried at the bottom of the briefing, which argued that a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered.

Corrupt politics is not gender based, never was, when a politician claims the feminist mantle, you have to be aware of the inferiority complex they carry with them. As we saw in their policies and behaviour,those who do carry that mantle thrive on conflict with other politicians, those around them and eventually we realise they serve no one but themselves and their little minor group of haters...
Any feminist who runs for politics comes out of the times when radical feminists told them that men where all rapists, or from local cat loving radicals from lanark county Ontario, "male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment",
erin lee todd

or the idiocy of claiming when men watch the Superbowl or some sporting event, or at Christmas time, we go around beating women; when you have that bullshit in the back of your mind, all those around you, especially males, are nothing but animals, and their(feminists) behaviour shows it.

But there is hope for the future, as we seen lately, most women have thrown away the shackles of feminism and the inferiority complex they carry with them, in business, arts and entertainment, and even politics
A feminist is extremely negative, her behaviour reflects it immediately and people in general see it, shrug their shoulders and pushes her aside, a secure woman who knows who she is and does not need cat loving man haters will walk side by side with her male counterpart and be respected for her individuality.
No matter if you are male or female, when you respect yourself, and show it to others, life is a hell of a lot easier than living with a chip on your shoulder.
Therefore a women's only party will never take root in this country, it would show too much of a hatred for men, an inferiority complex and their silly flag of a cat would turn off anyone...OK, maybe not the cat flag, but as we said before, we must recognize what feminism is once and for all... a comedy act, which if we do not put it in the garbage of history, we are all doomed to failure....
It's time to turn the page, not stay in the past and blame everyone else for our misgivings, we have always done our best work, co-operating with each other, not pandering to some divisive ideals that keeps us at each others throat.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Government Grants Charity Status to First “Men’s Issues” Group

Canadian Association for Equality awareness programs deemed in public interest
TORONTO, ONTARIO — (May 20, 2014) The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has become the first registered charity with a primary mandate to advance public education and awareness of the serious issues facing boys, men and fathers. There are at present only a small handful of men’s resource centres across Canada, but these are all social service oriented.
CAFE focuses on providing positive solutions to the important but overlooked social problems of fatherlessness, disparities in men’s health and the boys crisis in education, but does not shy away from raising necessary critical questions about concepts like rape culture and ideological feminism.
“Achieving charity status provides a major financial boost in our effort to grow our organization and will greatly expand the programs we intend to offer at our soon to open Canadian Centre for Men and Families,” said Adam McPhee, CAFE Spokesperson.
“But the real significance is in the legitimization gained for our agenda to advance public education of the health and well-being of boys and men. The government rigorously reviewed our programs and determined them to be in the public interest.”
This is big news, it is pretty well accepted that the big problem in the western world, Canada included is the disintegration of the traditional family, the fatherless home.
This is major step in re-establishing balance; which we have lost big time because of radical feminism idealism that the family does not need fathers, we know this to be the reason we seem to have a lost generation...
It is also recognized that having a father in the home or involved in a child's life, promotes these kids to behave in a more responsible way. Not to undermine the contribution of mothers but to point out, they cannot do it on their own, and vice versa.
Hopefully this will trickle down to the corrupt family courts, where as of today, fathers are made to pay for their children, and alimony, even if they are not given their due access to them.
CAFE is just the beginning, eventually, this decision will give other organisation the chance to promote the value of fatherhood for a stable nation, but most importantly, give a chance to children for a good productive future.
I guaranty, radical corrupt man hating feminists are up in arms over this, and my guess is they will do every thing to reverse this decision, but it does show the demise of this destructive cult is well on it's way.
The next step is to increase this availability to fathers on a county and city level to counteract the power of feminists in child protection, social programs and especially schools...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 2% False Rape Claim Statistic Deconstructed

Post originally from; Exposing Feminism
The following paper deconstructs the feminist movement's mantra about how only 2% of rape claims are false. This claim has been used repeatedly by their movement to pressure the criminal justice system to take more of a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach in rape cases as feminist ideology has taken over the Judicial system.
The researcher in the paper attempted to track down the original source of the 2% claim which led him to a speech by a female law enforcement official... who initially made the claim but after trying to obtain the paperwork from which she gathered the 2% figure he was told the paperwork is unavailable. I highlighted all of the most important information in the study to save you some reading.
Any false accusations, false information is from a feminist idealism, their hate of man, which in any case is ridiculous since one cannot survive without the other...their promotion of false accusation (and that's what it is, their actions shows it), or their push to have all men declared guilty before innocent shows a dangerous path of corruption and self promotion for financial benefits amongst many other things...
Those who pander to this inferiority complex against men, are as responsible for this explosion of false accusations; these feminist and their manginas, will use anyone and anything to achieve their goals, what that is, no one really knows, I don't think they even do, hate never has a goal, it is based on a vendetta for some twisted reason...
But what we have to realise, those of us who have the slightest capability to understand and reason, is not to debate this crap, but to expose it...one cannot debate vendettas, hate or stupidity for that matter...
The other issue we have to realise, they are using funds meant for "real victims" in order to advance this miss placed vendetta against men, these "real victims" are pushed aside or do not receive the help they need because of this "corruption".

This shows the increase in false accusations against men is not only made by unscrupulous women, but well established legal representatives.
Now, we do not condone the idea all women or all legal representative are like this, but those who do use people and the system for revenge are some of the most corrupt and a danger to our system. Such a path destroys reality, or at the least, waters down the true victims claims because eventually...you just don't know who to believe, not to mention the burden, financially and emotionally on the falsely accused...
This must stop and the only way to stop it is to get as, if not more, aggressive against these corrupt individuals...Expose them all.....
Too many good innocent people are suffering.

The new feminist; equal rights in crotch grabbing...lol.

Miley Cyrus says that women won't be equal until she's allowed to grab her crotch on stage like men.

On feminism and double standards…
TG: I read that you consider yourself a feminist. What does that mean to you?
MC: I'm just about equality, period. It's not like, I'm a woman, women should be in charge! I just want there to be equality for everybody.
TG: Right! And that's what feminism is.
MC: I still don't think we're there 100 percent. I mean, guy rappers grab their crotch all fucking day and have hos around them, but no one talks about it. But if I grab my crotch and I have hot model bitches around me, I'm degrading women? I'm a woman—I should be able to have girls around me! But I'm part of the evolution of that. I hope.

And that's what feminism has thought her and young girls? Crotch grabbing should be an equal opportunity, and let's not forget, calling women hos and bitches...
there's a role model for your daughters, thrive to be like her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Control of a population is historically achieve by one policy, divide and conquer

University staff forced to undergo reeducation...on heterosexual priviledge?
Staff members at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington are enduring viewpoint-corrective training sessions in far-left political topics like “heterosexual privilege,” “gender privilege” and “language privilege.”
The monthly sessions are known as “Cultural Competency Staff Meetings,” and require that staff members discuss controversial issues and listen to lectures from experts on topics like white privilege and sexism, according to Campus Reform.
The meeting agendas are largely secret, and staff members have been swore to secrecy. One employee, however, gave an interview to Campus Reform explaining some of the details.
“I felt I would be discriminated against based on my political and religious beliefs, and because I don’t believe the content of the meetings will reduce racism or other ‘isms,’” said an anonymous WWU employee. “The primary theme of the meetings makes people considered privileged feel guilty and minorities feel self-pity.”
Staff members were specifically told not to discuss what went on during the sessions with anyone else. The meetings are barred to the public.
After some staff complained that the meetings amounted to little more than indoctrination, attendance was made voluntary.
“At the beginning of the Cultural Competency Staff Meetings several employees felt uncomfortable talking about sensitive racial topics, so we were told not to share conversations from the meetings outside of [them].”
(mmm..This sounds familiar)

 (RELATED: University addresses racism by having a racially segregated group discussion)
The University of Ottawa’s student government has come under fire for sponsoring a discussion about racism in which participants were segregated into racial groups.
The Student Federation was also accused of censoring backlash against the event by shutting down its Facebook page.
The event was held yesterday. Organizers insisted that participants would be split into two groups: white students and non-white students. The white group would discuss white privilege while the non-white group discussed being victims of discrimination, according to Macleans.
That event was promoted through Facebook, where some students quickly became enraged that a discussion about racism would be organized around racial segregation.
Divide and conquer has always been a preferred policy of the "elitist", it keeps us at each others throats, keeps us "busy" with each other instead of seeing what they are really doing, like taking what is not theirs. This policy has worked since organised civilisation has taken root, it has not changed in thousands of years and has worked perfectly to their design...so why should it be different today?
We see this in the first report, "do not talk about this, or this is secret".
You know they are doing something wrong when they tell you not to talk about it.
I am going through this bullsh*t policy myself while been personally attacked with the most ridiculous and vile accusations out of a "vendetta", mostly because of this site....
In the second report, they want to talk about racial issues but segregate the races, well isn't that KKK of them....
If your one race your privileged and it's all your fault and if your of another race your a victim of said first one...There you go, the sub-intelectual's idea of unity...
And that people is called...divide and conquer....a policy of population control that dates back to the beginning of time itself...
Why is this continuing? because some get the scraps for the elitist table and are afraid to loose the meager left overs they "allow" them to have.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fall of western society, depopulation, family break downs.

Chilling statistics! - 50% of all municipalities in Japan will lose half their young women by 2040

"Once you get people addicted to things and tell them for decades that babies are a burden, that they interfere with your wants and your needs, and they are bad for the environment, your nation is doomed.”

And who do we have to thank for all this sh*t...feminism, manginism, their supporters and those who pander to a destructive idealism...
AKA;the mangina

Times are changing, traditional thought is taking root, more and more people are realising, left wing liberal ideals are causing damages to our way of life and to our families. Have we gone to the point where these damages are irreparable, only time will tell...we have more youth crimes, drug and alcohol abuse, self respect is down to tube, women calling themselves sluts, babies been aborted and referred to as a burden...
We are tired of this crap.....
Case in point....
A 17 year old girl who passed on her message of pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life, defeated a 2 term incumbent, why? Because people are tired of immoral messages, messing with their families and freedoms been eroded, you see, we are not as stupid as radicals think, they pushed and now, we are pushing back...
It wont change overnight, but the road to balance must be achieve, we have to accept limitations and work toward a just society based on respect. (Again, without the radicalism)
Politicians better take note, if they love their posh lifestyle and want to keep it, they better start offering a balance message, and stop pandering to the "all men are bad" and "all women victims" stupidity, because a new bread of young people will take their place, and that is not such a bad idea...
The message of "you better think like us or we don't want your vote" is finished, this is certainly not "pro choice" its pro-imposition,  and that is anti-democratic....

If we don't start to eradicate the left wing communistic thinking radical, what is happening to Japan, will, if not already, happen here, it is inevitable.

Then again, maybe there is a concerted effort to depopulate the world to manageable numbers for the elite...
"prince philip once remarked that he would like to come back as a virus so that he could depopulate planet earth."
Can you imagine back to a time fools who considered themselves gods, or sent by God to rule of us back in power....?
We do not subscribe the conspiracy theories, don't need them, we always were perfectly capable of screwing things up without them...but it is fun to read about it.

Either way, this is our world, not theirs....if we find a balance, we can achieve anything, some of the ruling elite have more than shown, balance is no longer in their vocabulary.
We are more informed than they beleive...not as dumb as they think.
If we continue on taking their word for it...we are all doomed...
Remember back when?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Discrimination against men? What a f*cked up world we now live in.

Remember, freedoms depends on men putting their lives on the line to defend it, and this is how they repay us?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 1 in 4 rape myth, misinformation tool that dates back to the begining of civilised history.

A while back, Heather MacDonald  wrote about what would happen if 1 in 4 college women were actually victims of sexual violence:
If the one-in-four statistic is correct—it is sometimes modified to “one-in-five to one-in-four”—campus rape represents a crime wave of unprecedented proportions. No crime, much less one as serious as rape, has a victimization rate remotely approaching 20 or 25 percent, even over many years. The 2006 violent crime rate in Detroit, one of the most violent cities in America, was 2,400 murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults per 100,000 inhabitants—a rate of 2.4 percent. The one-in-four statistic would mean that every year, millions of young women graduate who have suffered the most terrifying assault, short of murder, that a woman can experience. Such a crime wave would require nothing less than a state of emergency—Take Back the Night rallies and 24-hour hotlines would hardly be adequate to counter this tsunami of sexual violence. Admissions policies letting in tens of thousands of vicious criminals would require a complete revision, perhaps banning boys entirely. The nation’s nearly 10 million female undergrads would need to take the most stringent safety precautions. Certainly, they would have to alter their sexual behavior radically to avoid falling prey to the rape epidemic.

None of this crisis response occurs, of course—because the crisis doesn’t exist. During the 1980s, feminist researchers committed to the rape-culture theory had discovered that asking women directly if they had been raped yielded disappointing results—very few women said that they had been. So Ms. commissioned University of Arizona public health professor Mary Koss to develop a different way of measuring the prevalence of rape. Rather than asking female students about rape per se, Koss asked them if they had experienced actions that she then classified as rape. Koss’s method produced the 25 percent rate, which Ms. then published.Koss’s study had serious flaws. Her survey instrument was highly ambiguous, as University of California at Berkeley social-welfare professor Neil Gilbert has pointed out. But the most powerful refutation of Koss’s research came from her own subjects: 73 percent of the women whom she characterized as rape victims said that they hadn’t been raped. Further—though it is inconceivable that a raped woman would voluntarily have sex again with the fiend who attacked her—42 percent of Koss’s supposed victims had intercourse again with their alleged assailants.
Read here: http://www.city-journal.org/2008/18_1_campus_rape.html

False information, false statistics, or inflated numbers have always been a primary tool for those who want to manipulate the public for personal gains(or as we know them as the weak minded)...heck, we look at history, the same process was used to create wars, and destroy countries the few elite(kings queens, dictators) didn't like or where pissed at...sometime they didn't have to demonize their enemies, just point to someone and say "they are bad" and sheoples would go get killed for no reason at all...
There is no difference here, the same policy still exists, this time it is used by old hags who do not like men, or had a bad experience with "one individual", claim to be experts and promote their hate through misinformation...they simply point at men and say "all men bad" and the sheeples or better known as the lowly mangina, follow.
The difference now is, we have the internet, and we can dispute these ridiculous claims...
And let's face it, when it comes to colleges, if this 1 in 4 was true, there would be no women there too speak of. Girls are not stupid.
Girls and the parents that send them there would have to be complete morons to throw them or themselves in the lions den and be sacrificed to the God of the patriarchy...as if...
I, personally, still hold to the belief that if there was such a thing as 1 in 4, you would see more fathers playing baseball with boys that raped their daughters. You see, contrary to what they try to make you believe, fathers (and brothers for that matter) are still the number one protectors of their daughters honor, and we do not pass this responsibility to others...
And we never will...

That said, divide and conquer is alive and well for personal gain, and will continue till we, the people, decide this has gone far enough...in order to have a good society, the good have to be recognize more than the bad, we have to build on the reality that there are more good people, (men) than bad and work together to weed out those "individuals"(male or female) who would do harm and that includes those who promote false information for personal gains.
More can be achieve with honesty and co-operation than demonize half the population, and victimize the other....
As long as men are used as fodder for promoting hate, things will never get better, society will always be at each others throat, we are not morons, we don't just sit there and say "yes, we are bad" unless one is a mangina of course, but otherwise one would have to be a total idiot to accept been tagged as bad, when the safety of a nation totally depends on good men...

Coming back to this 1 in 4 bullsh*t, we don't deny there is crime committed, and that is crimes of all kind against all people, but wouldn't it be more beneficial if we would treat it as crime by bad individuals(male or female) instead of tagging half the population. Working together would achieve more than letting some old cat loving man hating hag(aka the feminist) dictate what her idea of a society should be...
Have we not yet passed the "let's follow the leader" and evolve enough to make things better as a whole instead of grouping one against the other, or are we still at the "whatever you say because your better than me" mentality???
Finally...the 1 in 4 is attracting some pretty strange statements as of late...case in point...
‘Paranoid Activity’ Actress Says She’s Been Raped By a Ghost
I thought this was a joke when I noticed it, but no, she did claim a ghost raped her and she said....
"I felt something entered the room. I couldn’t see anybody. Suddenly I could feel that somebody touching me. Their hands were pushing me against my will and then I could feel the weight of their body on top of me but I couldn’t see anybody. At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it.”
I think this confused little girl read too many exotic books before going to sleep or watched to many invisible man movies, took her paranormal activity film to seriously or some sexual fantasy?
Either way, sh*it men are so bad, they now rape women as ghosts?
Where's the ghostbusters when you need them?

Oh and by the way, if you want respect and to be treated with respect....this is not the way to do it...
Self respect works a hell of a lot better than claiming to be a slut.

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's offiicial, western society has gone totally crazy.

Fencing Practice Banned, And Hump Day Festivities Cancelled, Because...
According to this, a newly formed fencing club at North Dakota State University is not allowed to practice on campus, because even though the swords used by the club have no sharp points or blades, they are considered weapons. I'm not even making this up.
Considering the tips of the swords are flat and spring loaded and about as dangerous as a sharp pencil (or perhaps less so), then I'm pretty certain anything pointy or able to be thrown at someone will have to be banned next. NO MORE FOOTBALLS, people. I mean, we need to protect our kids from all of these potential weapons, right?
And listen, speaking of universities being completely stupid, the University of St Thomas in Minnesota has just cancelled an event to celebrate the end of the year, because it could potentially offend people of middle eastern descent. Why? Because the event was called "Hump Day."
Again, I'm not making this up.
The Hump Day event was supposed to be an opportunity for students to get photos taken with an Actual Camel. There's a local vendor who trains the camel for special events like this. But because the event might have "divided people" and made for "an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe environment" it was scrapped.
Liberal political correctness has infiltrated our country's schools in a big way, y'all. It's getting more ridiculous every single day.
Is it me or have some gone too far for political correctness???

Do you agree with what Whoopi said on the view? Bout slapping a man....

Whoopi Goldberg
"The press is now making a big deal about my statement on The View about a woman slapping a man. Here is what I have to say..."
"If a woman slaps a man, he has every right to slap her back"
20 years ago, I would have said no, but today, with all this talk of been equal to men, all the false accusations, the lack of respect for fathers, feminism's lies and false statistics on rape, sexual assaults, rape culture, patriarchy, all men bad, we beat our women on Superbowl day, we achieve power through rape, all men are pigs, all sex with men is rape, p.i.v. is rape, on and on and on...
Respect is earned, and most women deserve it, but there are some who have taken advantage of the lies against men and have done everything to put us in a situation where we have to defend ourselves.
If a man hits you, most men will hit back, (unless one is dealing with a mangina, they'll whine and call 911)
So if a woman slaps you first, do you have the right to slap her back???
I mean, isn't this what cat loving hateful feminists are preaching???
Because this is what real radical feminist want, whatever men do, women have the right to do the same, have the same reaction, the same neutral laws, to be treated the same...
Equality has it's laws of nature, women are equal in their own way, the right to work, to be stay at home moms, equal pay for equal work, to be safe, so on, but there must be an understanding we, men and women have limitation we must adhere to, and that is to recognize women are women, men are men, and that there is a big difference between the two, and to respect this, is to live in Harmony with each other....
What do you think, do you agree with Whoopi?

Personaly we agree with this post...
Miss Whoopi Goldberg made a statement that has uber feminists everywhere pulling their own hair out today!

Everyone keep your hands and feet to yourself and the problem will be solved!