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Monday, April 14, 2014

Women using women, in sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking, extortion charges laid against woman
Accused allegedly offered roommate inexpensive rent, slipped drugs into her drinks

Police began an investigation in January after receiving a request from a family member to check on the welfare of the 18-year-old alleged victim, who was believed to be in Calgary.
Shortly after, officers located the woman at a bus station. She told police she had been held against her will and forced to work in the sex trade since the fall.
It's believed the woman arrived in Calgary in October 2013 for a job and was looking for a female roommate.
She met a woman, Amanda Kathleen McGee, who offered her inexpensive rent, which she accepted.
After a short time living together, it's alleged the 31-year-old woman began slipping drugs into the alcoholic drinks the two were consuming together.
Police say the woman then allegedly took inappropriate photos of the 18-year-old without her knowledge and later used those photos to extort her into participating in sex acts for money. The teen alleges she was told the photos would be shared with family and friends if she didn't comply.
2nd alleged victim
During the investigation, another female came forward alleging she had been the victim of voyeurism and extortion, by the same woman.
Saunders says the second woman said she had been photographed on a sex date with the teenager.
"The allegation is that McGee was covertly filming the two victims while they were engaged in a sex act," said Saunders.

Acting Staff Sgt. Mike Saunders of the Calgary police said in most sex-trafficking situations, it's a man who forces women into prostitution but that police have been seeing a rise in female traffickers.
"We are seeing a trend, and we have engaged in investigations where females have procured females as sex trade workers," he said.

What we have here is a total destruction of feminist ideology, that all women are victims of men.
It is not men or women as a whole that do this, it is an act of bad individuals, whereas most of us find this disgusting, the fact remains that if the opportunity arises, some women will do this also.
Unless those cat lovers(aka as feminists) are eliminated from society and we start going toward the "facts" that humanity as a whole, whether male or female can be good caring people, and some can be nasty as hell, then we are never going to stop this. 
By not attacking the problem without a gender based agenda it can only get worse,.
Which means the first to go is the radical feminist,
which all men bad, all women victim ideology has its roots.

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