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Friday, April 4, 2014

This site is been monitored...by local radical feminists with a vendetta.

We took away their credibility and they want revenge...
The problem with revenge is, it's easy to expose
and there has to be two parties involved for it to be effective.
We do not seek revenge, we seek justice.

Those involved in this vendetta is,
An aquiantance dating back decades,
and those around her,
the local shelter in carleton place,
helped on by the legal clinic in Perth on.
False accusations are always based on lies, the problem with a lie is...it's impossible to remember and always comes back to bite one in the ass.
Addition; 04\05\2014
I was talking to a friend last night, went like this;
"I've been stabbed in the back so many times lately, even by some I trusted, that I sometimes wonder if they see something I'm not."
Her response was:
"That's exactly it, they see something that's not there, they see what their told, what they want to see, if they knew you, they way we all do, none of this would happen, stop beating yourself up. You have to understand what's going on, those who bitch about you don't really know you do they?"
"no, not really, come to think of it, none of them passes time with me day in and day out"
"That's the thing, they don't know you, so people like that make up their own minds on what others say. I know you, and everyone that does, know you don't deserve to be treated this way, I've known you for a long time and if you where the man they say you are, I would've seen it a long time ago, we all would."
I know this is personal. but it made all the difference in the world, support is important when someone is been "attacked" the way I have been lately.
I have to admit, if all this was to get to me, it is partially successful, I don't care who you are, man or women, it would get to anyone. The character assassination I have experienced is beyond belief.
Not tooting my own horn but I have negotiated labor contracts for equal pay for women in the 80'S, thought native studies as a volunteer at schools, even put my life on the line for the freedom of others, the point is, if they demonize me on lies and heresay, then what the hell are they doing to other people and how many have been hurt by their actions?
Especially men in lanark county ontario?


Anonymous said...

It's always good to have an audience.Means the word is getting out. I can help make these people a little more famous for their total waste of tax-payer's dollar's.


The Native Canadian said...

If popularity is what they want, let's give it to them...

Allison said...

Good,maybe theyll learn something..

Dad in Almonte said...

Im glad they r monitoring,shows ur making a difference.Love this site,its honest and to the point and we need this desperatly in lanark.

Jenny in Carleton place said...

let them monitor this,its my hand sticking in front of their faces,a bouquet of the middle finger.Cazy feminists.

Perth mom said...

Im a single mom of 2 boys,this blog opened my eyes on what feminists think of them, and no i dont raise them to be power hungry rapists, i found that statement to be personaly insulting.Feminins of lanark do not speak for me.Never will.

Anonymous said...

What Jenny said.

Tewennate said...

Thats because your doing a good job,I love the way you write and find it fair,men and women are part of the same circle and when you have hate the circle is sick.Many of us,mohawk women, support what is posted here especially about the value of women,children,men,elders,family, dont let them get to you.

Nikyon the clan mother said...

Monitor this.
Native women support this site.
Clear enough???

Runingwolf said...

They dont like to hear the truth,we support this blog.Monitor all they want.I c traditional values in this blog,maybe thats whats bothering them.What would they know of our tradition.

Karen said...

LOL@Jenny, just what I was thinking.

Nizhoni said...

yá'át'ééh shinaaí
I have known you for 40 years this year, your like a brother and have been part of our family all this time, your friend is right, everyone that knows you, know who you are, dont let these fools get to you.People like that have no life of their own, hate everything around them and live for making trouble without caring about who they hurt. Your an honorable man, a friend and a brother, you need us were here. Call me.Come home.

Techpriest said...

The closer you are to the target, the more flak you are going to get. They want to scare you into silence, because *they* are scared. Don't let up, these bullies are starting to fold on many fronts.

A friendly supporter said...

Get a facebook link to the native canadian,I noticed you don’t have one,that should upset them even more,let them monitor that one too.And it will be easier to access and you’ll have more readers.U have big support in this area and from what I can see many other places.Like the comment says,dont give up, the closer to the target, the more flak youll get.And believe me, you are getting to them.

The Native Canadian said...

wow, thank you for the good words and the support... I don't know what to say...from what I see, most of you think I should continue, if they are concentrating on this site and me, then I must be doing something right and like I said, its not revenge, not that type of a person, but I do believe in justice.

The Native Canadian said...

@Nizhony, Thank...means a lot to me...will call you...lol.

The Native Canadian said...

I have thought about opening a facebook link, but still thinking... I dont trust facebook.They do not respect freedom of speech.