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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The veejayjay monologues, rape culture, war on women, P.I.V sex, and where it all comes from.

Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues
With that type of policy feminism has, it goes to wonder what else is said behind closed doors. Is the rape culture they speak of actually promoted by them?
From a man's stand point, the rape culture or the war on women, the inequality in pay does not exist, true there are bad individuals, male and females, who commit crimes, but as for these been an open policy coming from fathers, husbands and son, we can safely say these cat lovers are totally bonkers.
So why are they so stuck on a non existent issue? Simple, money, self importance and power. It cowers the mangina and according to them, shuts down debate, but as we see lately, it has not had the desired effect they were hoping for...actually it had the opposite.
If we look at the vejayjay monologues, and I mean the "original print", it definitely promotes rape of a 13 year old as a "good rape". 
So why was it promoted by the local shelter and feminists in general?
Isn't rape, rape? Or is it they really don't care about the real meaning and use it to promote themselves as more important than they really are. We know that this book has been one of the mein kampf of the feminists, but to define it as a good rape shows the twisted mindset of a group that promote itself over moral values, over real victims, (who cares about a 13 year old girl been raped if they can use it to demonize men?), it shows they only represent the dislike of men and the rest is open to their interpretation to promote their self imposed importance at the expense of reality.

Going against men, is one of the stupidest things they have ever come up with, women's right cannot be accomplished without men, and vice versa. We all depend on each other, to build a good life for ourselves and our kids, to try to divide that reality is idiotic, but more importantly those who say nothing are as responsible for the difficulties we are experiencing in our society as the ones who are promoting it for personal reasons.

We know there is no such thing as a rape culture, rape is a crime committed by individuals whether males or females; in order for a rape culture to exist it would have to be accepted by a good portion of the population, and as we know, this is BULLSHIT, since 99% of fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, would never, and I mean never accept it.
So why are they so stuck on that and so many other unreal subjects as if they seem to be part of a world that we are not......
Well, that's what happens when your part of a cult like organisation based on hate, reality does not matter, the rape of a 13 year old can be accepted as a good rape, or simply by-passed as unimportant to the real message, and we know what that is....
All men rape and sexually harass women for power, all men bad, P.I.V. sex is rape, on and on and on...

The vejayjay monologues promotes rape and to deny this reality shows the true nature of feminism and that is to lift themselves over others, and not just men, let's not forget, stay at home mom's are not exactly on the good side of the cat loving feminist.

My opinions are not based on getting up some morning and thinking "hey I think I'll open a web site and bitch about feminism", it is based on personal experiences with the local radical feminist, what they did to me and my daughter, how they did it and the continuation and persistent, some would even say obsessive nature and character defamation they have adopted against me...
In their self importance attitudes, they forgot, some of us are not exactly the role over and die type, or as stupid as they make us out to be, we all want what is best for all, and we do understand and identify those who are a stick in the wheel to that goal, maybe I should say "not all feminists are like that", but then again I have yet to find one who will actually say "not all men are like that", but if they would, they would not be feminists in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to say it...you and your daughter are not the only victim's of this feminist nightmare.

I meet more and more every day. :(