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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The fall of feminism, High court (female) judge says men should be granted pre-conviction anonymity in rape cases.

'It's a human right to be innocent until proven guilty'

Earlier this week, MailOnline reported on Maura McGowan - the deputy High Court judge who recommended that men should be granted pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials.
In a rare example of common sense within British law, the leading figure said that men should have their identity protected unless they are convicted.
Quite frankly, I agree.
Only yesterday, MailOnline reported on the case of Sophie Hooper - a 19 year-old woman who maliciously accused an innocent man of rape.
The mother-of-one, who was photographed smirking outside Southampton Crown Court after avoiding a jail sentence, only admitted to fabricating the allegations two months into the police investigation.
Sadly, cases like these are increasingly common.
In April last year, Kent's Kirsty Sowden - a former John Lewis shop assistant - was jailed for just 14 months after crying rape over a fully consensual encounter with a man she'd met online. He was arrested at his workplace in front of colleagues and detained in a cell, wasting 376 hours of police time and costing £14,000.
In May 2012, 20 year-old Hanna Byron was spared jail after falsely accusing her ex-boyfriend of rape in revenge for breaking up with her.
In August, Sheffield's Emma Saxon was jailed for making a second false rape allegation against her boyfriend, Martin Blood. He was held in police custody for 14 hours and subjected to an intrusive medical examination - all because he'd stood her up.
Meanwhile, Teesside's Joanne Buckley was jailed for three years in September after stabbing a man because he refused to have sex with her - then threatening to cry rape if he went to hospital for treatment.
These cases - and the many, many more like them - are exactly why men deserve protecting by the law as much as women.
In 2010, a poll conducted by MailOnline showed that 67 per cent of readers want pre-conviction anonymity for rape defendants, as opposed to 33 per cent who don't.

Feminists like Julie Bindel disagree. She seems to believes that men deserve the stain of rape stigma, guilty or not, simply because they are male. In fact, she once said being falsely accused wasn't so bad. 'A fair number of celebrities have been accused of rape in the past and do not seem to have suffered longer term,' she incredulously wrote in The Guardian. 'To say that an accusation ruins lives is perhaps a sweeping generalisation.'
To say this doesn't matter is not only patronising, but irresponsible and sinister. It also smacks of some darker gender agenda.

Ironically, women like Bindel are enraged at the concept of pre-conviction anonymity for men, yet so few of them are equally outraged by the false accusers who betray the sisterhood (and the real victims of rape) with  their lies.

A little at a time, feminist power is deteriorating, not only because of the mrm, but women who have seen the damages these cat lovers have done to society....
Said it before, feminists claim only 2% of rape claims are false, even here in Lanark county ontario, if it is so, why is it so easy to find false rape accusations online and in the media lately??

False accusations is a big problem nowadays, some use it for revenge against husbands "or ex's", to get on the emergency list, out of spite, greed, corruption, custody of the kids, and what does the shelter industry and staff do about it...nothing...as a matter of fact they will endorse it to get more funding...Shelters are at the forefront of false accusations against men because of their hate of anything male.
Case in point...
"They can't be too picky????"
There is the proof, shelter do not weed out false claims.
And since they don't, then they encourage it...

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