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Monday, April 7, 2014

Feminists like erin lee todd, shelby knox, and their unbalanced messages.

When you give out a speech about a certain subject and expect to be taken seriously, one must offer balance...
Here in her speech about the death of a young girl by some boy, she defines the whole issue as...a man attacking a woman, nowhere in her presentation, does she explain, or try to point out that this was not the act of men, but an individual, or any other messages coming from any one who works at any shelter, all of their messages, websites, media always makes reference to men been bad.
The point of contention about such a message gives the unbalanced message that all men all created equal, "all men bad", and when these "people" claim to speak for women, we can safely say they do not, what they really do is demonize half the population to make the other half believe they are victims. This type of one sided message does nothing to better society, as a matter of fact, it creates more animosity between all of us.
And by the way, I have researched her story, no reference to it anywhere, the horrific description of said crime should have left a trace somewhere, Internet, media, I even went to feminists sites that list the names, crimes, violent death of women, which goes back decades, still nothing. I am not saying it is not true, by all means, it could be one of those stories the bad ol'patriarchal media forgot to mention. If there is a mention somewhere I invite the staff of this shelter to send me the link and I will post it immediately with all credit due.

This site exist because of the pompous behaviour of the STAFF of this shelter in Carleton place ontario, their "lack of experience" in dealing with someone who was abused and rejected at birth, because of the one sided policies of C.A.S., is well documented on this web page. I tried to explain, politely and diplomatically to this erin lee todd through emails, of the medical and emotional issues my child was going through, I explained the difficulties in "details" offered to send more info on the issue, instead of taking action or to look into what I was saying, she sent her girlfriends from the local constabulary to threaten me. This to me showed a total lack of caring about reality, especially about teens who are in trouble, but hey, at least my daughter was put on her statistic that year to promote more funding right?
She believed and still does, that her way is the law, this type of behaviour smacks of self importance, the belief that one is all powerful or that fear will make people tow the line, even trying to shame some into giving funds they does not deserve.

The point is this, unbalanced messages make no advances in equality, it only serves those with an agenda, if this site for example was anti-woman, we would never give credits to our stories in this manner, "this site recognizes that the majority of women do not think this way", or other responsible balanced statement we have made.
Something most of us forget is, the sub-conscious message, we all hear about it, it is openly used by advertisement and other organisation to promote a sale or a message.
This is the same thing, feminism uses stories which only refer to men been the rapist, the pedo, the abuser, and as we know, majority of men are not.

For example; what if this site would only concentrate on these stories...
Female teacher in lanark county lived ‘hidden life’ collecting child pornography

Woman jailed 2 years less a day for sex assault on 5-year-old girl
Interestingly enough, the Dr. who tested her declared in court, she was not a pedophile????

And for the sake of balance,
Smith Falls man hit with child porn charges

Now, if we were to follow feminist guidelines, we "could" say that in eastern Ontario 2/3 of women are pedophiles, but that would not be "honest" would it, since 99.9999% of women are good, just like their male counterparts.

So, why is it, every time a feminist has speaking points it always refer to men, all men bad, or be aware, men are bad, men achieve power through rape, we beat our loved ones during the Superbowl or playoffs, and never bring up, that fathers will defend their daughters honor, pay for their education, protect and love, so on, so on? Or a husband caring for his wife, or a son caring for his mother, a brother for his sister, this put the majority of men in the section of honorable males...
Doesn't it?

There is more, as in the video below, where this self professed feminist Shelby Knox, says 1 in 4 women on campus will be raped, or that women make 70% of male salaries....Go to 15.00 minutes into the video or it should start there on this link.
The problem I have with the "BULLSHIT" she spews and it is bullshit, is that if, as she says, there was 1 in 4 rapes on campus, we parents would have to be total drooling morons to send our daughters there.
Her other point is unequal salaries between men and women; here is what's noticeable on television, especially the news channels here in Canada.
Ctv, CBC, global, all have a majority of women as anchors, co anchors, so on.
For instance, is this duffus telling me that lisa laflamme of the cbc network is accepting 30% less on her salary compared to let's say peter mansbridge both of which are news anchors????
I do not believe so....So why the false message of 70%?

You see what I am trying to say here...if the message is always, men have done this and that, as the videos clearly points to,  without admitting that men and women in general do not harm each other, only individuals do, then the message is "unbalanced" and follows the old propaganda rule set out by people like josef goebells that "if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it"

I would like to give credit where credit is due, but I can't with videos such as those 2; because they give out a sub-conscious message that all men are bad and all women are victims, which as we know, is not true.
And that is what I mean by spewing out unbalanced messages, which some would consider, in the least, anti male.
And for "their" viewing pleaasure, they should read this and admit their way of doing things smacks of propaganda...

There are many sites that are vehemently anti feminists for good reason, men and women; we all logically understand in order to have a fair and balance society, one cannot demonize the other and just like this site, not give sub-conscious messages that all women are potential pedophiles or rapists, or "falser accusers"....As "the videos" do, portraing men as killers, rapists and power hungry horn dogs.
This site does not believe all women are bad, as a matter of fact we believe that most women are good and caring. Which we have gone out of our way to make sure our posts expressed that truth through honest and balanced writing.
But the defensive nature of the local feminist who have no intelligence to fairly debate what we say, resorted to that last and most important point they always fall to...And that is, We are....yes...
promoting hate...or we are idiots or any kind of whimsical crap.
Taking into account what they did, and continue to do, who is really promoting hate?
Would they have been so ravenous if we were the mother instead of the father?

When they give an unbalanced, controlled speech or message, whether about violence on one group, or violence performed by one specific group, they forget about the majority of those who have fallen at the hands of criminal acts, and that majority is men and "especially" children...

So for the sake of "balance", to counter the "unbalanced messages"...
Here are some "individuals" who have been identified as sexual predators...
Female Sexual Predators
Which shows predators are not one group but the acts of the worse of humanity, individuals without the gender specificity.
And to further prove our point that unbalanced messages produces "HATE"....especially with those who live with an inferiority complex like feminists...
Feminist hate explodes on Twitter with #killallmen
Feminist hatemongers on Twitter push campaign to kill all men
Twitter Feminists Campaign to #KillAllMen

Even their cats are shocked...lol(a little comedy never hurts.)
Now imagine for just one minute if the hashtag was "killallwomen" or "killall.....whatever.
but kill all men is ok???

My favorite comment has to be this one...on the second link..
If women(feminists) want to run the world let them. I could definitely take a back seat. You can go to the army, sanitation workers, construction workers, miners, farmer, women (feminists) can have all the glorious men jobs. You can pay the bulk of taxes and we will spend bulk of all money.
Then you can also suffer 94% of deaths and injuries on jobs. Suffer 99% of all Military combat deaths, have suicide rates that are 4 times higher.
I think it would be a an awesome place to live in.

How does that sound????

Feminist comments are welcomed on this issue of running the world....or to debate their unbalanced rhetoric.


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Don't you just love how feminista's always get overly emotional when anyone question's their doctrine of hate?

Like their emotions somehow make them right.




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