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Monday, April 14, 2014

Feminists cat scratching the walls about Late show....colbert replaces letterman oh no, it's anti woman...lol.

Watching the pro feminist CBC, they had a report saying "no women allowed" on late night talk shows..
What crap, women control the day time talk shows big time, can't name them all, too many, and that is just fine, not complaining...and men have the night, but not all, there is chelsea lately. There is a hell of a lot more talk shows in the daytime than night so why are the feminists and manginas at CBC yakking about how a woman was not chosen for late night?
They no longer look at life as an equality issue but to take advantage through fear and intimidation to get as much on television as they can...which is fine because the more they bi*** the more people realise how greedy they are and that advances their fall even faster...


Anonymous said...

That poor child in the pic is more than likely crying because she just found out her mother is a feminist and she just realized the rest of her life is gonna be f'd right up.


BlackWolf said...