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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wow fit Perth Ontario amongst many; Another local business shows support for anti male propaganda.

Wow fit of Perth Ontario, which is by their own admission a We are a Women's Only Club , has now joined the club of businesses that support anti male rhetoric. Considering the make up of the local economy, my guess is they are not going to stay in business very long. What women, (or men) outside of radical feminism would associate themselves with someone who supports, this kind of statements;
Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment.
Checked the website, and it's still up, defying our calls to bring it down.
Though they did change the view of this specific anti male website associated with the staff of the shelter in carleton place ontario, the messages has stayed up.
Wow fit Perth Ontario
We even offered to stop using this horrible message if only they would bring it down, and since we know they follow this site, they know of the offer...yet there it is.
Therefore it goes to suggest they and their supporters are either stubborn, stupid or fully endorse this message...
The club of shame for local businesses that support anti male bullshit.
(Let's give them some credit, maybe they did not know, well now they do, let's see what they'll do?)
And since we have many males in this area, some who "hold power", then it is safe to assume that they will not stay open very long, I mean, who likes to be called a rapist simply because they work hard?. Also not many people can afford their prices in this area...Maybe I will "demand" a membership and when they refuse because I am man, I will sue them for discrimination...
Not very good policy to alienate half the population when your trying to run a business...
But then again, feminism has never been know for smart decisions.
On another subject, a while back we "claimed" they (staff of this shelter and especially it's director) stayed away from the media because they were afraid of bad publicity, this was a ploy to play with their ego, sure enough, they have resurfaced as of late, trying to be in the media as often as possible, even about a small donation of $143. We are glad we pulled them out of their cocoon, and offering us many articles in order to support or in this case, criticize.
Many other stories have popped up in the local media from them, as in over 2000 calls of domestic violence, which in an earlier post we totally destroyed that bullcrap that men in this county according to the false statistics of the shelter, go around beating our women during sporting events.
In closing, we here at TNC are not heartless as some have shown, the offer still stands, if this interval house in carleton place ontario takes down this "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment." then we will never bring it up....or use it against them or their supporters, because since we have so many sons who work hard for what they have, they deserve a bit more respect.
As for erin lee todd, director of this shelter, I will stop criticizing her, when she apologizes for the damages she did, for sending her girlfriends from the local constabulary to my home when I politely asked for her help, and "faking" a lock down to make me out to be a violent person, which I am not.
For we are "forgiving" when forgiveness is warranted. lol.

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