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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 year term in "prison" for social worker who filed "fake reports" of sexual abuse.

Slowly, we see judges and others are now taking notice of the rash of false sexual abuse reports, and sticking those who make said reports in "jail".
All those who make or "PROFIT" from this disgusting habit should all be in jail and discredited.
This is the "only way" this will stop.
Also, men, since they are the recipient of a strong majority of these false accusations, should take matters to court, suing for defamation of character against anyone making or promoting said false accusations.
Feminists say false accusation only represent 2% of all reported sexual abuse or otherwise....
BULLSHIT, it is rampant and openly promoted for vendettas, custody of the kids against fathers, to be put on some emergency list, taking the place and funds away from "real victims, false statistics, especially for yearly funding, we have exposed this in previous posts, it makes thing extremely difficult for the investigators since they now have to go on the assumption it might be a fake report for some twisted idea of revenge or some overnight regretted shing ding, or for simple financial gain.

Either way, and talking from personal experiences, false accusations not only hurt men, but women and real victims of crime whether they be men or women, it twists the system into a personal tool for feminists to achieve an unachievable goal, to identify all, sons of mothers, husbands of wives, brothers of sisters as violent rapists who achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, or go around beating their loved ones during sporting events.

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