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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity

Credit to Lifesitenews...
VICTORIA, British Columbia, April 23, 2014 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon.
The province’s Health Ministry said in an email to the B.C. Catholic that “biomedical waste” shipped to the U.S. to be incinerated includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”
“The ministry understands that some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant,” the email stated.
The ministry said that contractors handling the province’s “biomedical waste” follow “health and safety protocols, as well as federal, provincial, and local regulations.”

Kristan Mitchell, executive director of the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association, told the B.C. Catholic that the “biomedical waste” likely ends up at the Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility in Oregon since it is the only facility that uses waste to power the grid. The facility confirmed that it still receives and incinerates B.C. medical waste.
The power facility, located in Brookes just off the I-5, burns waste in two massive boilers at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat transfers into water tubes, which creates steam to drive turbines. The turbines generate electricity.
A 2007 article about the Marion waste-to-energy facility that appeared in the Willamette Live — ironically titled “Burn, Baby, Burn” — stated that at the time the incinerator burned about 800 tons (1,764,000 pounds) of medical waste per year.
“Medical waste is brought to the facility in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed,” the article states.
Locals at the time protested the “importation and burning of medical waste,” expressing concern about breathing “toxic emissions.”
The news comes one month after the remains of more than 15,000 aborted babies were found to have been incinerated, along with other “medical waste,” to heat and generate power for British hospitals.
Hon. Christy Clark
Hon. Terry Lake
Minister of Health
250 953-3547

This is not about religion only, but the respect for human life...when that goes, what's next...

Good cops still exist...hats off to them.

Respect.....Leaders lead by example, they "DO the right thing"
There are still good cops out there doing the right thing.
That is how to get respect from those they serve.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wife’s Reaction To Catching A Fish Has Her Husband Almost In Tears With Laughter

So much for the tranquility of nature…lol.

Gotta be careful in these cases, local bear might want to see what the screaming is about...lol

Culture of the western world gone to sh*its...Woman Who Killed Teen Suing Parents.

Woman Who Killed Teen on Bike Suing Parents for Emotional Distress

Somehow, I suspect the parents’ “emotional distress” was greater.
Brandon was struck from behind by an SUV and killed while his friend Richard McLean, 16, was seriously injured with a broken pelvis and other bones. His other pal Jake Roberts, 16, was knocked off his bike but sustained only scratches.
Now the driver of the SUV, Sharlene Simon, 42, a mother of three, formerly from Innisfil, is suing the dead boy for the emotional trauma she says she has suffered. She’s also suing the two other boys, as well as the dead boy’s parents, and even his brother, who has since died. She’s also suing the County of Simcoe for failing to maintain the road.

 It says a lot about our culture that a woman could hit a group of teens on bikes and not only blame everyone but herself, but try to collect a paycheck for it. Shameful, disgusting...on and on.

The Toronto Sun reported:
Still in the throes of agony from losing their son in a vehicle crash, the parents of young Brandon Majewski are now reeling after they learned the woman who struck and killed him is suing their dead child.
“I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach — I’m over the edge,” the dead boy’s father, Derek Majewski, said. “Sometimes, it makes my blood boil.”
As he sits in his immaculate Alcona home, near the shores of Lake Simcoe and roughly 90 km north of Toronto, sifting through piles of photographs of his son, the heartache shows on his face and he can hardly contain his tears as he speaks.
Just down the road, on the side of a quiet country stretch of Innisfil Beach Rd., is a memorial complete with a bicycle, flowers and photographs of his son, Brandon.
The spunky, handsome, 17-year-old bike enthusiast was out with his two buddies on Oct. 28, 2012 when they hopped on their bicycles to go for hot dogs on a drizzly, dark night around 1:30 a.m.
“I know they should not have been out there that late,” his father said. “But they are good kids.”
Brandon was struck from behind by an SUV and killed while his friend Richard McLean, 16, was seriously injured with a broken pelvis and other bones. His other pal Jake Roberts, 16, was knocked off his bike but sustained only scratches.
Now the driver of the SUV, Sharlene Simon, 42, a mother of three, formerly from Innisfil, is suing the dead boy for the emotional trauma she says she has suffered. She’s also suing the two other boys, as well as the dead boy’s parents, and even his brother, who has since died. She’s also suing the County of Simcoe for failing to maintain the road.

There is a lot of things we could say about this, but no need, it says it all itself...
What a *****!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Exposing feminism, one stupidity at a time...peeing standing up.

How to Urinate Standing Up as a Female
•Peeing standing up can be messy. Don't try it for the first time at a friend's house if you are interested in retaining the friendship.
•Practice at home first before you try this anywhere, except when you're going camping, hiking, etc.
•Remember this will take time to get a hang of it. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time.
•Remember that while you may only be using a public toilet to urinate, other women may need to use it to defecate or sit for other reasons. Please be conscientious and lift the seat – and if you do miss, wipe up afterwards; after all, this is what women expect from courteous men. Also clean the seat.
Now, if that doesn't work for ya, here are some feminist inspired ways you can pee, just like a man...
Since feminists aspire to be men because of their inferiority complex, it's a good thing to have choices...
But if your a woman without said inferiority complex, disregard this post, we are proud of you and like you, just the way you are....

The stand up

The go girl

The shenis

By the way, why do feminist adore the cat species instead of dogs? Because the male of the species squats too pee, it gives them a sense of power over the male. lol...
Comedy aside, if feminists want to be like men because of the inferiority complex they have towards us, that's fine, no problem with that, but...be advise, we do not like the female of the species to behave like men, as you do not like the male species to behave like a woman, not that it scares us or makes us feel uncomfortable, but because of the nature of things, the femininity is extremely attractive to us, makes us work hard, get flowers, bonbons, dinners, go on a knee, so on....
If on the other hand, someone of the female gender wants to be just like a man, don't ask why you go home to a cat, or to some mangina that bows when you come home, wears a pink shirt, smells just like a woman, calls 911 to defend your honor in a violent situation, instead of riping his shirt, thumping his chest and fighting for you, not very appetizing is it?
It's a free country, choice is yours...
The feminist male...
Or a man...

So go ahead, be like a man as the lonely feminist wants you to be, see where that goes....
The rest of us will behave the way nature intended and we'll get along just fine...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another aboriginal teens commits suicide while in care of a state run group home.

Story credits to Social services economic crimes.

Mourners gather Friday, April 25, 2014, at the burial of a 15-year-old aboriginal girl who hanged herself in a group home on April 21, 2014. The girl, who was buried in Maskwacis, cannot be identified under a provincial publication ban.
Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal
MASKWACIS - The mournful heartbeat of traditional Cree drum songs haunted a Maskwacis community hall Friday as the mother of a dead teenage girl bent over her daughter’s body, placed her forehead on the girl’s chest, and wept.
An elder used a white feather to sweep curling wisps of sweetgrass smoke over the girl, who looked as if she was sleeping. Her grey coffin was decorated with simple cedar boughs. Guests brought roses.
KC was 15 years old, a ward of the province, a troubled young woman who cut her arms, struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and repeatedly tried to kill herself, her family said.
On April 21, 2014 she hanged herself from a closet bar in her Edmonton group home, sometime in the early afternoon. Her body was found 12 hours later.
Like all children who die in foster care, she must remain nameless and faceless by law, but her family wants her story told.
KC’s aunt said caseworkers convinced the family the best way to help KC was to give her over to the province.
“When my sister signed the permanent guardianship order, they said KC would get the help that she needed. My sister believed them,” the aunt said.
“I was there. My sister pleaded and she cried. They promised her. They said they would help KC, but they didn’t.”
The aunt says the family wants to know why KC was left unsupervised, and for so long.
“It was no secret that KC was suicidal,” the aunt said. “She had 50 or 100 cuts on her arms.”
Aboriginal kids are more likely to be in foster care, more likely to die in care, and more likely to die by suicide.
The Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research reports that suicide rates among children in care are nearly triple those of children who are not in care.
Aboriginal children make up about nine per cent of the Alberta child population and account for 58 per cent of children in care, and the mortality rate for aboriginal children in care is 111 per 100,000, compared to 71 per 100,000 of non-aboriginal children in care.
KC’s death is not unique; the circumstances of her suicide appear almost identical to those of a 17-year-old aboriginal boy named DED-B. Like KC, he was known to be suicidal, and like KC, he hanged himself in an Edmonton group home.
A fatality inquiry was held, and a Provincial Court Judge said facilities for suicidal youth should have break-away closet bars that cannot support their weight in the event of a suicide attempt.
DED-B died in 2000, nearly 14 years ago; it is not known why the recommendation was not implemented at KC’s group home by 2014.
“I feel the system has failed my family,” the girl’s aunt said. “I think there should be a public inquiry.”
She said KC’s mother went to the group home to collect her daughter’s things, but had to fight to keep the girl’s diaries, which told the dark story of her descent into depression.
Youth worker Mark Cherrington said the diaries will be crucial to giving KC a voice, and figuring what went wrong in the days leading to her death.
“These are Anne Frank diaries — daily, detailed writing from a young woman in crisis,” Cherrington said. “And she just hung there, for hours. Then they shut down the group home, because everyone was traumatized, but there were no other appropriate facilities for the kids to go to.”
Community leaders said governments need to provide resources to help stop the suicide crisis among aboriginal teens.
“What’s going through my mind today is the turmoil and the agony the young lady experienced in trying to get her situation resolved through the child welfare jungle, and to be heard,” said Marilyn Buffalo, past-president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada and a citizen of the Samson Cree Nation, who attended the funeral.
“The solution is for us to completely overhaul the child welfare system. The federal government has a fiduciary responsibility, and they cannot wash their hands and walk away.
“This child was a Treaty Indian, her mother is a Treaty Indian, and with that comes responsibilities that they have to look after these people.”
“It’s quite obvious, from all the evidence, that she was crying out for help.”
It's obvious as a people we can no longer depend on the state to care for our children, they can't even care for their own.
How many times have we heard of children dying in their care and nothing "ever changes".
What we really need is unity of all nations of Turtle Island and a degree of independence,economic and social.
How long until we realise, talking does not work, how many of our women have to disappear, our children die in their care, our Elders forgotten, until we realise, we are not the ward of a state.
As long as we look to other to take care for our faltering society, we will always be dependent on the whims of others and that type of life does not work...
We need leaders who will start at the least, mentioning independence, work towards it, instead of staying in the same path we have been in for hundreds of years, which is getting us nowhere and getting us scraps from a table...
During what was called the Oka crisis 24 years ago, we saw the potential for unity, and it scared the sh*t out of them, nations from all over Turtle Island came to help in the land of the Mohawks, thousands made their way to the North to show we are still here, the only thing we need is one person to say...ENOUGH. The will is there, we only need real leaders.
For 2000 years the Israelis were kept from their lands, yet they returned and now thrive, if they can do it, we can also.
Our children are dying, some sniff glue, gas, resort to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems and that continues on to their descendants...because there is no hope.
Such a people will eventually disappear.
Is this what we want, the death of one of the sacred colors, assimilation to oblivion?
We need a balance in life, and we do not have it if we keep on going to others to solve our problems.

Payers for all the Innocent who have taken their lives.......

Exposing feminism...disrespecting the femininity...

"PlopEgg" Painting whereby a female "artist" shoves painted eggs up her vagina and plops them out randomly on a canvas.

Then there is this...
Kniting from a vagina...yes during menstration...

And let'sd not forget...
Disturbing New Feminist Trend: Free-Bleeding

What next, someone drink different colour of food dye and piss on a canvas...
Remember ladies, these "feminists" claim to speak for you...

I have no problem with women wanting to be who they choose to be, I have daughters, but do it with self respect for God's sakes....
When you see crap like this, how the h*ell does it advance the rights of women...
It does show one thing though, feminism as it is today, has not idea what self respect means, their self imposed inferiority complex makes them do things that most women find disgusting, why do they do it, in their little sub intellectual minds it makes them equal to men??? According to them.

All fathers throughout history have always looked out for their daughters honor, but according to the disturbed messages of feminism, we sold them off to the highest bidder in the old days..bullshit...
ever hear of shotgun weddings? (lol)
You look at that crap in the links above and you see fathers with a tear in their eyes wondering what the f*ck happened to their little girls...

I can only speak for myself but as a man, a father, I do not "allow" my daughters to be abused and consider feminism to be the abusers by using young girls innocence to advance their stupidity and idiotic idealism, thank the Creator that most young ladies are running away from that ideology and I will continue on exposing, pointing out what they represent and the danger they cause to our daughters...

Feminism is a cult, that, not only endangers the male species but also the female one, not to mention family unity, it must be eradicated from history, exposed for what it is, an idealism based on self promotion through corrupt ideas to advance themselves personally with power and financial gains at the cost of the feminine...
 I and most males love the feminine, it makes us want to work harder, fight the good fight, endure hardship, even die younger for it...but if you think for one f*cking minute I would put my life on the line for the sh*it feminists and manginas represent, they are sorely mistaken...

Let men be men,(which statistics show women want) and let the ladies be ladies(which statistic shows men want), and we will get along just fine.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

This is what a feminist mangina looks like.

Says it all about who they are doesn't it...

The true face of feminism. The white feather campaign.

Ironic isn't it, these cat lovers aka:feminists, owe their freedom to demean men to...men.
Feminist cowardice began in it's early stages of existence and continues to this day...not surprisingly.
From now on, every time a feminist open her yap, a man should stand up and explain how she or he(mangina) holds their freedom to men and to shut the hell up until they too put their lives on the line for the freedom of others. Walk up to them, don't say a word and hand them...A WHITE FEATHER.
We should now adopt the white feather and give it to any feminists who demonizes men, in public arenas, when they speak and when they spew out their hatred....as a sign of cowardice.
Unless they have been on the front lines and experienced the hardship of fighting for someone else freedom, they have no right to attack half the population.

The hate of men is deeply entrench in feminist ideology, based solely on their inferiority complex, history will show this, and they will be tagged as such...
Case in point...

Friday, April 25, 2014

The legacy of feminism...child abuse.

" I was denied visitations and phone calls for 4 months. The mother literally dragged the child who was screaming and crying "Daddy" right in front of me because mother was angry my fiancee was with me to celebrate christmas. It was so heartbreaking for the child and recently I spoke to my child she said "daddy why you do not come get me" while I have been trying all this to get in contact with her mother. I filed for contempt and will see what the courts say in GA. It is definitely not best interest of the child and I am very able father who is an engineer with great environment for her to grow up." -anonymous father

When men fail to pay child support they are often held in contempt of court and jailed. When mothers deny a court ordered visitation in violation of a divorce agreement, there is rarely anything a father can do, other than to file more motions in family court and spend more money on attorneys.

Equal parenting...why is it opposed by the ndp and the liberals?

April 24, 2014 at 4:30pm
OTTAWA – Maurice Vellacott (MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) accuses the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada of not caring about Canada’s children of divorce in light of their continued opposition to Bill C-560. Bill C-560 introduced by Vellacott, would mandate a rebuttable presumption in favour of equal shared parenting for children whose parents are divorcing.

The Bill, which would amend Canada’s Federal Divorce Act, is currently in the midst of second reading in Parliament. Debate on second reading continues on May 7, 2014, after which a vote will be held to determine if it would move forward and be studied by the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The concerns expressed by the Justice critics for the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party during the first hour of parliamentary debate on Bill C-560, have been fully addressed and answered in a document titled “Myths and Facts Concerning Bill C-560”, which was distributed to all 309 MPs. A copy of this document has been posted on the website of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council.

Vellacott states, “The issues raised by my colleagues from the Liberal and New Democratic parties are founded on misapprehensions as to the actual content and effect of Bill C-560 and reflect a lack of understanding of the critical need to address Canada’s broken family court system. Litigating over children as spoils of war in divorce is not working.”

Vellacott adds, “If my colleagues in the Liberal and New Democratic Parties would actually take the time to think about the substance of the issues instead of repeating the same rhetoric over and over they will see that their concerns are misplaced. Bill C-560 prescribes an urgently needed balanced and well-constructed answer to the current plague of custody litigation.”

Canada’s family courts are universally viewed across the country as backlogged, overburdened and not providing a satisfactory response to litigation over parental responsibility and parental timeshare with children. Bill C-560 is a response to those issues.
Vellacott says, “The family court system (including facilities, judges, court staff, filing offices, therapists, mediators, assessors and others) costs the Canadian economy and taxpayers many billions of dollars each year. However, what cannot be calculated is the impact on children of custody litigation, as well as the impact on the economy and on personal lives of parents distracted from their work and other endeavours during the many years that a typical custody litigation case takes.”
Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, has indicated that she and her party are firmly in support of Bill C-560. The Canadian public is overwhelmingly in favour of the solution proposed by Bill C-560. Public opinion polls consistently indicate support around 80% of the population, with 10% undecided and less than 10% opposed, roughly consistently across all demographics, regions, genders and across all party affiliation.

Vellacott states, “I remain puzzled and concerned as to why my colleagues in the Liberal and the New Democratic parties fail to heed the overwhelming desire of the Canadian public for the solution proposed. Everyone touched by our current family court system understands that fundamental reform is necessary. I challenge my colleagues in the Liberal and New Democratic parties to consider why they think they know more than the Canadian public and taxpayers and why they hold to their current rhetoric in the face of overwhelming social science understanding that children of divorce need to continue to have two primary parent relationships and not one home and a place they go to visit from time to time.”
Bill C-560 returns for the second hour of parliamentary debate on May 7, 2014 and Vellacott challenges his colleagues in the Liberal and New Democratic Parties to put the needs of Canada’s children of divorce and the voice of the public ahead of the influence of special interests and support Bill C-560 moving to Committee for further study.

by Maurice Vellacott, MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin
Media Release
April 24, 2014
RWC Note: Please contact your MP to support Bill C-560. MP contact information at: www.parl.gc.ca
Any bill which contains the words "EQUAL PARENTING" is a good thing, not fast enough but a good start...
What I'm worried about is why would the liberals and ndp be against it? Oh wait, they are pandering to a minority of feminist votes, which will keep them in...opposition...
Thank you to the conservatives and the greens for their votes in advancing this bill into law and not kissing the twisted ideal of feminism and their destructive attitudes towards the traditional family.
It is "important" not only to read about this, but to send an email to those who promote this bill in favor of equal parenting, this is for kids, their future and as we know, it is more beneficial for both parents to be in their live and not to be used for funding statistics by some shelter, cas or the court system.
A simple email "I support you and bill c-560" will show them that majority rules and keep those who bow to divisive family laws that as long as they continue to cower to feminism, they will stay in opposition...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Abuse vs men on the rise. Are "some women" taking advantage of the laws against men?

Domestic violence: Women abusers on the rise
There has been a startling increase in the number of women who are the perpetrators of domestic violence.
New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics figures show that over the past eight years, the number of women charged with domestic abuse has rocketed by 159 per cent.
In 2007, 2,336 women fronted court on domestic violence charges, compared to around 800 in 1999.
Preconceived ideas of gender roles have led a lot of people to believe it would be virtually impossible for a women to physically abuse a man.
But co-director of Men's Rights Agency Sue Price says it is exactly this stereotype that leads to battered men hiding in shame, fearful of being ridiculed, or even prosecuted.
"I've had SAS soldiers in tears because the wife is a black belt karate expert and yet they know that if they even try to restrain her he might be charged with assault and domestic violence," she said.
"It's much harder for a man to actually admit that his wife is beating him up. They seem to regard it as a shameful issue and a lot of police actually say to men 'What did you do to make your wife hit you?' or 'Can't you handle your missus?'
"Those are things that seem shameful if a man can't keep his relationship on an even keel. They take it to heart very seriously and for a lot of them, the last thought is for them to call the police to have their wives arrested, because after all she's the mother of their children."
Ms Price says it is a well-known fact that many abusive women resort to using weapons, or wait to catch their spouse unawares before they attack.
"We have so many reports of people having hot liquids poured over them in bed, glasses broken, men hit over the head from the back, attacked while they're asleep, cut, burnt," she said.
Despite the many domestic violence support services available to women victims, Ms Price says there is almost no practical and legal outreach for men.

As the report clearly state, one of the reason, if not the main one, these anti male laws are passed lately is to appease the local cat lovers aka feminists.
We are now in a situation where "some women" are taking advantage of these laws knowing full well that if the man raises his voice, or shows any kind of emotion she can have him taken away, this is also another reason men are staying away from marriage, too damn dangerous.
When we have women's shelters as in the local one in Carleton place ontario and it's staff, making such idiotic statements as "men get power through rape and sexual harassment" or "during sporting event we go around beating our women and loved ones", we know who is responsible for the increase in violence...One has to ask; "why are these male politicians so...wimpy, as to not explain to these people, that kind of statement is wrong?"
The only thing a unscrupulous woman, and I know one, has to does is make "false claims" and all of a sudden she is instantly a victim, even if "she is lying out of her f**** hat.

To correct this bullshit is simple, we just have to make understand to those who make these stupid one sided laws that siding with a minority of cat loving feminists with an inferiority complex is not advantageous to their career, there are more of us than the lowly feminist and their mangina allies. When some man gets the shaft from some feminist backed vengeful woman you put the local political representative's name beside the injustice, it won't take long until they realize its a bad idea to endorse injustice. Also getting involved as a group, and not only men but the majority of women who think all this is bull, when a nomination meeting takes place is not such a bad idea...
And ask them if they "achieved their power through rape and sexual harassment" or when they watch a sporting event they go around beating their women after, according to the local women's shelter, that's what they do.....
A Voice for Men's photo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stupidity and corruption = When school's zero tolerance policies becomes a tool for revenge.

The Logical Conclusion Of Zero Tolerance: College Prof Suspended Because Daughter Wore A GoT Tshirt
from the tolerating-stupdity dept

A popular community college professor was suspended after posting a photo of his daughter wearing an oversized T-shirt bearing a tagline from this season of Game of Thrones—Daenerys Targaryen's "I will take what is mine with fire and blood." Francis Schmidt, who teaches art and animation at Bergen Community College in New Jersey, shared the photo on Google+, where it was seen by several of his work contacts. One of them, a dean, decided the shirt was a veiled threat of some kind.

In case you can't see the image, it's of Schmidt's daughter doing a handstand while wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt that includes the tagline: "I will take what is mine with fire &; blood." In case you think it's reasonable that such a picture being shared on social media could be interpreted as a threat to commit violence at a local community college, stop thinking that because that's a stupid thought. I imagine Schmidt said as much when he was called in to meet with the administration to explain why he'd sent a "threatening email", despite the fact that no email had been sent.
At the meeting, Schmidt explained the shirt in the context of Game of Thrones and showed Miller that the "fire and blood" tagline has 4 million results on Google. The professor asked why his photo had caused such a reaction, and was told that "fire" could be a metaphor for "AK-47s." Schmidt was placed on administrative leave without pay later that week, and told he would have to pass a psychiatric evaluation before he could return.
Now, like me, you should be even more confused. There's no way you could somehow interpret "fire" to mean "AK-47" any more than you could interpret "fire" to mean "Easter ham." They aren't related. And if you're thinking that there's so little sense being made here that there must be something more to this story, there sure as hell is. The head of the school's administration had just been delivered a vote of no confidence by the staff, including Schmidt, who had also filed a grievance recently for being denied a request for a sabbatical. You don't need to read between the lines much to understand that this is probably a trumped-up charge serving to punish a member of the teacher's union.
So, how much you wanna bet this "president" is a feminist with an inferiority complex and believes no one should criticize her....they all believe this, that they are so powerful, it goes to their heads and think they can do anything.
Went through the same thing here in lanark county ontario. This "feminists" thrived on, pats on the back, fear and imposing her will, manipulation and corruption.
One thing such "people" fail to realise is, some of us do not bow to bullshit and will do anything and everything to expose and correct those with a godly complex and bring them back down to earth.
Using children for statistics, revenge, power, is not new, the stupidity of it all is, they fail to realise when they do, they go too far and we fight back.

The fall of feminism...Another Lady tells feminists to shove it.

If Feminists Like Women, Why Are They Constantly Trying To Change Us?
I like being a woman. I have never felt even remotely bad about being a female member of the species. Chalk it up to an adolescence miraculously devoid of the unrelenting glare of women’s magazines, a fantastic relationship with my supportive parents, or being born in the good ol’ United States of America, but I’ve always known that being a girl is pretty awesome.
And the only time it even occurs to me to feel bad about my sex is when feminists start telling me I’m doing everything wrong.
The most recent feminist triumph had nothing to do with advocating for the right of women to drive in Saudi Arabia or for the right to life of unborn children killed simply for the crime of being girls or any other such problem. It was a campaign organized by high-achieving and popular women such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to, um, “ban” everyone else from using the word bossy. I already listed seven of the problems with this campaign (e.g. girls don’t need over-protection, victims of unduly assertive people need a word to use to combat bad behavior, not everyone’s a leader and it’s time to stop shaming people who aren’t.)
But one major problem with the campaign is that it has taken a word that wasn’t gender specific and made it into one. So in the name of feminism, we have forever joined the term “bossy” with “girl-trait” in everyone’s minds. What are you going to do for an encore, feminism?

In response to the campaign, Elle magazine came up with an even better idea: “While We’re Banning Stuff, Let’s Ban Sorry“:
Every day, for myriad reasons, women are apologizing to me: for opening a door I am about to enter; for reaching over me at the salad bar; for standing in front of the open refrigerator and gazing at the variety of chilled milks. It’s the same thing every time: A well-spoken, confident women will notice that we happen to be sharing the same space, cast her eyes downward, and mutter a quick and meaningless, “sorry.” Most of the time, I say it back. It’s nothing more than a ritual, a salutation, a paper-thin pleasantry. But she’s not sorry. And I’m not sorry. So why are we saying that we are?… we’re apologizing. For living our lives. For dressing our salads. For being lactose enthusiasts. Sorry, but I’m simply not sorry for any of those things. United we stand. Let’s #bansorry together.
OK, I get it. Some people apologize too much. I’ve found the trait annoying among certain friends.
But I’m a proud issuer of apologies, when the time calls for it. And feminists can shove it up their freaking pie hole (not sorry!) if they have a problem with this. It’s called being courteous. And I wish more people would get over themselves and freely apologize when they’re inconveniencing someone. The problem with this world is not that we don’t have enough people apologizing for lack of courtesy.
Here’s the thing, though. Every time feminists come up with some campaign, isn’t it weird that it devalues female traits and identifies masculine measures as the ideal?
Enough already! Women are different from men. (If this statement offends you, please send the hate mail to this address.) We have vaginas and wonderful breasts to nurse the children that gestate in our amazingly awesome wombs. And long-story-short, because of the way our biology relates to the propagation of humanity, we tend to rock things that men tend not to rock. We’re super good at nurturing the ties that bind. We are tuned into interpersonal relationships and managing conflicts.
This is a feature. This is not a bug. This doesn’t need to be corrected or overcome or, for crying out loud, banned.
Feminism these days basically seems to mean denying our biological differences, much less how these differences might affect what we do with our lives. We’re supposed to just be like men. All the time. We’re supposed to do everything in our power to keep our wombs barren — using chemicals or the violence of surgery, if necessary — for decades at a time so we can be not-pregnant just like men are not-pregnant. We’re supposed to view sex the same way men view sex, even though the consequences of sex are actually entirely different for men and women.
We’re supposed to ban words so girls can be CEOs who outsource childcare to other people (usually lower income mothers), never-mind that most women actually express a desire to have some sort of work-life balance that does not involve being CEOs. Nevermind that being a CEO actually sounds miserable to a good portion of the entire population, male and female!
We’re supposed to force women into STEM careers whether they want it or not. I was a STEM student (assuming economics counts — definitions vary). There were very few women in my class — even though economics is one of the more relationship-minded fields related to mathematics. I always liked to point out that the name of the field comes from the Greek oikonomíā, for household management. But now that I do real household management, I can tell you that keeping children alive and giving them and my husband the comforts of home is more fulfilling than even utilizing whatever I gleaned from intermediate macroeconomics. If you can believe it.
The old saw about feminism is that it’s “the radical notion that women are people.” Are we sure that’s still the case? Because at least now feminism seems to be about trying to make us something we have no interest in becoming.
I’m happy to be the way I am, and I don’t need Sheryl Sandberg or some women’s glossy to tell me that I shouldn’t be.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Here we go again, feminist panties in a twist...because of a tv show.

Bear Grylls versus womankind: TV explorer accused of sexism over new men-only show that tests survival skills on a remote island
Sure, some women can be adventurers, survivors, or whatever, but to freak out because a TV show wants to see if men are still capable of surviving in the wild does not demean wominz, actually the show will most probably attract women to see if men are still capable or have turned into manginas, whimpering at every turn...
As for the show, we could point out the many wominz only shows, but there are so many, wouldn't have enough room on this page...
Those who are b*tching about it only want to be part of it so they can make money....and arer so entrenched into their "men all bad" ideology, they can't see beyong their hatred.

Now, lets see, society as a whole depends on the strength of men to assure its freedom and continuity, as in military, police, construction, road building, so on, true women can be that but as a whole, and as we seen in the marine corp exercises, women cannot do 3 pull ups, which means they could not carry a 100 pd bomb to an artillery piece, or most importantly carry someone who is wounded very far, it is a better idea to have men in those positions than women.
It doesn't deman women, it only shows we all have a place in life, equaly important to the circle.
There are certainly things women can do men cannot...you don't see us b*tching about it...

I don't think women as a whole have a problem with this show, only the small left overs of the feminist movement do..
I hope the TV station do not bow to those with an inferiority complex and realise, majority rules, I would be interested to see if men of today with their easy lifestyle compared to the past can still achieve what is necessary to ensure security, freedom, and the evolution of a nation...
We'll see....

The fall of feminism. Young lady's opinion on feminism...

I could have put only the link, but since this is from the next generation of young ladies fighting back against old cat loving hags who have an inferiority complex, I wanted to put all the article...and say thank you girl, you and ladies like you gives me hope for the future....and definitely deserve support.

Why I Hate Feminists
1.) Nitpicking

For feminists, every little thing in media that involves a woman, is another way to get mad at the world. “Oh my gosh, that woman is wearing pink in that advertisement! That is sooooo sexist!” “Oh my gosh, that girl is wearing flowers in that perfume ad! How degrading to women!” “Oh my gosh, they have a mom’s section for books and have cookbooks underneath it, how sexist!”

Things like that piss me off. First off, you’re just discriminating against the colour pink. There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing pink in an ad, and it’s not supposed to say anything. She could be wearing blue, orange, black, purple. Guys wear pink. Girls wear blue. What’s the big deal? Another chance to be negative. And of course she’s wearing flowers in an ad about perfume. Perfume is supposed to smell nice. And don’t even get me started on the cookbook one. If it was a father’s section with cookbooks, no one would even look twice. No big deal, right? See, feminists are the most hypocritical people on the planet and the funny thing is, they’re ignorant about it, even to their own actions. Guess what? Newsflash: some women like to cook. Newsflash: some men like to cook. Other newsflash: mother’s day is soon, and they probably had those out on display because of that reason. IT’S NOT SEXIST UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SEXIST. It’s a damn book. It’s a damn colour. Of course there’s going to be totally sexist things. Like on Facebook, there’s constantly pictures of rape jokes and sexual jokes. Mostly towards women. (See #5 for more insight on that one.) Those are disgusting, yes, and they’re obvious. But when little ads pop up, when things like that happens, it’s nothing to get all heated up about. And little girls love to play dress up, and they like princesses. But feminists suggest that it’s “wrong”, that little girls’ outfits sold at stores that are turned pink shouldn’t be allowed. (For example: a pink Batman Halloween costume.) If the little girls are happy with it, it does it for me. They don’t understand the concept of sexism yet. They’re just doing what they like to do. If they wanted another colour, they would ask. So in conclusion, feminists nitpick a lot of crap.

2.) Men are the problem

This one is probably pretty self explanatory. Some feminists think that men are the reason we don’t have full equal rights yet. Um, do you ever watch the news? Look deeper into media? Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video was both directed and casted by a woman. There are female politicians who are also stopping 100% equality from happening. We’re doing it to ourselves. Men aren’t the problem in this situation; it’s what the media makes of us, and what we let it do to us.

3.) Their opinion is right, yours is wrong

Yep. Never try to argue with a feminist. You’ll just end up having an aching headache. So, I’m the kind of gender equalist that will have an open mind when it comes to things. Last week I was having an argument with another feminist about a picture we saw on the internet. She had said it was sexist; I just thought it was shaming skinny people. Then, she told me why she had found it sexist: because a size 0 is like saying a woman is nothing to some people. Okay, sure, I understood. I got the point even though I didn’t think of it that way at first, and I was able to admit that I was wrong. But most feminists? Nu-uh. And the sad part is, a lot of it is in spite of hypocrisy. Women want to go out on the street wearing a tight dress, which is fine. But then, they complain when a women is wearing a tight dress in a music video.

Feminists are doing what they’re trying to change, and they wonder why hardly any improvements have been made. I hate when guys objectify women, don’t get me wrong about that. And of course in summertime I will be wearing my short-shorts. But you can’t say that you hate when a girl wears barely nothing on an advertisement, but then do it yourself, and get mad when people judge you for it. (Which relates to #4.) However if you try to tell them this, they’ll instantly cuss you out. If they have an opinion and you try to give them some insight, they’ll automatically have some sort of defence mode on, and nothing you say will go through to them. Close minded, because they think they’re doing what’s right for them. Which could be very true, if they weren’t bitching at it going on in the media.

4.) Blame the advertisers but never blame the women

The Representation Project is notorious for this one. Every day, we see thousands and thousands of advertisements. A lot with hidden messages, that are objectifying women, and can be considered to be quite offensive. But, in the eyes of a feminist, the only one to blame here is the advertiser. WAKE UP WORLD. The advertising company isn’t forcing the girls to do it. The girls are taking away their dignity and respect, and going to do it. They want to do it. Yet here we are, not getting mad at the girls, but the advertisers. If every female model that is provocative were to step up and say, “This is degrading and objectifying my body. I don’t want to do this.” Then advertisers would be forced to start creating healthy ads that depict women in a more sensitive way. Of course that’s not going to happen. People like the idea of fame, people like the idea of glamour, and people like the idea of a lot of cash. But feminist action groups everywhere are merely looking at it, and saying: “Wow. The advertisers disrespect women so much”. Uh, no. The women are choosing to disrespect themselves. And also, a lot of feminists will disrespect themselves too, just like the girls in the ads. But instead of it being an issue, they’re simply having “the same sexual freedom as men.” Another factor would be, men are also sexually exploited in the media. “Old Spice” and tons of shaving ads is a good example. There are thousands of advertisements with half naked men, yet we never say that there’s anything wrong with that. I guess this article is mainly about hypocrisy. Choose one or the other. Do you like the idea of being provocative, or do you want a pure, respective world? Next time you see an ad with a woman in tight tight shorts and no shirt, or an ad of a woman being raped, don’t think that the advertisers are fully to blame. The girls never were forced into anything (at least, not in this country.) They want to do it; but of course, feminists are rooting for the women, so they’ll never call them out.

5.) Equal sex rights for women

Wow, you stayed with me for the entire article! Awesome. Let me start off by saying, that I have traditional views on sex and love. I do not believe in promiscuity. I do not believe in sex without love. I do not believe in one night stands. Feminists judge me on this all the time because they say that I am being oppressive, and judging others. Hello! You’re judging me, for judging you. You’re judging my rights, so what makes you any better than me? I have the right to say that I believe in sex with love only, just as you have the right to talk about every guy you’ve ever “fucked” when in public. Also, I am against gender stereotyping. Sluts can be man, or woman. There’s no role for either or. A man can’t just be a “player”, same as a woman being a “slut.” Sluts & whores are both men and women. To all of the people out there saying: “If someone has sex with 1,000 different people, they’re not a slut, they’re just having a lot of sex.” Yeah. Okay there. I’m not a prude, I’m not saying not to have sex. I just believe in two very important things.
1.Have sex when in a serious relationship only.
2.Don’t talk about it/brag in public.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t necessarily like to judge. I’m not trying to hurt anyone. All I see is the media and teenagers and adults everywhere I look, talking about sex like it’s just some game you play for fun. A nightly ride or a thrill. Another thing I also believe, is people just haven’t found the right person. They’ve never really been in “love”, so they think that’s all sex is, just for fun, only because they never experienced what it should be. Sadly, not everyone will ever find their true soulmate. I’m lucky to have found mine so young, but people are giving themselves away to everyone because they don’t understand what sex is truly about. Sex is a big step on the way to happiness and joy. There is nothing wrong with it if it is followed with faithfulness and decency. And again, this is the right opinion for me, whereas others may enjoy the idea of being promiscuous. I am not saying that you should not be able to do what you want to do. This is just what I believe, and I believe that promoting a promiscuous lifestyle is not healthy.

I was on an application the other day that deals with feminism. There was a picture that said, “You can’t judge me and I can blow whomever I want.” I commented on it, saying it was trashy. As expected, a whole bunch of people were freaking out at me. The funny thing is, someone told me that I was judging. And then they judged me on my views on sex. Promiscuity is disgusting in both male and female sluts. Sex is for love, it’s a beautiful thing and society takes that away by claiming it to be a recreational activity. It is so disgusting when girls/guys talk about their sex lives in public and with their friends. It’s you and your partner’s business, no one else’s, and it’s not something to brag about. Sex is such a personal thing. The most personal thing there is out there, and it is very special. I value sex very highly and it honestly is so disturbing when all of these whores prance around like being promiscuous is something to be proud of. And maybe society does judge them differently, but I don’t. A slut is a slut no matter gender. One partner for life is my opinion. And I don’t really consider myself a “slut shamer”, I’m more of a “love enthusiast”. But whatever, I’ll take both titles if it really comes down to it. Love is probably at the top of my highest values, so seeing it just being crushed and stepped on makes me really mad. Just like how some people believe just to give yourself away to anyone and everyone, which I could care less about, I just don’t want to hear you bragging about it when we’re in a crowd full of people.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Propaganda campain For World War III...question is, are you buying it?

War; Old men cause them, young men fight them.
In peace, sons bury fathers,
In war fathers bury sons...
Here is what I finally realized....
Everybody is frigging nuts....
They, and I mean "the self proclaimed elite",
think war is a fu***ing xbox game...

Articulate young woman tells Obama what she thinks, after having supported him.

Says it all doesn't it...
Though I think her list is a little short...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hissy fit by cat loving feminists at simon fraser university.

Shocking anti-male hatred on the Simon Fraser University campus
Robyn Urback, National Post
Sunday, May 20, 2012
The student union at Simon Fraser University in B.C. has made the apparently contentious decision to finance the creation of a Men’s Centre on campus. Motivated, surely, by deep-seated patriarchal values, the union approved a budget of $30,000 to launch the project — the exact same amount conferred on the university’s Women’s Centre, which was established back in 1974. The idea for the Men’s Centre was proposed by fifth-year accounting student Keenan Midgley, who told SFU’s student newspaper that he believes men, too, are entitled to safe space on campus.

Feminists, up in arms....

Unsurprisingly, however, not everyone at SFU is thrilled with the decision. The Women’s Centre, for one, coolly brushed off the idea of a stand-alone Men’s Centre on its website, simply stating that, “the men’s centre is everywhere else.” They did say they would welcome a men’s centre that focused on “challenging popular conceptions about masculinity, confronting homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, and ability issues.” (in other words a mangina centre for feminist indoctrination) In contrast, they would oppose a men’s centre that “focussed on maintaining the old boys club … that promotes the status quo, encourages sexual assault, or fosters an atmosphere of competition and violence.” Oh. OK, then. Good to know.

Several other students have taken a more direct approach, compiling their objections to the Men’s Centre in widely-circulated five-minute YouTube video. Deeming the project “not financially responsible,” students take turns expressing their grievances. One woman with seemingly impeccable foresight declares that, “The Men’s Centre will end up being a place to celebrate hegemonic masculinity.” She later attacks the credibility of the Centre’s proponents, scoffing that they have, “no experience being in a gender-studies class.”

Men, too, join in the criticism of the proposed Centre, (what they really meant is manginas) one curiously warning that it may “become a highly masculinized space.” Another cautions that the project risks creating a “heteronormative space,” while yet another critical male dismisses the Men’s Centre as simply, “a room with a PS3 and a bunch of douchebags playing games.”

Wow, such big names as masulinized, heteronormative, and especially douchebags coming from such an enlighten part of the species who need feminists to show they are still relevant, keeping in mind these are males who feel threatened and inadequate beside real men.
Ironic isn't it, considering "real men" or as they describe us, douchebags, are the ones who protect their freedom of speech...

Bravo, students. In your attempt to decry the proposed Men’s Centre on all of its supposed merits, you have effectively demonstrated why such a space is so very necessary. At present, there is only one other Canadian campus with an official support centre for men — the Men’s Resource Centre at the University of Manitoba. Judging by the crass sociology catch phrases in the aforementioned video, the consensus is that young men don’t need community resources or support. That is a myth.

While statistics show that comparatively, far fewer university-aged men are diagnosed with depression than women, the rate of suicide among men is four times as great. It’s not hard to connect the dots: men are suffering in silence. And it’s not hard, either, to see why. If the assumption on campus is that men have no use for a resource centre other than meeting up with new PlayStation buddies, it becomes that much more difficult for them to break down the barrier of bravado.

Men, like women, struggle with issues of victimization, anxiety, and depression, but they must battle in addition with a societal expectation of stoicism. In short — it’s not manly to talk about your feelings. And it’s precisely for that reason that a Men’s Centre on campus is such a necessary initiative.

If brought to fruition, the Men’s Centre at SFU might also come with additional boons; namely, the latent effect of debunking some of the prejudicial, discriminatory, and misandrous views (see kids? I can play too) so blatantly expressed in the YouTube video.

Of course, I don’t have a gender studies degree, so consider it mere speculation.

And what do cats think about simon fraser university's man hating feminists, their mangina allies and their inferiority complex???

The beginning of the end of radical feminism...

Boys falling behind? Only temporary....The resurgence of man.

The simple fact is, historically, it's always been fashionable to look at the male species as... expendable, that's a sad truth...
When you want to make a name for yourself as an elite (with some cute name as king, queen, leader, emperor, and now a days, elected official), you use the male species for hard work, revolutions, wars, empire building, this has been going on since the beginning of time...
Why should the elite club of feminism be any different? And it is an elite club of privilege white women with a token of minorities here and there.... We have read multiple post on how black women consider this cult so, and rarely do you see Asian women follow that path...
What about native women?
Well, native women do not see themselves as permanent victims, on the contrary, ask any traditional native woman if she is a victim of a man, and she will laugh in your face.
If you do see one embracing this feminist ideology, they are considered a "sellout" to family, to men, to children and elders. Better known as "apples"
Not going to go into any details, but the old saying goes, "we are all part of the circle" ... "warriors come from women" ... "the adult is there to care for the young" ... "we must listen to the Elders" so on...that philosophy has worked since the beginning, women certainly did not feel weak enough to depend on feminism to tell them that...it has helped us to survive the worse extermination policy known to history...
What you hear in the media is not what reality is...if there is violence it is because some have lost their ways, adopted a foreign lifestyle and resort to drugs and alcohol,....and when one chooses that path, no matter what color you are, you lost your identity...

Where I come from, we understand that difference is important to offer balance to nature, it offers harmony to the family and community.
When you pick on one group for the benefit of another it makes war, anger, division, and the whole nation suffers...
Everyone has an individual part to play in the circle, everyone as important as the other....

That said....
We see around us, how boys seem to be falling behind, commit suicide, even some with no goals in life whatsoever...
We see feminism attacking, demonizing, falsely accuse the male species at every turn. Some boy is too exited at school, give him a pill, too rambunctious, medicate him, too opinionated, he is a potential abuser, plays with a pretend gun, cops and robbers, careful, send him home and try to convince the parents he will eventually go around shooting people in the future.....

So why is this happening, simple really, they are not only trying to change society, but nature itself. It is a natural identity for the male of the species, to be  provider, defender, protector, this cannot be changed, it is in the DNA.
When you "try" to take that away, your screwing around with nature itself, until we get into a time where we no longer bow to those who consider themselves blue bloods, this is never going to change.
No man enjoys or wishes to go to war, or resort to violence, we can control it until it is needed.
Rattle it to much, deny this identity and they will not like what comes next. The idea that we all live in a perfect world were we all sing cumbaya in a circle is...imaginary, one only has to look at the present world, not exactly a nice place for the moment is it....

We could go on and on, but hopefully everyone understand why things are going in the opposite direction.
You want to change the nature of man, your going to produce one hell of a backlash, as we see today...
11-year-old boy's suicide attempt part of epidemic
Is this boy and those like him who resort to suicide, because they are been bullied for liking to play cop and robbers, or even with my little pony the full responsibility of feminism and manginism, of course it is since they control schools... Not teaching them to stand up for themselves is what's causing this effect. If they do fight back, they get charged and expelled. And what happens if a man defends a woman if she is been assaulted, he will get charged with assault himself? The male of the species wants to get involve, defend and fight back, but is confused by low lives with a personal inferiority complex which they pass on and expect things to be rosie???

Many other countries are seeing the same effect.
Norway is catching up with Canada and America
Congrats to Norway....
I hope, eventually, they will learn, the lack of a father figure and feminism is the main cause of this downturn in their evolution as a viable state....

There is also something about the nature of women to consider, are they happier in the workforce, letting "others" raise their kids? Well, doesn't look like it...which confused the hell out of the local cat loving feminists...
Why Women Are Leaving the Workforce in Record Numbers
Hooray for sexual liberation! Now I can die lonely and poor

As for the cat loving feminist, don't be fooled, they are loosing because of their stupidity, and the easiest way to push then over the edge into the historical abyss is simply to point out their "stupidity"...as so many are now doing...
Feminist thought police takes on Kirsten Dunst

This is easy to figure out for those of us who understand the nature of life on this planet, the will to nurture and care for the young and family is stronger and more rewarding personally than to be a man hating cat lover with an extreme inferior complex...
If anyone tell you, raising kids and caring for family is easy, that's because they forfeited that right to others, or don't have any, I know, I raised my daughter on my own....
As parents, mom or dad, we realised that if we are not in our kids lives, radicals in schools claim the right to raise them, and I think women have also realise this when baby comes home with things that are unnatural and ideologically contrary to their beliefs...
I think MOM has had just about enough of the bullshit that comes out of schools these days and some have decided to put an end to it, get involved, and women, mom, is in a better position to handle it than dad's are.
After all, who else can handle a cat loving radical feminist better?

To tag all males as the problem in society is to open a new set of ones, it is NOT a good idea to have an uneducated population who wants what only the elite have, history shows these times of old has long passed, there is no more place for kings and queens, emperors and leaders, and the elected officials better understand that to change nature is to put in jeopardy, their posh little castle on the riverfront....
Men, boys are not the problem, the real problem is the weak minded having a position of power to advance their faults and twisted ideas on those who are responsible for a safe environment, in other words, keep on picking on us and things will change, but not the way they intended....
We can "allow" the weak to have a word, that is freedom, but to allow them to control the path of nature??? Very dangerous.

Feminist and manginas live in a world of make believe, pushing their hate filed characters onto those who "protect" their rights, and make no illusion about this....
MEN, are the first and last in promoting, protecting, the freedoms of those around us, this cannot be changed, women are free to walk the streets only if good men put themselves at risk against the "individuals" who threaten that right, children are safe only if good men go after those who deny or try to take their innocence, the Elders will help us to the path of enlightenment with their wisdom only if men guaranty their right to do so....is all this chauvinism, hell no, it's...reality.

The defeat of feminism and manginism is in the cards, so to say, they went too far, have put our children in danger and some are even promoting pedophilia as inter generational relationship...
Hell noooo....

You had your chance and you fu***ked it up.....
Now let the rest of us show you how it is done....

True definition of manginas:
A male of the species who feels inadequate and mediocre to the masculinity of his own gender, he therefore surrounds himself with feminists to combat his sense of inferiority and to feel accepted.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Free speech under attack in Canada and the western world.

Free speech under arrest : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

Collapse of free speech : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

If this is the new women’s movement, it’s no wonder girls don’t want to call themselves ‘feminists’

If we want free speech, we must respect it....even if we do not agree with an opinion...
If you want your opinions to be heard, you must respect those whom you do not agree with...

Feminism, by their actions has now been associated with marxism, fascism and any other totalitarian thought out there, and the media is taking notice. Right now it's university like U.O., but they understand that radical feminism which "infests" our schools will eventually slither down to them and that puts our democracy in terrible danger.

The human race has made terrible mistakes in the past by looking the other way, or letting an inferior group like feminism, communism, nazism take root, and the results where terrible...are we going to make the same mistakes again?  Hopefully not...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Real woman vs slut.

Real women...
You can build a good respectful family with the this one, She will make a man feel strong and will get respected by her behaviour, she offers balance to the world and make life around her...a gift.

Stay away from this one, the one night stand is just not worth it, the odds are you will be called a rapist if she has had one beer too many. If she feels she is a slut, or has behaved as one, she will defend herself by false accusations against the man she was with that night. And if you happen to  believed you might be able to build a family, your deluding yourself, the rest of your life will be full of pain, your children will be alienated from you and your financial status will be destroyed for the rest of your life.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Feminist lawyer tries to set-up cab driver.....

You gotta watch the video, this is a feminist lawyer, trying to set up a taxi driver, in the video he expresses his loyalty to his girlfriend, but she keeps on pushing...trying to set him up?
This is why men have to be very careful, because feminists, and in this case a "lawyer", knows damn well how easy it is to falsely accuse a man of sexual advances, even if he shows respect, he still can get charged, thankfully, the video saved him, but...what if he didn't have a camera....
Me think it would of ended a whole lot differently.
My guess is, she would of advanced her status, career, if she would of been identified a victim?

When feminists say or claim, because of their experiences, "they are the experts", one has to wonder...
Especially when we hear those in the shelter industry making such claims. Personally if they would say this in front of me, I would ask them to prove it. False accusations against men is so prevalent and easy in our society, it puts the real victims and the constabulary in a precarious position, while investigating the alleged crime, the cops have to investigate to see if it's a lie...
Do we hear condemnation about this from the shelter industry and feminists, nope...not a frigging word...but then again, false claims and accusations helps them to falsify statistics for funding, inflated salaries and funding....

Another thing, feminists claim only 2% of rape accusation are false, if this is true, then why is it so fu***ing easy to find them.
Again, the story above is about a lawyer, this reveals how easy it is to make false accusations against men, when a feminist lawyer tries to do it.
Carry a recorder at all times??????
I know it's silly but under the circumstances, not a bad idea anymore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Buinesses support Joseph's house for women. So do we...

Do you have papers that need to be shredded? Save the date for 2014 Shred Fest! The Terzolo Financial Group, Inc. will be hosting this event on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 4:30 to 7:30pm in the parking lot of their offices (3208 West Genesee Street in Fairmount).
Shredding will be done while you wait! Empty your files of those annoying papers, stop feeding one piece of paper at a time into your shredder and have it done right there! This year, they are asking for a $5 per box donation and all donations will benefit Joseph's House! Many thanks to the Terzolo Financial Group for sponsoring this event!

Joseph's House promotes the sanctity of life and the dignity of women by providing a nurturing home for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. The physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the mother and her baby are cared for through the loving direction of staff members and access to resources including, educational, occupational and spiritual in the Catholic tradition, giving them the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.
Joseph's house facebook page

A huge thank you to Amanda Webster and the students & teachers at Bishop Ludden! They chose Joseph’s House as their service project for March and they not only raised money to donate toward our adoration tabernacle, they donated over 15 cases of baby food!
God bless their witnesses for Life!

A heck of a lot more than $143, now isn't it...way to go girls...

If local businesses want to support some corrupt anti male and anti family woman's shelter with practices of victimizing women and demonizing men, husbands, fathers, then we can support a site that promotes the true meaning of womanhood...

Girl bully get's her comeupins and the legacy of feminism.

The true legacy of feminism is yet to be fully written, there are many, destruction of the family, man haters, racism, inferiority complex, on and on.....but one of the most important is making believe anything a male can do they can do, or better...which as we know is bullshit. Let men be men and women be women, different sides of the human race, but both needing each others differences to survive as a race...
When they went on the offensive to make young girls believe they had the upper hand, whether in schools, colleges, the workplace, somehow women realise it was not as simple as that, a man's world was more difficult and not as rosie, even more dangerous than they were told.....
Now, they created a new generation of bullies, whereas females were the balance, we see more and more resorting to violence, and if they don't get their way, false accusations, why? Because they were told they were just as good as men. Majority of women have not adopted this crap fortunately, but there are enough to cause one hell of a problem for years to come...
As for men, there are things women can do men cannot, we believe both have individual gifts and stregths that gives the world balance, one is never better than the other, and when we do have men who feel inadequate beside other men, lack of masculinity, weakness, they seem to look for acceptance with the feminists, hoping to be given reason for existence, those are called manginas...
So, these groups, who have chosen to walk a confused path, find themselves in a terrible dilemma which confuses them even more, or puts them at odds with reality....
As we have said so many time, let men be men, women be women, and let's all meet in the middle...
Otherwise reality can be a bitch...

Graphic cell phone video filmed in a school bus features a young boy overcoming a bully after being beaten mercilessly.
Video shows a black girl repeatedly slapping and punching a white boy in the face while she pulls his hair. The boy and others can be heard begging her to stop.
“Please stop, I want to go home,” the boy tells the girl as he tries to block blows to his face. The bully ignores his pleas and continues hitting him.
As the girl begins kicking the boy in the head, he stands up from his seat, fed up with the abuse, and manages to put his abuser in a headlock.
You can see the girls brother trying to gang up on him when his sister looses the upper hand.
After taking control of the incident, the boy shows his character when he releases his attacker and asks, “You OK?”
Goes to ask where was the bus driver and why others did not try to stand up and stop a bully...
The boy acted like a perfect gentleman, did what he was supposed to do and showed, there are limitations to been a female bully against a boy.
Originated from infowars...

This is not a unique situation....as feminists would like us to believe.
Seen quite a few videos of girls bullying boys lately,
Two young women in Maryland admitted to torturing a 16 year old mentally disabled(autistic) boy over a period of months, including putting a knife to his throat on several occasions, kicking him in the groin, forcing him to masturbate and have sex with animals, making him walk across a frozen pond where he fell into the icy water several times, dragging him around by his hair and other acts which they reportedly recorded on camera phones.
Writing for Slate Magazine, Feminist Hanna Rosin commented on this crime, and she empathized with the Mother, “I feel her pain,” says the End of Men author. “From the little we know of the mother, it sounds as if she had to work a full day.”
That Rosin "feels her pain, " the pain of the mother but has an inability to in anyway empathize with the young male victim or 'feel his pain" is clear evidence of her extreme prejudice and hatred she holds for all men.

And that is the "legacy" of feminism.....

Also; Look at one of the comment of some mangina...
Donald Kensley
Everyone, that fucktard was AUTISTIC for crying out loud. They had a perfectly legitimate reason to treat him like that.
Sick ass**le...
Even in this area, some little tart who claimed to be raised by a feminist, called an autistic boy, "a retard" and compared him to a dog. Of course most of us where appalled, yet this little douche can find solace in knowing she has backing from that minor group of haters around her...and continue her destructive hate against anyone she so please....because she answers to no one for her disturbing thoughts.
And that is what is so sad, to allow, or have the courage to make such disparaging statements without repercussion offers an imbalance society....
And that is the legacy of feminism...chaos.

Actress gets online support for her comments about men and women.

Actress Kirsten Dunst commented in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK about gender roles and romantic relationships, in which she said, “you need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.”
“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” Dunst told the magazine. “We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking — it’s a valuable thing my mum created.”
The 31-year-old actress continued: ”And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work.”

Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan, called her “kind of dumb.”

And Stacey Ritzen over at Uproxx called Dunst an “insufferable person.

Full story...

When the cat loving feminists over at jezebel and uproxx criticise you, means your making sense.
You can see this with the support tweet the actress got and the negative views most people have of anything feminist...as in angry shrieking feminist harpies

It`s no longer a good idea anymore to be indetified as a cat loving low life with an inferiority complex who has a hate on for men and stay at home mom who nurture their kids and care for their family.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The fall of feminism, High court (female) judge says men should be granted pre-conviction anonymity in rape cases.

'It's a human right to be innocent until proven guilty'

Earlier this week, MailOnline reported on Maura McGowan - the deputy High Court judge who recommended that men should be granted pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials.
In a rare example of common sense within British law, the leading figure said that men should have their identity protected unless they are convicted.
Quite frankly, I agree.
Only yesterday, MailOnline reported on the case of Sophie Hooper - a 19 year-old woman who maliciously accused an innocent man of rape.
The mother-of-one, who was photographed smirking outside Southampton Crown Court after avoiding a jail sentence, only admitted to fabricating the allegations two months into the police investigation.
Sadly, cases like these are increasingly common.
In April last year, Kent's Kirsty Sowden - a former John Lewis shop assistant - was jailed for just 14 months after crying rape over a fully consensual encounter with a man she'd met online. He was arrested at his workplace in front of colleagues and detained in a cell, wasting 376 hours of police time and costing £14,000.
In May 2012, 20 year-old Hanna Byron was spared jail after falsely accusing her ex-boyfriend of rape in revenge for breaking up with her.
In August, Sheffield's Emma Saxon was jailed for making a second false rape allegation against her boyfriend, Martin Blood. He was held in police custody for 14 hours and subjected to an intrusive medical examination - all because he'd stood her up.
Meanwhile, Teesside's Joanne Buckley was jailed for three years in September after stabbing a man because he refused to have sex with her - then threatening to cry rape if he went to hospital for treatment.
These cases - and the many, many more like them - are exactly why men deserve protecting by the law as much as women.
In 2010, a poll conducted by MailOnline showed that 67 per cent of readers want pre-conviction anonymity for rape defendants, as opposed to 33 per cent who don't.

Feminists like Julie Bindel disagree. She seems to believes that men deserve the stain of rape stigma, guilty or not, simply because they are male. In fact, she once said being falsely accused wasn't so bad. 'A fair number of celebrities have been accused of rape in the past and do not seem to have suffered longer term,' she incredulously wrote in The Guardian. 'To say that an accusation ruins lives is perhaps a sweeping generalisation.'
To say this doesn't matter is not only patronising, but irresponsible and sinister. It also smacks of some darker gender agenda.

Ironically, women like Bindel are enraged at the concept of pre-conviction anonymity for men, yet so few of them are equally outraged by the false accusers who betray the sisterhood (and the real victims of rape) with  their lies.

A little at a time, feminist power is deteriorating, not only because of the mrm, but women who have seen the damages these cat lovers have done to society....
Said it before, feminists claim only 2% of rape claims are false, even here in Lanark county ontario, if it is so, why is it so easy to find false rape accusations online and in the media lately??

False accusations is a big problem nowadays, some use it for revenge against husbands "or ex's", to get on the emergency list, out of spite, greed, corruption, custody of the kids, and what does the shelter industry and staff do about it...nothing...as a matter of fact they will endorse it to get more funding...Shelters are at the forefront of false accusations against men because of their hate of anything male.
Case in point...
"They can't be too picky????"
There is the proof, shelter do not weed out false claims.
And since they don't, then they encourage it...