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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Women's study major financed her education(womyn's study major) with porn, and blames duke university.lol.

I understand a university education is expensive, and we have to remember parents will sacrifice all in order to make sure kids have that education, but to do porn is a little insulting to all those who do get through it without going in that direction, according to her...its all duke university's fault...because they charge to much for tuition?
She also knew her parents would be heartbroken since she hid it from them, which as parents we can understand that in the Internet age, her little "adventures" will be accessible to "everyone" forever.
She even went as far as saying if she had a daughter she would approve of her going into the business...(empowering the next generation of young girls though women's studies and porn?)
And where did she get the name Belle Knox, well from a child's movie beauty and the beast and from amanda knox, yes that amanda knox, whom she called very intelligent...the one that has been suspected of killing her room mate in a sexual fantasy....wow...

According to her, doing porn empowers women, she does it to advocate for women's rights, she wants to be a human right lawyer for women, she also believes women are treated unfairly and to counter this,"she wants to be a porn star?" Even the interviewer is a little taken back with those statement..."honestly".
She considers herself a sex positive feminist, whatever the hell that means.

By the way this isn't a unique situation, feminism, womyn's studies and all that crap have used porn before to point out that oh so bad patriarchy...College feminist do a porn at columbia university's library.

So what did we learn with all this, well first of all, as a father of 2 daughters, if they would do this it would break my heart, and to do it for an education so they could advocate for women's right would make me shake my head in disbelief.
"So you think that using sex and a porn industry infested with aids, to get ahead in life promotes the rights of women?" "You learned this in women's studies?"

Sarcasm aside....
Here is what really makes me shake my head, university, womyn's studies majors, feminists, argue that men are sexual predators who go out and rape anything female, that they only think of sex and taking advantage of poor defenseless females...
College boys take advantage of those poor college girls....who are only there to get a womyn's study major.

And yes, that we even use sex to advance ourselves...
But wait just a minute
What do you call this little endeavour of this little girl who is a womyn's study major doing???
Sounds to me she is using sex as a way to empower herself.....even promoting it to her future daughter if she ever has one...since there is a good possibility she will not get there if she continues.
She even claims she has the support of 70% of her peers, that's a lot of womyn's study majors who believe using sex as a way to advance in life is a good way to do it?
We said it before humanity is like a coin, ones a head ones a tail, (no pun intended) we all have the same urges, the same dreams and the same goals, some of us do it correctly with hard work, some of us uses shortcuts, but to demonize men the way university feminists have done lately, that they are just a bunch of horndogs is just that...bullshit, some women use sex to advance themselves also. Which makes their argument nothing more than a frigging joke.
We know the porn industry is infected with aids, we also know that doing porn does "not" empower women, it's the other way around, anyone who thinks she is empowered by doing it lives in fantasy land. You want to do it that's fine but don't try to turn it into a possitive thing for women's rights, because it isn't

This site does not promote the idea that all college girls believe this, and do recognize the majority of them just want to get ahead with hard work and self respect...
Here is more on the class of today's ferminists...

Porn,urinating in public...
It's all for s good cause according to feminism...
The empowerment of the female of the species.
Yyyy...ah!!! oooo....k!!!!
OOOh, that bad old patriarchy!!!
This site also does not believe most women with self respect would urinate on the sidewalk to prove a point...lol.

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