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Friday, March 7, 2014

Want to know why your kids are having problems with schools?

This is why...
Zero Tolerance gun policies
Idiots and fools (Principal Patricia Price) running our schools
and trying to prevent kids from been kids(boys mostly)
All this is starting to look like abuse of "our" kids by the sub intellectual.
Remember when we use to do it, and all that fun, cops and robbers?
Did we grow up to be psychopath killers???
Here's an idea, let's all join hands and fly the rainbow flag, adopt the feminist ideology
and the mangina's cowardice, that way we can all be...happy...
Just like, north Korea, China, Vietnam, and all those other countries
who have total control over the behaviour of their population....
Then we can join in a circle and sing kumbaya,
under some frigging red and yellow flag.
The evolution and future of freedom depends on our kids,
then again....
if they are controlled at an early age, it will be easier to control them when they are adults.
Take a good look around the world right now, how many countries have adopted this
Let's turn boys into girls and manginas policy?
Only the west.....

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