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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The use of retraining orders against fathers...

Easy to get, hellish to deal with, restraining orders have become the ultimate weapon in domestic disputes.
By Cathy Young
 Hitting below the belt
One of the biggest weapons against men has been the use and abuse of Restraining Orders. The fact is, 85 percent of all temporary restraining orders are issued to women. Despite their widespread use, many legal scholars believe restraining orders violate essential elements of due process, including advance notice of the proposed action, the right to face one’s accuser, and the opportunity to refute the allegation.

Elaine Epstein, former president of the Massachusetts B...ar Association, admitted, “Everyone knows that restraining orders are granted to virtually all who apply ... In many cases, allegations of abuse are now used for tactical advantage.”
TRO’s have become “part of the gamesmanship of divorce.”

Restraining orders have profound consequences:

They require the male to immediately vacate the house.

They prohibit the father from communicating with children.

They impose substantial legal defense costs.

In contrast, the female may enjoy free legal assistance under the Legal Assistance for Victims provision of the Violence Against Women Act.

A recent analysis of domestic violence restraining orders issued in 2006 in Campbell County, West Virginia concluded 81 percent were unnecessary or false. In Massachusetts, in Gardner District Court in 1997, 34 percent of TRO requests from men were turned down — compared to only 10 percent from women.

One account sums up the restraining order process this way: “In 10 days, the hypothetical husband has gone from having a normal life with a wife, children and home to being a social pariah, homeless, poor, and alone, trapped in a nightmare.”
Original post and credits to... The Men's Rights Initiative
The over use of restraining order has a direct path to feminists ideology, and that ideology is to tag all women as weak and in need of protection against men which in turn have been tagged as all bad...
We know that the act of a few individuals should never drag in all of us, yet according to feminist policy, if they keep as many women as possible weak, then their existence can continue. Is it to help others, no, is it to achieve and keep power at the expense of others? Totally.
As we have said before, most  of us write. not out of hate, certainly not out of hate for women, I can only speak for myself but I love women, they have their own strength and gifts, add this to a man's and we have a family who thrives....
But when a woman decides to depend on feminist organisations, such as women's shelter staff for guidance, she is kept weak and defenseless, hence needing more of their...company, and therefore can be kept around for funding and false statistics....
Case in point, the story of 2 women...
(this person does not depend or surrounds herself with feminists.)
Strong will, self sufficient and self assured of her capability as a person to pick herself up if she falls....the same thing most of us are capable of on our own. Has co-operated fully with the father of her child, and both worked together to benefit each other and the responsibility they have towards that child. Nothing is ever perfect, but recognising that there is a more important path than the personal or the individual, help them to work together for the benefit of the ones that count...kids.
(this one surrounds herself with radical feminists..)
Always on pills, mentally incapable of recognizing her own behaviour is alienating her from those who truly care, lack of strength and totally dependent on local feminists for everything.
Women such as herself, cannot understand they are been used for financial purposes, hence her life is always filled with anger and despair, eventually finding herself alone of with people of doubtful reputation because no one can trust such a person...this person cannot let go of her hate or whatever they call it, brought on by those she associate with, it's always other people's fault, constantly tries to demean, attack or hurt others, has used on multiple occasion restraining orders to keep the father away from his own kids, and makes life miserable for all around her and herself and who suffers by her action and those who keep her as a tool? Kids.
I don't know if feminism was ever a good thing for women, from my perspective, it is a divisive and hateful group who believes they have the power and the means to make life miserable for others and themselves. Most of us who fight back, did not wake up one morning and suddenly decided we hated or disliked feminism, we knew of their existence but payed it no mind, until they came after us, and that is what we have to understand, most mra's mrm, have experienced the destructive nature of this group personally...before we judge these men's sites, ask the ones who run it, to tell the story of why they went this way, and you will find someone who was demonized and told they had no rights to their emotional attachment to their kids, they were fathers who did not matter, and radical feminists are usually behind it.
And if we dares to fight back, expose or point to what feminism actually represent, they will use all at their disposal, as in the restraining order, which can be acquired by a simple accusation without legal proof, and the other has been financial...those who surround themselves with these feminists can be assured of a free lawyer, while the accused, always a man, has to pay for one....which in itself lack equality, if one has a free lawyer or does not pay for it, then the same should be for all...
Not to mention spousal support,
child support, court cost, on and on...
The inequalities in our system is there and those responsible must be accountable for their actions, eventually this will rectify itself, but until then, feminists as it is today, will continue to be the organisation that divides and alienate families for personal gain.
The restraining order is just another tool to achieve their goals... "all men bad".
The next time feminism claims "all men bad", look at your sons, husbands and fathers, and make your own mind on what reality is...
The world will be better place for our kids if we work together rather than apart.

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