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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The spiritual and physical bond between mother, child and father.

First one is badly titled...should read "don't" want to leave the mother"

After seeing this, how do we justify...abortions?
The physical and spiritual bond between mother and child goes even deeper, we have seen the studies which found that mothers who had abortions suffered deep emotional and even physical pain, regret and depression.
No man will ever know what it is to be pregnant, we can only imagine and even that does not do it credit, but we do understand the meaning behind it, it's greatness and joy of such a day when a woman is pregnant, when a child is born ....
This is what we have to accept as human beings, we both have an equal tie to life, especially new life, maybe different but both important to one another. If we stay away from that understanding and mutual respect for each others place in the Great Circle, which we are expected to respect it's laws given to us by the Great Spirit, Creator of all life, then life as we know it will be replaced by those who do have respect for that gift....
A child's life is created by the male and female of the species and both must have equal say, because both are involve in the process.
It is hard to understand the position "some" women take, especially those who listen to the twisted ideals of feminism, once a woman is pregnant, how can she say that it is her body, without realising it is not, that the body is now two...
Respect for a man's, father's, husband's place in that process must be acknowledged in order to make society a place for all life,and the respect of those who cannot speak for themselves....babies.
After all, isn't that why we are here, to protect and provide for the next generation, and if animals do it, why can't we, and what does that say of us if we do not?
To analyse life as only a science project or even just the physical is the mistake some of us are making, we have to realise it is also the emotional and the spiritual, once we do this, then the respect for all life will take root, and the world will be a better place.

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