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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Edward Snowden Interview that was Blacked-Out by the Media...Our democracy, then and now.

One week ago, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden was interviewed on the German television network ARD. What many Americans may be unaware of is that the Edward Snowden interview was intentionally blocked from the US public with none of the major new outlets covering the interview or its contents.
I don't beleive it was broadcast anywere on the continent.

The interviews in the video above was taken from this site, how long its going to stay up...who knows.
Listening to the interview, one can only be "fearful" at how far "DEMOCRATIC" government are willing to go to spy on their own citizens, considering "they" are the representative, protectors of what "we" believe to be our freedoms.
It shows how much of a step backwards we seem to have taken from what we believed the evolution of freedoms would take us back in the 60's and 70's. If they would of tried this back then, shit would have hit the fan...it would have been exposed as communism.......question is, why is it so easy for them nowadays?
This is one of the reason some refuse to have a cell phone, anything that transmit through the air is able to be captured and listened too, including a wireless modem of a computer.
I know some people who even refuse to have computers in their houses, not because they are conspiracy theorist, but because they do not accept the idea that it is so easy to spy on them.
Emails, web searches, cell phones, all are very easy to spy on or listen too, and that is what is so scary, you can accidentally say something out of humour or out of simple anger that could cost you your liberty.
For example; saying in jest, "that fool is such an idiot I could slap him", if you where to put a name to that phrase, whether an email, web site, facebook or a phone call , you could find yourself in deep shit....doesn't mean you would perform this act, of that your violent in any way, but with the total co-operation of the media, they would make it look that way.
Another example; facebook. How many times lately have we heard some "child" been arrested, demonized for what they wrote on their timeline, saying it and acting upon it is not exactly the same thing, especially when it comes to kids, or teens. Yet, the media will demonize this child in order to desensitize us to the idea that even kids are criminals and need to be "controlled"....they are kids for God's sakes!!!
The thing we use to say in the school yard to each other back then would be considered radical terrorism today according to them and that is the point, "control" of the way we think and "guidance" towards who they think we should be...that's not freedom and it's not the way we got here as a free society.

Even this site is monitored, they showed me printouts of some of the post that was written...
Never threatened anyone, named a few who behaved against family values, those who believed they were all powerful, those who said the dumbest of things, those who demonized men for been men, so on...even used the word feminazi a few times, but the posts always has a link to what they said, we "never" make up a story, simply point out the stupidity of their claims or debate what they say.

Either way, spying on nations, spying on people by governments, and spying on individual locally, is a sign of a "paranoid" government or agency, what the hell have they got to be paranoid about is also the question here, do they know something we don't?

All this began with 9/11, (surprise surprise), we have to be "protected", OK, so let's compare our time with today.
The main enemy is al qaida, a danger to democracy....are you kidding me?
They are amateur compare to the kings of the terrorist organisation of the day...the p.l.o.
Back then, plane were been hijacked practically every month, bombed out of the sky or on the tarmac, bars, commercial buildings, Munich Olympics. Then there was the i.r.a., the red faction, the red army, the baader meinhof gang, even here in Canada we had our own homegrown terrorism, the flq, in the late 60's and 70's we were afraid to walk pass any mail box on the streets.
We outlived these organisations, not by spying on each other or by governments, but with our resolve, our belief that our way was better and stronger because we trusted those whom we elected or worked for us.

Today, with Mr. Snowden's revelation, we clearly see, those whom we put our trust in, do not seem to trust us....and they even took it a step further by not been able to tell the difference between free speech and an act of terrorism.
And some have gone as far as monitoring our personal thoughts, personal web sites, personal searches in order to control terrorism????
In the old days, they had a saying and belief, "if you trust your population, no enemy can defeat a nation"...
Yet here we are, someone who exposes illegal activity which would of been the reason for voting a government out of office back then, and called traitors to democracy is himself called a traitor....
Let's not forget to demonize Russia at the same time for giving him asylum, how many did we give asylum to, with them bringing secret information about their government. We treated them like heroes!

Fortunately, people who have lived and grown in a democratic society have it in their blood, in their DNA and it cannot be taken away, with Snowden's revelation and courage, also the kid in the basement, anonymous, hackers, this goes both ways, it shows, people can also do it....which they seem to forget.
We had no computers in our time, we had demonstration against government abuse of freedoms, this generation has the computer.
And that is our safety net...

Reminds me of a movie I saw recently...The core...
Rat: How many languages do you speak?
Dr. Conrad Zimsky: Five, actually.
Rat: Well, I speak one... One Zero One Zero Zero. With that I could steal your money, your secrets, your sexual fantasies, your whole life. Any country, any place, any time I want. We multitask like you breathe. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried.

Those who "think" they are above the law, or the "elite" forget, there are people out there as intelligent, and as capable of doing the same thing they do. Hacking "to some" is as easy as hell...
Everyone has secrets, especially those who believe they are our betters.
If they don't want it done to them, why are they doing it to us?

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