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Friday, March 21, 2014

Man is an imposter...Make feminists dictators.

We concluded a while back that feminism has a dislike for the male species....(duhhh!)
This conclusion is also based on experiences.
One says men are parasites and slaves, subdue males, women superiority, men and that is fathers, sons and fathers of women are an afterthought of nature..oook, no hatred here...(sarcasm)
And the other, which is supported by local feminists in Lanark county Ontario, says, men sexually assault and rape women for power....(still on their site to this day)
Which in it's definition basically says men are animals to be controlled and hated....
and we are horn dogs.
Same shit isn't it.....
First of all, besides the clownish definition of humanity by the cat lovers, local or otherwise, humanity, males and females, cannot survive without each others co-operation. Life is as simple as that, therefore statements like those above are based on hatred by a hate group.
It is recognized as such not by simply listening and defining them that way, but by pointing out their wacky, idiotic, stupid, low intellectual reasoning of the world around them based of an inferiority complex.
This site as so many others, where created not by hatred of feminism or something to do; if they made any king of sense and if their message was honest, it might be different...emphasis on might...
But that is not reality, anti feminist sites are created and pop up every day, (by men and women) outnumbering pro feminist ones because of our individual experiences with them, our investigation in what they represent and where they came from, as we can see above.
We realise this hate group did not start by only demonizing men, but races also...which is borderline nazism, before nazism was around...
They (feminists of the day) bitched about male dictatorships
and wanted to replace it with females ones?
We have had female dictatorships in history,
Queen Mary I - known as Bloody Mary
Catherine de Medici orchestrated the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre
Elizabeth Bathory bathed in the blood of young girls
There is many more but you get the point.
Turned out they were as "gifted" as any dictator...
Makes one snicker at the statement some of them made;
If women ruled the world.....
Not trying to demean women, just pointing out, different side of the same coin.
Power is power and power corrupts....male or females.

They have created for themselves a fantasy world that could never exist, based on hatred for half the population, the very half that ensures their freedom to express said hate freely. (men, warriors, soldiers, cops...so on). Does that mean men are better and in control, hell no, because "we understand" there is no existence without women, it's a balance of nature. We are "dependant" on each other, we compliment each other, we "exist" for each other survival. One cannot be free or exist without the other.

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