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Saturday, March 8, 2014

International woman's day is not feminist day. It is not meant to be a day of disrespect.

Again, international woman's day is demeaned by the local nut, otherwise known as radical feminism.
I have no problems with naked women, not surprisingly because I am male, but there is a time and place for it...public nudity, performed by the radical feminist or femen or whatever they call themselves these days, does not bring my attention to their twisted message, on the contrary, it pushes me away from anything they have to say.
IWD is or shall we say was meant to honor the role women have in our society, their love, dedication and tenacity for the welfare of those around them, of family and themselves. Most men as a whole have always respected the role of women. The hardship radicals talk about, whether the misrepresentation of what patriarchy means(elders), or the idiocy of, all men rape to get power, or we beat our loved ones at Superbowl has brought us to the realisation that feminism as it is now is nothing more than some annoying misguided tool for those who dislike their own lives, to push their inferiority complex on others, namely women and to demonize mother's sons.
International women's day to me anyway is the recognition of the strength women have always shown to provide a better life for those around her, and also the understanding that in life, the male of the species is also an integral part of her circle.
The wife loving her husband, the mother raising her children, the woman at work, so on, so on....
IWD does not belong to those who use it to promote their exhibitionist tendencies, or twisted idealism, as a matter of fact, it demeans it. Women understand fully that in order to celebrate IWD, they need the men in their lives, after all, isn't it better to have all acknowledge them, including the other half of the population? Wouldn't that make it more relevant?
When radical feminists are involved in these type of exhibitionism, it makes something that should be a good day into a joke...
They want to show their goodies, fine, no problem, some will look, some will laugh, some will gawk and some will shake their heads, but it will "NEVER" mean what these FOOLS intended to be...
IWD is about showing respect, for those who deserve respect, it is not meant to be used to disrespect the billions of women who work hard at caring and loving those around her...
When I look at my daughters, the way they care for themselves and the caring they show for others, the way they love their children and husband, family, or work hard, that is what I respect, their tenacity and strength...their beauty of character and the love they project with their presence.
Ironically, those bare ass little Arab girls up there with their rainbow and national flag who want to bring attention to the ladies in the Muslim world are reviled by 99.9999% of Arab women who would find their behaviour disrespectful to women.
This is why feminism is loosing, the lack of understanding of what respect is, that you cannot have respect if you do not respect yourself and do not respect others in the circle of life, for we are all a strand in the web of life and one without the other cannot flourish.
My respect for women is based on what I saw, what I learned, respect gets you respect, works both ways. The Iroquois confederacy constitution which was drafted in the 17 hundred precedes the American one, as a matter of fact, some say the founding fathers emulated it, and in that parchment, women had the equal rights of any human being and was not seen as lower...with the saying all warriors come from mothers, they even had a higher standing in this society.
And if we look closely at other civilisations, women were treated with respect and finess, it is the few in power, males and females(aka kings and queens) that took advantage of the population making life miserable for all.
That's why I never understood feminism and their cats, we as a whole fought hard to make the world a better place, still they refuse to look at reality, and only have their hatred to feed themselves.
No one can survive without the other.....and if we let these twisted cat lovers in our mist, were never going to get anywhere, family divided, children will continue to suffer, and the love and respect men and women need to survive will be used against us to promote some marxist twisted idealism of hate that has been proven time and time again, not to work.
So, IWD is for respect, not hate of half the population, show off your goodies or to expose ones inferiority complex, it is meant to admire the true value of our mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, so on.
Therefore IWD and radical feminism contradict each other and should never be put in the same basket.


Nikyon the clan mother said...

Women get respect by behavior and this is how it is returned.Naked in public to prove a point?

Izabelle said...

what the hell is wrong with these people

Anna said...

I want to hear more about the place of women in native life,sounds like they where treated the right way.

Allison said...

LOL, if they would do this in their own country they would be thrown in jail, or worse.

Karen said...

Good way to put it,womans day is for respect and I see none of that with feminism.They cant even respect themselves.