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Friday, March 7, 2014

From potential rapist to potential paedophiles, the world feminists and their manginas created.

No, men are not all potential paedophiles
Martin Daubney stopped by to watch his son play on the school yard.. " The look on the faces of the other people at the bus stop said it all. Hovering around a school like that, standing on tip-toe to look at kids: it could only mean one thing, surely. I was some kind of pervert. Red-faced and rendered speechless, I hurried away. Minutes later, I became enraged by what had just happened. I’d basically been accused of being some kind of sweet-bag-rattling nonce, drooling through the fence with a blacked out van parked round the corner. It seemingly hadn't occurred to any of those observers that I simply want to see my own son.

It used to be fashionable among women at the more toxic end of the feminist spectrum to label all men as potential rapists. Now, it seems, we are all being labelled potential paedophiles. It's time men stood up and said that such labels are completely unacceptable.
The next time you see a lone man hovering near a school, don’t automatically fear the worst. While we should rightly be vigilant, that man might just be another busy dad who just wants to snatch a glance of his precious child.

No need to describe this shit...it says it all....

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