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Sunday, March 9, 2014

False rape accusations...not as uncommon as feminists claim.

A woman falsely accused Niles Ranger of raping her after a night of consensual and enthusiastic sex.
A Hercules High School transgender student (that was born female) claimed that she was sexually assaulted by three other teens in a school bathroom. She then admitted that she fabricated the story.
 The girl, angry at Lanigan about something else entirely, had made the whole thing up.
Kanin (1994)
In 1994, Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike those in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to "seriously record and pursue to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits." He further states each investigation "always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects" and "the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false."

The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45; this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period. The researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused's version of events.
This study was done between 1978 and 1987...
False accusation are more prevalent today than before...
which means the number of false claims are higher...

Let's continue...

Ashleigh Loder
Fran Syvret received a flirty text message from party-loving friend Ashleigh Loder inviting him round for a few drinks, it seemed like a fun way to spend an evening.
 But what turned out to be a drunken one-night stand almost ruined his life. Mum-of-two Loder, 25 subsequently accused him of rape. The police were informed and Syvret was called in for questioning.
 Even worse, Loder spread her false claims around Bideford, Devon, where they both lived, leading to he and his ex-partner and the mother of his child receiving death threats.
the photos on his camera proved that Loder had willingly had sex with him and her story fell apart.
Loder, whose false claims wasted 100 hours of police time, was jailed for six months for perverting the course of justice.
(Lesson here? Your drunk, she's drunk, you want, she wants...
don't do it, or take pictures, video tape the whole thing)
Leanne Black,
falsely accused five partners of molesting her
Escaped justice for eight years but has now been given two years in prison
Leanne Black, 32, repeatedly cried rape with bogus sex assault reports to police after rowing or breaking up with her former partners.
 In one case, Black claimed she had been drugged and raped. In another she told police a boyfriend kidnapped and molested her.

and on and on.....
For that matter, what about male victims?
Everyone remembers Jodi Arias but few people still remember Travis Alexander.

We researched many false accusations, and easily found them, there are almost as many false ones as real ones, and to demean or to pushed them aside as unimportant, not only harms genuine rape victims as some in the justice system are beginning the recognize, but harms men to a point of no return.. We must remember in this society, your accused, some will believe you innocent, but also...some will always believe your guilty no matter what you say. And the record will show you were accused of rape...even if you where found innocent or never been to court for it.
That alone is pretty disgusting, once your found innocent, all reference to the "false" charge should be wiped out and those who made the false claim should be charged and a minimum sentence of 2 to 5 years implemented once found guilty, not to mention instant financial reparation.
And names should "never" be published anywhere including media until justice has fully run it's course.

As for women, not all are the same, majority of women will defend men's character
and the need and want for "real men". And vice versa.
But we must be careful, there are as many crazy women out there as there are crazy dudes, case in point...

There is a video called girls are ass*oles...
 This site does not in any way think that of the ladies,
but it does have its merits on the choices some women make.
Which the ted bundy video perfectly shows...
More reading stuff on the subject...
I could but dozens more of these....it's that easy to find, and if its that easy then there is a problem.

Remember Brian Banks....
and his accuser...Wanetta Gibson


And for God sakes, don't date a feminist...
Stay far, far away from any girl who enthusiastically identifies as a feminist.
There are many reasons why men with options don’t date feminists. Feminist women are much more likely to hold negative attitudes towards men, have mental health issues, and have serious issues with their sexuality.
If you do, you have no one to blame but yourself
when you eventually lose that game of Russian Roulette.
Decent girls do not make false rape accusations.
A false accusation may be perpetrated out of a desire for attention or sympathy, anger or revenge, or to cover up behaviour deemed "inappropriate" by their condemning surrounding culture.

False accuser, especially rape, should be pointed out, pictures on the web, special site for those special people, even those who knew it wasn't true, but still pushed the issue out of greed...
Trusting the justice system, to come up with the right decision is part of how to deal with all this, but what if those in the background do not give up, as in feminists continuously claim false accusations are not a big problem, tell that to the falsely accused...
To counter these cat lovers is also an important part of the process, if they continue on promoting their false claims, more men will be demonized for what they never did...and that has to stop.

One of the ways to counter this crap is to fight back, instead of acting like a victim, sure your a victims if you are falsely accused, but in some cases, what is important, especially when someone does it out of revenge or "obsession", is to expose the real story behind it, show what is been said and done, make sure all is exposed, and let people decide if your a good person or not...usually if your logical and realistic about it and your behaviour is honest, you can protect your name, and isn't that what is important in the end, since your kids and grand kids carry said name..(personal experience)

You don't have to be a brain surgeon to break down the story of a false accuser, after all they are lies, usually you will find inconsistencies and out right bullshit. (spy cameras help too)

We must have faith in the system, but if the system fails, we are all in deep shit, and it has failed many...To make sure it is for the people, you sometime have to fight in order to fix it, after all no human is perfect, do not identify yourself as a victim only but someone who dares to take it on. Whatever the cost...after all, most people will recognize that if you were guilty, you would not of gone that far to show your innocence.
And remember, those who say it isn't an important issue, have never been falsely accused... 

Those who have never been falsely accused will never know the hardship one goes through, 
as in someone who has never been physically raped.
They both have their individual pain, acted upon them by "bad individuals".
I don't want to demean either side, or demonize it in any way, finding the right words is always difficult in these cases, I do not pretend to know what a rape victim goes through, I have never been raped, but I do know how it feels to be falsely accused by someone who has an obsessive behavioural problem....
In my opinion, in both cases, you either hide and be a victim all your life or...
You fight back, and become a survivor, either way, it is always up to you how you handle it.
Because as we see, depending on others is not always the right thing to do.

We are all responsible for our actions...
men are not always to blame, that's the easy way out.

In closing...
Feminism (and their cats) as we know it today, "all men bad" , and if your falsely accused of rape, well, according to them, its not important and you might learn from it...
This is as bad as blaming a victims of rape...for the rape.
(Personal; I have daughters, and I would not recommend anyone raping them or sexually abusing them, and that is the way most men, fathers feel...yet, we are never mentioned in the oped of any feminists post are we.)
The acts of the few are not the mark of the majority, if we want to stop rape and the abuse of our daughters, we must stop the false accusations against our sons, the two go together, one cannot be dealt with in true manner if we have to deal with the false accusations all at the same time. 
If we don't acknowledge there is a problem with false accusations, which is usually done out of malice because of breakup, revenge, one too many beers, or whatever, more men and that is the sons, husbands, fathers of "women" will have their lives destroyed and will put the police and investigators in a position where they will have to take into account that maybe, a genuine rape victim is making it up...not a good prospect in each case.
But then, if you understand a feminist correctly, false accusations is only part of the problem...
what they really want is...the subjugation of all women under their twisted fu*ed up ideology and ......


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