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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chimps, my little dog and feminism, a comparison...

Are Chimps smarter than Feminist?
Jane Goodall first observed a chimpanzee, David Greybeard, using a tool in November of 1960. She watched from a distance as David poked pieces of grass into a termite mound and then raised the grass to his mouth. After he left, Goodall approached the mound and repeated the behavior because she was not sure what David was doing. She found that the termites bit onto the grass with their jaws. David had been using the grass as a tool to “fish” for termites!
Soon after Goodall’s initial discovery of tool use, she observed David and other chimpanzees picking up leafy twigs, stripping off the leaves, and using the stems to fish for insects. This change of a leafy twig into a tool was a major discovery. Before this, scientists thought that only humans made and used tools, and that this ability was what separated humans from other animals. This discovery caused famed anthropologist and palaeontologist Dr. Louis Leakey to write this famous line in a telegram to Goodall:
Now we must redefine tool, redefine man or accept chimpanzees as human.

But now fifty years later chimpanzee may once again redefine mankind, it has been observed that chimpanzee when ‘fishing’ for termites can in fact significantly speed up the process and the quantity of termites they catch if they broke open the termite nest, but this technique is unsustainable, would destroy a continual food source and result in a counter attack by the termites.
The chimps have demonstrated an ability to conduct their parasitical relationship with termites in a sustainable manner as to not exhaust the termite nest and thus increase chances of survival, this survival instinct is not present in feminist.
Feminism a social movement for white women believe that men are the perpetual oppressors of women and that violence against women, rape, aggressive behavior,
are all symptoms of masculinity, thus the feminist movement has made it its primary objective to eradicate masculinity. Ironically women in their 30s who are childless, unmarried and on a steady supply of anti-depressants are now questioning “Did we overdo it”
An alarming amount of men have started to stay single and as a result they work fewer hours because the money they earn does not go towards women, this has also resulted in less tax going to the government and ultimately less money on government subsidies for women. There are even rumours that men are actually asking to split the bill on a date. Sadly women like Clara Strongwoman are finding it hard to find a man to support her “I just want to have kids, I was willing to be a good wife, cook and clean while the man bought home the bacon, but you lousy feminist had to ruin it for all of us with your endless victim-hood, outrageous demands and out of control sense of entitlement. We made it so hard for them, they simply gave up”

Researchers say that men may actually be rationally making decisions because they have been exhausted to the point that there is no benefit in them to be the providers of women.
Top feminist from different organisations were secretly recorded by an anonymous user called Agent Orange on a debate with each other if they exhausted their parasitical relationship on men.
Terry O’Neill: We were well aware that men had a breaking point but since the arrival of the internet men have become well aware of the indentured servitude that has kept them under all this time, it is not feminism fault at all, it is the Internets, we need to monitor and censor the internet if we don’t want this country to collapse!
>Gail Dines: We pushed them too far and now there’s no going back, we had men right where we wanted, they worked long hours while we could play hide and seek in our pajamas with the kids, they went to die in wars, while we did easy house chores with our washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners.
>Gloria Steinem: I agree with Gail we even had chivalry, a fu**ing social etiquette that was heavily enforced which disposed men to heroic actions for the benefit of women, but now chivalry is being associated with beta behaviour.
 Of course I agree with everyone in this room that emasculating and degrading men was the right thing to do, but we should have left a little bit of dignity in men so that they were still useful to us

>Bonnie Grabenhoffer: We could try shaming tactics but even the dumbest men still have an adequate survival instinct
 We are trying very hard to rebuild society by removing male spaces but now we have things like Men Going Their Own Way and male rights groups popping up

>Gail Dines: Why? We cant even shame men into doing things anymore, they have little masculinity, how can a man even sink lower? I think what we need to also do is destroy the male survival instinct. Then they will start marrying women again.

>Terry O’Neill: Our only hope is to dupe enough beta males into marrying these women, once they sign the marriage contract they belong to women. I say we bring in a single man tax?
When news came out of the secret recording of the feminist, Steinem issued this statement without taking any questions.
“This war on women that men are waging by doing nothing has got to stop! Now that they are opting out of marriage and fatherhood there is no one to provide cash to our hard earned entitlements we gained through equality, women are human beings we shouldn't have to work long hours like men”
Intelligence according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Feminist did not at any moment in their history demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge and skills to be aware of their parasitical relationship on men, this would mean that chimpanzees have a superior survival instinct to feminist as chimps are not only aware of their parasitical relationship with termites but realize if they want to survive they have to be sustainable.

Thus chimps are smarter than feminist.
We had a similar post a while back, most of it was sarcasm meant for the local feminists of Lanark county Ontario, who troll and monitor this site in the desire to see us, me especially, threaten or write something that might be considered violent, or a threat.(good luck with that)
It made fun of a comparison between feminism and primitive humans.

HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus.(lol) AKA;Feminism;
This creature never takes responsibility for her own words, she will blame others for the trouble she causes, a creature who hates herself, her male counterpart and even those of her own sex if they do not sign on to her philosophy and idealism. One must tread lightly around the HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus, she is one with low self esteem, sub intellect, a gigantic inferiority complex and is extremely jealous of other peoples happiness, therefore must be treated with caution. If allowed to multiply she will cause extreme damage to society and families around her.The irrationality of HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus's idealism and her hatred of the male of her species shows her evolution took a different path than those around her, whereas normal evolution shows dependency of male and female on each other made them prolific, HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus's dependency on cats for companionship on the other hand made her very lonely and resentful, hence producing a being different from the norm and very dangerous to those around her. If not kept under control, HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus can destroy relationships, families, children and even in the long run, nations themselves.

We received many emails, stating this was extremely funny; and that's what it was meant for, to point out how ridiculous and dangerous this type of idealism is, if it is allowed to continue, with a little comedy.

I think the point to all this is, feminism as it stands now, is very disruptive to society, their policy of division, the blame game, victimizing women, even the inferiority complex attached to it makes men and women shake their heads at some of the idiotic thing they say, let alone what they actually do to promote such a ridiculous concept they seem to live with.
The very idea that all men bad, or we rape for power, or we beat loved ones during sporting events or even that we would actually send our daughters to a college if a rape culture did exist, as if we are total morons, shows who is the moron in that argument.

Many of the sites now online, speak out of experiences with these "people", not male privileges as they vehemently aim to as their main arguments. I personally am not a professional writer, never claimed to be, though I am trying to write a book on these matters, what I do put on here is not for fame or money, but based of personal experiences with the feminist population of Lanark county Ontario. (which by the way, would never exist if they only would of talked to me instead of "trying" to demonize me to my own kid and at every turn).

Those of us who are rational, understand full well that the human race, never went in the direction they seem to point to, we all suffered together at the hands of those who would think of themselves as privileged enough to rule over life and death, aka kings and queens. We fought together to get kids out of mines and manufacturing plants, to give our women the vote and equality, equal pay, to end slavery,so on...not to mention all the men who died in wars, (started by the privileged), to ensure freedom for all who came after us...namely our kids.

So, when we do look deeply at what they say, their arguments, their idealism, we have to shake our heads and ask where the hell do these "people" come from, or simply point out the lack of intelligence involved in their arguments.
One cannot debate someone who has an inferiority complex, or a hate on for a group, you can't debate nazis about Jews, you cant debate the kkk about blacks and we cant debate feminists about men or stay at home moms. The only thing we can do is show what they represent, what they say, ridicule it with a little comedy and inform people as to their real identity.

As I said, this site is monitored deeply by: the interval house in Carleton place Ontario, feminist lawyers at the legal clinic in Perth Ontario, some of their girlfriends from the local constabulary have also done it in the past, we have offered debate, welcomed their opinions, but the only thing we did get is comments about promoting hate about women, or putting in question our Native identity.
I dare anyone who reads and supports this site to direct us to when we promoted hate against women, I have 2 daughters, if we where to promote hate, then we would also do it to our daughters, hence the stupidity of their comments. That is the answer of someone who has...an inferiority complex, as in; men all bad, no need to debate that issue.

Are chimps smarter than HagAsaurus Parasiticus PetAcatOsaurus (lol) (aka;the feminist)?

For that matter, are those who listen to statement such as "recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment", or believe that there is a rape culture in our universities, or that there is a war on women, and accept this "CRAP" as reality, smarter than, let's say my little dog?
After what they put me though and from what I have heard them say about me in the past year(s)....
My Little dog does not bite me for no reason, the way I have been bitten by those I thought to be in my circle.
Case in point.
lanark county interval house
Here is an open challenge to the local feminists, take this "hate message" off your website and I will stop using it.(forever)...Fair?
It is not very "intelligent" of you to have this on said site, while going to males mpp, mp, mayors, counsellors, county counsellors, while sticking your hand out for more money, and they do know about it.
Neither is it very smart of you to have this hate message when you go to females politicians since they do not believe they raise their sons to be power hungry rapists is it?


Dad in Almonte said...

"take this "hate message" off your website and I will stop using it."
Sounds fair,but considering how suborn and set in their ways,theyll never do it.They believe were all bad,the only way to make it fair for everyone the shelters has to be reorganised especially here in lanark.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! This is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. After 50 years of blatant hatred directed at men by female supremacists (the new and very applicable term for feminists) men are finally beginning to over come societies training to be door mats, work horses, and bank accounts for the all mighty entitled elite female. The saturation point has been reached. After five decades of endless victim hood, outrageous demands and out of control entitlement it's wonderful to see, thanks to the internet enlightening people, the female supremacist hate movement collapsing on itself.

BlackWolf said...

Thank you all for the support...

Anonymous said...

This would be far more powerful if one could find *any* evidence of the "Agent Orange recording". Links? Please? I'd love to have them.

BlackWolf said...

The link above the page is in reference to the story shared, as for agent orange files, easy to find online.

Pvblivs said...

Well, no, they aren't easy to find. I found your site while looking for those files. It's plausible that they have been forcibly taken down or that search engines are actively refusing to find them. Either way, they are not easy to fine.

BlackWolf said...

Found them...on the first try, bottom of post...