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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Banning the word bossy? Because of...boys? Really?

Shouldn't these "ban the word bossy because boys demean girls with it idiots" look at reality instead of stupidity?
Girl been bullied by other girls in school...
That one is perticularly hard to watch.....

What about these?

What about some bossy females trying to divert the real problem with a minor one like "boys calling girls bossy"?
After seeing those videos and there are plenty, I would say girls are as "bossy" towards each other and having a stupid petition to ban a word is the mark of "bossy" feminists....
Or "bossy feminists" who have no idea of reality, pampered by the false belief the world revolves around them?
The word bossy is not going to solve the bigger problem we have, and that is girls can be just as, if not more vicious towards each other than boys using the word "bossy".

Banning a word from the dictionary, what a Nwaste of time, wars, disease, pestilence, starvation, homelessness, GREED. We have crazies who talk of war as if it's a N xbox games, rattling the swords of nuclear weapons that can wipe out not only civilisation and all it children but life on Mother Earth, will they or their rich kids fight in such a war, NO, and they are "bitching" about a word?

Don't ask why our world is so f NNNNed up, were surrounded by greedy, self serving rich little brats with a massive inferiority complex who have time to waste...on a word...
Damn idiots.

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