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Sunday, February 23, 2014

What the fu#*% series...woman who had oral with 5 year old girl not a pedophile says Royal ottawa hospital doctor..

Ottawa woman who gave oral sex to girl, 5, not pedophile:so says twisted royal ottawa doctor....

OTTAWA -- A woman gave oral sex to a five-year-old girl to get back at the girl's mother, a doctor testified Friday.

Jennell Crossfield, 26, was convicted of sexual assault in October for committing the sex act on the girl at some point between May 2008 and June 2009.

At her sentencing hearing, Dr. Jonathan Gray, of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, spoke about the sexual-behaviours assessment he conducted on Crossfield. He found that Crossfield is not a pedophile, nor is she likely to commit more sexual offences.

"This was a way of getting back at the (child's) mother rather than a specific sexual attraction to the young girl," Gray opined.

Female sexual offenders are rarer than their male counterparts.

Doctors can relatively easily measure sexual attraction in men with the use of so-called phallometric testing, in which blood flow to the penis is recorded while the man is exposed to a variety of sexual scenarios and images.

Crossfield, however, was shown photos of people of different ages, races and genders, and asked to rank their level of attractiveness.

The test measures the length of time the subject looks at the photos -- someone lingering on photos of young people may suggest the person has an attraction to children.

"It sort of operates on a trick," Gray said. "There's nothing in that test to support that she had pedophilia."

Crossfield returns to court on Feb. 28 for the continuation of her sentencing hearing.
A pedo is a pedo, a diddler is a diddler, the gender does not matter when it comes to this crap...
Not even our children are safe from this shit anymore...and to say, some wannabe psychologist takes the side of the pedoes instead of the long term effect to this "baby girl" is nothing more than disgusting and criminal...these fools are entrenched deep inside our society and our kids are suffering for political correctness...
And they have the frigging balls to dictate to Russia, and other countries they should be more like us?

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