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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ukraine's Echoes of hitler

Where do they get this shit, from mein kampf..."Germany is for the Germans, and no foreigner will be allowed to own land or have an important position in the state service.” A.Hitler.
Everything this guy says echoes speeches by hitler, strong family values, debaucheries, first ukraine for ukrainians(pure one that is) then europe...sound familiar?
Take a look at the comments also, even one from quebec;
"Support from Quebec, Canada! Stay strong" and their picture says, "white revolution, the only solution".
Don't be fooled by what the media is telling you, yes, this was at first a demonstration, but eventually taken over by the neo nazis of Ukraine...
We believe in moral values, strong family, but that is for all, no matter the race, they believe in a "pure" ukraine....again, sound familiar?
We are not they only ones who see the real story behind this so call revolution...
"In western Ukraine the only organized and armed force is the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. From the way this group’s leaders speak, they assume that they are in charge. One of the group’s leaders, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” Asserting the Right Sector’s authority over the situation, Muzychko declared that now that the democratically elected government has been overthrown, “there will be order and discipline” or “Right Sector squads will shoot the bastards on the spot.”
The bastards are any protesters who dare to protest the Right Sector’s control.
Muzychko declared, “The next president of Ukraine will be from Right Sector.”
The Right Sector’s roots go back to the Ukrainians who fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union during World War 2. It was the Right Sector that introduced armed fighters and turned the tide of the protests in Kiev from peaceful protests in favor of joining the EU to violent attacks on police with the view of overthrowing the democratically elected government, which the Right Sector succeeded in doing.

Former boxer and opposition moderate politician vitaly klitchko promotes a co-operation between the eu, russia and ukraine, yet...
"Vitaly Klitschko, who was riding high as an opposition leader until a few hours ago has been booed by the rioters and shoved aside."
What? He is not seen as been pure enough?

Now imagine for one minute, with elections in Canada a year away, just like ukraine, the opposition parties call on their supporters to occupy Parliament hill, then the radicals take over, barricades, burning down buildings, guns, molotov cocktails thrown at the rcmp.

What the hell do you think they would do?
How would we react?
We wait for election, we don't like the policies of one party, we elect another, yet, some in our government supports this crap???? And the media calls this...freedoms?
The comments are full of anti Semitic remarks, pro white only ukraine?
Kaiser Kyle
1 day ago
It seems the Jews and their shabbos goy are trying to undermine the Ukrainian people, but I think they are losing control of the situation. Hail Europa! Long live the White race!

 Reinhard Heydrich
7 hours ago
Get your land back comrades.Hail to you my white brothers

This scenario has happened before...
Just as the Russian revolution against the Tsar set the stage for the Bolsheviks, surprising the “reformers."

What about the Wiemar republic after ww1, which gave way to the nazies, because no one took them seriously....

The overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government has set the stage for the Right Sector.

Thing is are we stupid enough to repeat the errors of the past? The warnings are there, let's see what happens.

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