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Monday, February 24, 2014

Strong self assured women are turning away from feminism...why?

Because it's a man haters club, pro radical lesbian and pro victim idealism for all women..
That said...

Wendy Shalit is an anti-feminist . In her book, "A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue," she argues that recovering modesty is the key to what plagues women (and men) in our sex-charged society.

Her thesis is that feminism's attack on female modesty, slut culture, and sexual empowerment created a culture of women ashamed of being women, indeed of women not really knowing what being a woman is all about. Shalit asserts that when women decide to abandon womanhood for thinking and acting like men, the foundations of civilization begin to crumble particularly at the point of sexual morals:

Quotes from the book:

Since respect for her modesty gave her the freedom to withhold affection, so to speak, until a virtuous man came around, men were in turn inspired to become worthy of her.{p. 98}

Today our society makes fun of modesty, and then we are surprised to find our men behaving abominably. {p. 104}

Hume's contemporary, Rousseau, recognized right away that defending modesty in utilitarian terms alone was just one step away from seeking its extinction. What happens to a notion founded on mere utility when it is someday deemed useless? {p. 109}

Since a woman's modesty made her so evidently different from men, if women were to strive to be the same as men, of course modesty would have to be the first to go. {p. 111}

Modesty is so threatening to the egalitarians because whenever it emerges, it is evidence that a woman's experience of love and sex is fundamentally different from man's, and as such it rebukes the androgynous project. {p. 112}

The reason for modesty is not that women have any less sex drive than men, but that it is of a different kind. {p. 115}

Original story from the men's rights initiative

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