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Friday, February 21, 2014

'Princess Claire’! ...Texas community makes terminally ill girl’s dream come true

Illness may have taken its toll on her body, but Texas belle Claire Lankford’s spirit is as strong as ever. And today is a very special day for her. Today, you see, she gets to be a princess.

5-year-old Claire is in for a big surprise. The entire community is pitching in for a big Princess Parade for 5-year-old Claire.View image on Twitter
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Today her magical dreams come true.
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Many other Princesses show up for the big day...
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So did her friends...
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Chearleaders line the path...to her carriage.
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Met the sweet princess I've been telling you about.
This is "Princess Claire"., in her carriage.
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You are truly a princess, Claire! 
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May the Creator Bless Little Princess Claire. And Bless the folks who made this happen for her.


Karen said...

What a beautiful story, God bless.

Nizhoni said...

God Bless those who made all this for this child.

Allison said...

Big tears, go get em Princess.

Marie said...


Matie said...

Pass the tissues.

Anonymous said...

Brought tears to me eyes,and made my day.Thank you.

BlackWolf said...

Didn't mean to make anyone sad, but I wanted to point out the true heart of humanity, which in all it's fault, is good.