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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Female officers sue because their gun was to big???

Female firearms officers win £70,000 payout for sex discrimination -

Because their guns were too big for their small hands
Victoria Wheatley and Rachel Giles are part of armed units at nuclear sites
As part of their jobs, they are required to take test shoots
Failing a test shoot could mean that officers lose their jobs
Pair complained that their performance was hampered by equipment
They said the handles of their guns were too big
Both officers say they complained to senior staff but were ignored

Then we have this.....
£100,000 payout for RAF women who were made to march as fast as men:
Three recruits say keeping in step caused spinal and pelvic damage
 The women's claims were settled after a five-year battle with the MOD
 But critics attacked a 'compensation culture' within the armed forces
 One recruit, Tracie Davies, was in 'agony' and fractured her pelvis four times

Military lowering standards to qualify women for combat
Four more women drop out of Marine Infantry Officer Course
This has something to do with women not been able to do 3 pull ups...or upper body strength. It has everything to do with front line moral and been able to do the damn job.
Your in combat, your wounded, can't walk, and the only one beside you is someone that can't even do 3 pull up?
Or someone who can't lift and bring you a 70 pound artillery shell?

It goes on and on, with firefighter and many others....your in a burning building, you weight 230 and the only one there is some 130 pound female...what do you do? Kiss your ass goodbye?

This has nothing to do with been anti woman, anti feminist sure, if you promote this over the safety of the public then your putting everyone in jeopardy....
The point is, if you do not qualify, move on, and guess what, even MEN, do not qualify for these same jobs...
A flyweight boxer is between 108 and 112 pounds, could he pick up a wounded marine who weights 190 to 230 lbs? or a person, man or women in a burning building, or a 70 to 100 lbs artillery shell?
NO....I don't even think he could handle certain hand guns because of their size.
We all have individual gifts, some of us are not meant for certain things, but if we insist because of a gender thing, then our true gifts will go down the drain never to be offered to the world...
There is nothing wrong with been weaker than the next guy, you don't see us men bitching about it, we just move on...been put in a situation with special consideration of ones gender is just that, showing you were too weak, you couldn't make it on your own... you were strong enough to try and that is good, but if your there because of some policy, not exactly an achievement is it... also you were too weak minded to accept your limitation which we all have...men and women.
Putting peoples lives in danger just to prove a point doesn't exactly show strength, it shows how weak one is by putting your personal benefits before others safety...

Here is one who tried, knew what she was up against, faced it and got back up...should she even be there....no...after all there is a danger for a 5-2 130 lbs to be tackled full force by a 6-4 245 pounder...
But hey if you want to try....

Jennifer Welter got three carries in a football game, making her the first woman to play a non-kicking position in a men's professional football league. Hoping to make her the first female to score, the Texas Revolution Arena football team put her in the game in three goal line situations. On the first two of her plays she had no gain. On her last play of the game, she took a hand-off from two yards out of the end zone and scampered around the left, but the 5-foot-2, 130 pound Welter was met by 6-4, 245-pound defensive lineman Cedric Hearvey for a one-yard loss. Although she did not score, she was cheered by the crowd for being able to get up after the tackle.

She did prove she could take a hit....why didn't she fail, because she didn't quit trying....and that is all that is expected of us...to try.
And if you can't, move on, don't go around suing everyone because you have limitations...
You won't see Jennifer suing the football team because she couldn't get into the end zone and was stopped by a man.
So, thumbs up girl...nice try....

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