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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Body cameras on cops to control their violence?

After a study revealed massive drops in use of force incidents and reports of police misconduct if officers are required to wear a camera on their uniforms, departments the world over are considering employing cameras to monitor...
The study found a 90% drop in reports of police misconduct and a 60% drop in incidents where police used force. The Chief of the Rialto Police Department, where the study was conducted, said.
When you know you're being watched you behave a little better.
Toronto’s pilot program will begin this year, though the police department hasn’t worked out all of the details yet. Deputy Chief Peter Sloly explained the process was more involved than simply handing out the cameras; stating that policy, budget, and IT issues need to be finalized.
What's sad about this is that we have come to a point we can no longer trust them to behave in service to the public and they have to be watched....because some have become to violent.
There was a time when POLICE, meant respect and safety, now because of the bad ones and those who have that sense of brotherhood and stay silent, they will have to wear cameras in order to protect the public......
In the old days, to protect and serve meant something, but now, some of them have let the power go to their heads...do not follow the rules and act as if they are above the law...
Honor was all that was needed, now we need...cameras...
And our society is doing fine is it?

Police officer sentenced to death for fatally shooting pregnant woman
A former police officer was sentenced to death Monday for fatally shooting a pregnant woman.
An investigation into the incident found that the officer was drunk when he fired his gun at the woman and her husband on Oct. 28.The husband, who owned a noodle restaurant with his wife, suffered minor injuries, but his wife and unborn child died.The officer received the death penalty after being convicted of intentional homicide. He was also ordered to pay $12,091 to the victim's family.
Where was this?
And we have the balls to critisize them?

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